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I firmly believe one thing that every person you meet is destined to be a part of your life. I don’t know why but every moment you breathe, every step that one takes or every joy or pain that strikes your life has been ordained. I don’t try to mean that one should stop thinking or stop acting accordingly. But few things are ought to happen, even if you wish or not. This story is of six girls and their journey in their college. After the completion of their 12th science, they all take up admission in an engineering college (Vishwakarma Institute of Technology). Unknown from the facts what lies ahead and what is stored in the future for them. The six are Aisha Padmanabhan, Khushi Patel, Hemangi Vaghasiya, Dia Parmar, Pari Purohit and Naina Vaishnav who are completely different from each other. They are like six different spices that one can find in a complete dish. Each spice has its own fragrance and has a different taste. They don’t get along well initially. The story is all about the trauma that they face during their college days, the fun they have, the love that blossoms in their lives and the lessons they learn and the pain they feel when they go apart. Spending eight semesters together under the same roof and bearing up with each other is a difficult task but how they manage to get the nerves of each other and how their life changes for the better. This story is told from the point of view of Aisha. She experiences a different moon in her life. The other five creates an impact on her life and makes it a better or worse place for her? When she leaves the college she is a totally different person. She thinks that those five girls have taught her something about life which she had experienced nowhere else. Everyone’s life takes a turn in the one or the other way. It’s difficult for them to face few things out there. There are new chapters added to the book of their lives. The story is how they deal with the pros and cons of their life in the engineering college and how they overcome the hurdles. The friendships are taken to toss at times and how do they conceive it in their own style. How they started off and how do they end. Whether everyone ends on a high note or are there any lessons to be learnt? Does Aisha cope up with the pressures of life? Will she come out her cocoon? Will the girls find their true love? Will the girls have a bright career? What will happen in the end? This story discloses about it slowly.

– Asha Kumar (Columnist)

About the Columnist

Asha Kumar has completed her Engineering in the field of I.T. and now pursuing M.B.A. from Somlalit Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). She is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. “I become the Alice from Alice in Wonderland when I start writing. It takes me to a different horizon. There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure. Hope to keep you guys engrossed with my work.” says Asha.

Chapter 1. The Results

Its May 31st 2007.12th Science results are soon to be out. As usual I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I had butterflies in my stomach. I know I know I did pretty well in the exams and I should be confident enough. I started talking to god “ But god you know na whenever I expect something good to happen something falls wrong and I get upset  so this time no expectations and no more worries. Whatever you have planned I will take it in that way. I know you always do the best for me. But i am worried for mom and dad, they have huge expectations from me and if I don’t stand firm on their expectations I feel as a looser (the word “looser” is my favourite one. It’s a metaphor that I constantly use for myself. Thinking that god always help the “looser”). It was striking 8 o’clock in my watch. The results were to be announced by 10am. I got glued to my computer and again praying to god that this time around my computer should not hang or the server should not come busy when I try to open the site. That always happens to me. Whenever there is something important to view like result or something the server gets busy or the computer hangs (sometimes I don’t understand with who does it hangs out? With the mouse or the printer?). Jokes apart, my heart beats steeps up and then steeps down. Up down Up down. Mom as usual tried to calm down things for me. She assured me that whatever may be the outcome we will face it strongly. Even dad remained cool. He tried to maintain his composure. My brother (Anand), who just appeared for his final semester exams (Electrical Engineering), was sitting and having his breakfast. I envied him the most because he is the one of the most cool headed person that I ever saw in my life. He was busy watching television and enjoying his vacation (of course why not?? His 4 years of engineering was completed on a high note. He got placed in Reliance, Jamnagar and this was his last vacation though. Then he would leave for Jamanagar). I walked and walked but the time was not passing by. I saw the wall clock, it was 9:45 am. My heart beats again steeped up and down constantly. Tension and worries were an integral part of my life. They never left me or say I never let them go. The wall clock strikes 10 and I started opening the link and the server went down. I tried to refresh it but the window would not open (why me god?? Why do you test my patience always?? Don’t you love me god??). I was about to break down. My brother peeped in. He too started doing something and the other thing but the server was down (I again peered into it. Down??Down with fever or what down??). My iniquities never ended. So many thoughts whirling in my mind. Or was it an inauspicious signal. My dad rang up in his office and asked his fellow men to see my result if possible. They asked for my roll number and viewed it. The phone rang after 5 minutes. With each ring i had some thought in my mind. Oh may be I must have topped or have come with some really unexpected results. The uncle informed dad i had scored well in MPC (Maths, Physics and Chemistry). The cumulative of all the other subjects just left me shattered. It was just 79 %. I was extremely upset. Whenever I work hard or put my best shot I scored less. Then with a heavy heart I went to collect the result from the school. It was probably the last time I was putting my foot in the campus. I didn’t have the clue whether next time will I be able to come or not. There were many happy faces as well as some thrashed ones too. I went to take the result from one of my teachers. She came and gave me a hug and said I scored pretty well in the main three subjects and she was extremely happy about it. She assured that I will get admission in a good college may be not the best one. I smiled and replied “Hope so“. I don’t know why but I was lost. I was clueless. I was dejected and felt hopeless. It always happens to me. Whenever I wish something good to happen it turns out to be worse. I felt my life was cursed. I could never be happy in my life. The whole the phone bell kept haunting me. It kept on ringing and mom was receiving each call and said she passed with distinction. I locked myself in my room. I started writing in my diary. I wrote about how pathetic and vulnerable I felt. I had started writing my diary since my 10th standard days. It comprised of all my deepest secrets. Right from my 1st crush to all my deepest agonies (I keep mentioning about how stupid, idiot and duffer I am). The day passed by somehow.

