Movie Review: The Lunchbox!

Karan Johar (Producer) seemed disappointed when Gujarati movie The Good Road entered in Oscar beating his movie The Lunchbox. It’s so obvious. Movie is made only for Oscar. Not for the audience. It took three producers and two co-producers to make this one movie; i think they all wanted to take credit of their imaginary Oscar. Movie is good undoubtedly, but the climax disappointed me. Inspired by “Galat train bhi kabhi kabhi sahi jagah pahocha deti hai!” (Sometimes wrong trains can too take us to the right destination.), story of The Lunchbox revolves around how a mistake can change lives! It’s about delivery of dabba at wrong place changing two lives. The Lunchbox shows life in Mumbai taking from Dabbawala’s service, local train, traffic of the city, child beggars, roadside painter, marathi bhajans, etc.  Movie is undoubtedly artistic. But at many places, I felt it’s only made for Oscars. Music started in one scene ended in a different scene reminded me Ship of Theseus, and to be frank, I compared this one with that whole the time although both movies are different. I found similarities in camera work and in cinematography of both movies. Climax is a big disappointment. Imperfect end to a movie is generally seen in this kind of movies, but it is not at all suitable to The Lunchbox. It’s like after patience of hundred minutes audience was finally waiting for a perfect end, and the movie got ended.

Direction of the movie is brilliant. Director has done a good homework. Screenplay is very good. Irfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Nimrat Kaur, three leads of the movie are excellent. Expressionless Irfan’s character is so impressive. Co-cast is impressing too. I loved natural acting of children playing near Irfan’s place in the movie. Casting of the movie is too good! Music is average, contains few Marathi songs sung by local Mumbaikars. Background score is not impressive.


The film set in Mumbai, revolves around a mistaken delivery in dabbawala (lunchbox service) of Mumbai, which leads to a relationship between an about to retire, Saajan, also a lonely widower and an unhappy housewife, Ila as they start exchanging notes through the daily lunchbox.

Plus Point

Casting of the movie is brilliant and so as a screenplay. Direction is excellent, director’s homework is the plus point.

Minus Point

Imperfect end of the movie and the fact that the movie is made only for Oscars are minus points.


The Lunchbox is made for Oscars. Not for the general audience. This movie is so slow, takes lot of patience. After patience of hundred minutes when you will expect a perfect end, the movie will end. If you don’t like movies without perfect ends, you may be disappointed after watching The Lunchbox.  Recommended for all art lovers. Others will not miss anything if you will skip this one.

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