A Lot Like Love- Uff yeh feelings 3


A lot like love talks about tales knit around various emotions and the centre of which is love and related feelings of attachment, friendship, hope and other delicacies. It will have stories in a series or episode form.

The writer wishes to spread around the feeling of love with the right and practical messages, across the readers using the power of the pen.

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Uff Yeh Feelings 3

Facing the reality

“Where the hell was you Yaar? Isha are you out of your bloody mind or what? What do you think you are up to? “Tarun shouted from the other side as she picked the call.

“Sorry, I wasn’t well, say why you were calling?” Isha replied flatly.

“Oh!! As if you don’t know it? You disconnected on my face damn it? What is wrong if I like Tani? What is your problem in that case? Who are you to insult me like this by disconnecting yaar?”Tarun was still shouting.

Isha was composed this time; she had expected him to behave like this. She answered calmly, “I don’t have any problem with whom you like and whom you don’t, I just felt bad because Rohit knew about it and I didn’t, I thought we were best friend and I know you better than anyone else.”

“You should have spoken this to me yaar? You never react this way like you did today. And there are certain guy-to-guy things, of course you are my best friend but you are a female and I find it uncomfortable to discuss my crushes and likes with you, I thought you understood me yaar Isha, I am so shocked with your reaction”

“I am Sorry Tanu. I just felt bad, because I got to know from another person, sorry naa.. Please don’t get angry now Tanu please.” Isha tried to calm him down.

It worked, they had an amazing understanding. Can’t they keep angry from each other for more? No they just can’t. They knew each other since 6 years by now and had been best friends. After Pihu if anyone knew Isha better than it was Tarun.

“Ok, but don’t ever repeat it again haa? And now when you know it then please help me yaar, she is your good friend, just talk to her please and let me know what is her answer” He pleaded.

“She already knows”

“Waaaat? How? Bloody Rohit, I am going to kill that bastard, saala…I am going to break his legs..!!! You tell me, what was Tani’s reaction? She likes me too kyaa?”

“Umm sorry to break your heart, she is not at all interested in you, she finds you weird and lost.” Isha told him the truth.

“Oh..! Ok what can I do with that, it’s ok.” he said getting upset.

“You should still be happy, I know her, and being a girl I know, she may someday fall for you, because she was happy when she got to know about it, she had a smile on her face. It may take some time and a lot of efforts but it can happen, don’t worry.” Isha tried to cheer him.

“Oh really?” Tarun cheered up, “Oh thank you yaar, I know you will convince her, right? My God, she smiled? Wow, Ishu I am so happy, you made my day, wow. Promise me you will help me in getting her.” He sounded too happy.

“Yes of course I will, trust me, Chalo will meet you tomorrow, take care good night” Isha managed to smile.

“Goodnight, I will dream about her, it’s so stupid I know, but you will understand it when you will find your prince. Bye.”

Isha didn’t say anything further, she just disconnected.

She covered herself in her blanket, plug-in her headphones, played her favorite song and let out a silent cry and with every lyric of the song, she felt more dejected.

“ Kahin to hogi wo, Duniya jaha tu mere sath hai,
Jaha main, jaha tu; Aur tere mere jazbaat hai!”

A new day began and it brought new challenges to Isha, she was trying her best to convince herself that she and Tarun is nothing just best friends. She should be happy if he likes a girl and that girl is Tani, her friend, her good and close friend. She should be happy for both of them & Tani would be a good choice for him as much as she knew them both. It was not a matter of just a day, every day she had to fight it and convince herself about it and on the other hand Tarun was nagging her to talk to Tani about it. It had been more than a month and almost daily Isha would say sweet things about Tarun and would ask Tani why she doesn’t respond him, his proposal. Tani would simply reply, “No Isha, it can’t happen.” But Isha would boast about how good he is as a person to convince her anyhow. One Day Tani got pissed off and told her not to force her for liking Tarun and stop it then and there, Isha asked her further,

“I just want to know what the problem is. Why don’t you want him? Give me a straight answer and I will tell it to him so that he stops getting his hopes high”

“Ok, listen to me, I don’t find him that awesome to be “My-guy” firstly. Second and most important thing is that, I have been in a relationship with a guy named Sahil from my Meerut school since 2 yrs. When I was coming here, we kind of had a mutual break-up because we knew we won’t be able to survive the long distance. But, after being here, I miss him a lot and he misses me too, few days back he asked me if we can give our relationship one more chance and I found it logical and agreed to give it a try because we both have feelings for each other. Tarun might be a good person but sorry, I have no intentions to be with him.”