I am Aisha Navinkumar Padmanabhan. I basically belong to Bangalore but born and brought up here in the coolest city of Gujarat. That’s Rajkot. I love this place to the core. I love the breeze, I love the food stalls here (especially the Pani Puri stalls). The city is a pleasant one. It’s equivalent to Switzerland for me. The people are awesome blossom, loving and very friendly. I can spend my rest of my life here. I feel like I got married to this city of Rajkot. There is something very vivacious about this place. I am a pessimistic in my life. Even possessing so many things I still believe I have nothing. Life has been a roller coaster for me. I studied in a convent school, had an amazing upbringing and was pampered to the extreme. My dad Mr. Navin Kumar has been working in Railways for the past 25 years. My mom got married and landed on this no man’s land of Rajkot. Going away and settling to a completely new place was a biggest challenge for her but she faced it with a strong heart. I have an elder brother, Anand who just now finished his bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology. This was believed to be one of the finest universities of Rajkot, an old one too. My parents wanted me to get a seat in this institute. I had no clue what engineering was all about. I was blindly following the herd. I had always been a short-tempered person. I had some bad experiences in the past that made me very cynical. I never made close friends since those experiences. I started fuming at the very stupid and petty things. I strongly felt that I would never change. I was crazy and mad. I kept things confided to myself only. I was being closed. I felt there was no love in my life. There was a dearth of confidence as a human being. I kept complaining. My mom was a great support. She understood I was going through a bad phase. She believed that it would surpass with the time. Also that was the time when someone very special and close had left me and moved to another place. There was a void and rather a feeling that whosoever i get close to or start loving leaves me (I thought it was a curse to me. I started believing that I should never get closer to anyone, because whenever I start becoming close that person either betrays me or forsakes me!). My family loved me unconditionally. My parents were always there for me and my brother. We four are a strong unit. I knew that. But somewhere down my heart I was condensed. I was not that extrovert. I avoided meeting new people. I avoided crowds. I avoided getting introduced to someone completely unknown and new. I spoke broken kanada. I could only speak but couldn’t read or write. I spoke Guajarati well but with loads of grammatical mistakes. My Hindi was amazing and so was my English. Being from a Christian background always aids to good spoken English. Going to church every Sunday was a must. We offered prayers and spend some quality time with the other families and came back. The people there in the church were very sophisticated. The women looked prim in their saris. The men dressed in formals and the young people like I were in casuals. I sometimes asked why even coming to the holy place offered no solution to my never ending problems. Back at home mom always maintained certain discipline. She hailing from an army background was very firm with rules and regulations. She was punctual and always finished her work in time. She made sure that her children did well in their academics, are well mannered and remained rooted to their grounds. Dad on the other hand was a laid back person. He never followed the clock. He was always late (and is still) and postpones his work. My brother has a crystal heart. He is a true gem and sometimes that works against my favour. I am expected to match his standards (I find him extremely boring and laid back. He only eats and sleeps. No socializing at all). He doesn’t like attention unlike me. He is calm and composed.

Now coming back to my problems. On June 10th onwards the counselling was about to start. We have to fill the online choices and according to the merit, the seats will be allocated. My very good friend Meera who secured 88% was expected to get something really good. But she wanted to stay in Rajkot only so she applied for Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT) only. She applied for electronics and communication (E.C.). I too wanted to go in E.C. but I knew the merit was very high. I was sceptical initially. I filled five choices in total in the same institute, hoping that may be god will be gracious to me this time around. The result of the first mock round was out on June 18th. I had kept my fingers crossed hoping some miracles to happen and I was very keen to get admission in the same class where Meera would get. As usual I was saddened again. I got a seat in Information Technology not in Electronics and Communications. I had asked for cheese but i got butter. I knew that there were 3 more mock rounds. I wanted to try my luck there. I was still optimistic.

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Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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Asha Kumar

Asha has completed her Engineering in the field of I.T. and now pursuing M.B.A. from Somlalit Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). She is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "I become the Alice from Alice in Wonderland when I start writing. It takes me to a different horizon. There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.

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