Isha felt like she is lost somewhere, everything was getting out of her control. She knew she can’t handle that situation anymore, she just knew Tarun won’t believe her and would think she was intentionally not helping him. She did not want to lose him and his friendship, so she asked Tani to explain all this to him, herself.

“Ok fine. I can at least do it, give me his number, I will talk to him and explain him everything, its better he hates me right here and maturely accepts it.” Tani said firmly.

“Here, this is his number, explain him all by yourself. He got to know it someday and accept it too. Thanks, this time you can handle him better.”

Tani gave her an assuring look and they both smiled.

Isha knew it would be so hard for a guy like Tarun to accept that a girl whom he likes had rejected him. Since she knew him, he had never felt for anyone like this before. Isha knew it was serious from his side and it would be so hard for him to handle the truth, she was worried that he may instead start hating Tani badly.

After returning from school, Isha was so nervous all the time, she was thinking how Tanu would react, she was feeling so restless. She was checking her cell phone every 2 minutes to see any message or call from him or Tani, but nothing happened till the evening. She was going crazy thinking all this and went straight to her mom and hugged her.

“What happened beta? Had a fight with someone?” Her mom held her, and patted her back.

“No Mumma, it’s just I am feeling low.”

“Ohoo, let’s go somewhere. It’s been so many days since we went together for an outing. It will cheer you up.” Her mother replied caressing her hair.

“No mom, got loads of homework to do, I will be fine soon, just make one hot cup of tea for me, it will recharge my mood, promise.” she said losing her grip.

Her mother looked at her affectionately, kissed her on forehead and went to the kitchen.

Isha felt better, her cell beeped and it was Tani’s text:

‘Mission accomplished I talked to him & told him everything, but he was calm, he didn’t even shout at me and I agree now, he is a sweet guy. Who knows, I may fall for him someday 😉 but are you sure he is not gay? Hehehe…Kidding.’

Reading the text Isha got tensed, she felt suffocated, Tanu didn’t got angry hearing the truth? Not even sad? ‘May be he didn’t show it to Tani, I should talk to him once’, she thought. She was just going to call him; her mother came in with the tea.

“Isha, I wanted to talk to you since long, what are you planning next? Your father is worried about you dear; soon you will be in 12th, the most precious year. Do you want coaching etc, do tell us, ok.”

“Maa, I am still unsure, you know it well I chose maths just because papa wanted me to, but I am not sure I can handle engineering, it would be 4 years, will I be able to do it?” she asked with doubt.

“Of course you can, you don’t know how capable you are, beta trust yourself.” Her mother replied looking at her.

Isha felt a little more pressurized. No, her mother wasn’t pressurizing her instead she was trying to boost her up but Isha felt bit burdened with expectations, as she always have felt. It was only Tanu, Tani and Pihu who use to understand what she felt, but at that moment, she didn’t felt like discussing it to anybody. As she finished her tea she went back to her room and dialed Tanu’s number.

“Hey Ishu, doing what?” Chirped Tarun from the other side. ‘Tani was right, Tanu was not upset or sad, strange!!’-she thought.

“You talked to Tani?” she asked. “Yeah, and why did you give her my number haan? Well thank you, I am so happy, we talked for the first time.” he was sounding too happy.

“What? Aren’t you feeling bad? She didn’t told you anything about Sahil?” Isha was still shocked.

“Yes she did, so what, I am ok with it. And by the way, I can guarantee you, distance relationships don’t work. And you know, she told me she loved my voice over call, she also found me funny and she even said she now sees a good friend in me. Can you imagine Ishu, just one phone call and she said we can be good friends, I am so hopeful again.”

“Tanu? You don’t have any problem with Sahil? And she said all this or are you really making it up all?”

“No yaar, sacchi she said all this. Oyee ruk, I am getting her call on waiting, talk to you later bye” and with that he disconnected without even waiting for her response. What was happening? Isha could not figure out whatever was happening was right or wrong. Her head ached due to constant thinking and then she decided to take a step back, for a while and just watch what was further to come.

To Be Continued..

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A lot like love talks about tales knit around various emotions and centre of which is love and related feelings of attachment, friendship, hope and other delicacies. Column is being published every Wednesday on BuddyBits.com.

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