Startup Talk with Rihaan Patel, founder of New Age Cinema!

They say, a director is the God of any film. A director creates an atmosphere wherein the actor breathes in the character and immortals the role! Today, we are in conversation with one such director who is changing the world, one short film at a time!

Who is Rihaan Patel? Why we are interviewing you?

For the past few years, I’ve been making short films and it gave me full control over production aspect. But I wasn’t satisfied with it. I started focusing on ‘WHY’ part. Why am I making a short film anyway? Even if I want to make a feature film? Why am I doing it? As it because commercial gain or something else. Then I spent time in research why do we like films? Then I got a very important conclusion that not only films but also other mediums also are tools of storytelling. So what I came to know that it is a story that make films, article, photo, or any visual or audio part makes interesting. Then I saw my surroundings, for example society and saw how are we influenced by movie we watch, the story we read. How media is constantly shaping our choices and behavior?

I started my film career in 2007, Melbourne, as an Actor. At that time, I liked the idea of film and acting. After spending 6 years into this film zone, I realized this thing:

Films have no existence if it doesn’t have content. I thought, learning filmmaking and animation, VFX will make me pro but it was pro with a small p. Now I realized, if I want to make films, first I have to understand people and their needs.

If the film can’t connect with people then what is the point? So I started understanding people, and I started with myself. What I like, what I love, why I like that specific thing, not that thing. And I went into the whole spiritual journey of self discovery. I observe lots of people and found one thing common, that we all like the same things, we want to learn new things, we care about issues, and we feel sad, happy on specific incidence. Sometime we feel anxiety on specific kinds of things.

Then, I got purpose in my life. How can I serve to humanity by medium of Film? How can my understanding of film can help individuals to enrich their lives? Now the film is not technical term at all. It is just a tool which helps me to serve humanity. A great film teaches us how to make decisions in difficult situations.
And now, I feel some sort of energy within me, such an energy, I never felt before. I knew how to make films but didn’t have a purpose. But Now, I have one. And now I became more ambitious. I see film as a tool to construct social belief.

I want to remove cynicism, anxiety and frustration from society and want to fill it with hope, creativity, passion and positivity. I’ll feel fulfilled when I’ll able to achieve this dream. I’ll feel fulfilled when people buy car for greater journey instead of show off, I’ll feel fulfilled when people buy big home to feel abundance instead of making other’s jealous. I’ll feel fulfilled when people study to find their own identity, and have something unique to contribute to this world, instead of studying for security.

That’s what New Age Cinema is all about. It is belief. It is all about enriching people’s life. If the film is not about people then what is the point at all.

I’m the guy who wants to make things more human by telling story that inspire.

Digital Age is changing the whole marketing approach. People will not share and like things which they don’t believe in. So, we need to make things more valuable and meaningful to their life.

What do you do at New Age Cinema?

New Age Cinema
New Age Cinema

We provide communication service. First, we do research the product or company and fine key values of it. Then we turn this information in the narrative. Then we put that narrative in various forms – Live Action Films, 2D Animation, 3D animation, Illustration, Documentaries. Once content is done, we distribute on digital medium such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress etc. We ask client that which kind of action you want for your customers and we design the communication in such a way that gives the desired result.

How did you manage investment for your company? And what was the first investment?

My first investment was a computer. And I edited my first short film with it.

For the past two years, I worked as a freelance filmmaker, VFX consultant and editor. It helped me to gain insight about industry and current requirement and I used my savings in my business investment.

What challenges you have overcame and which are you still facing?

I faced challenges in management. I know how to make films and all technical jargons but didn’t know management aspect of the company. I took advice from my friends who have a degree in MBA, and observed people how they are conducting business. YouTube helped me to learn about management. I have a fresh idea about marketing product and service on digital medium. So it is totally new workflow, it is a combination of art, commerce and science. So it is challenging to design the workflow and test it and deliver output on time. But challenged gave opportunity to grow ourselves. We love challenges.

So what’s the future plan?

Making another one it gets well distributed. It can be a short film or feature film. I’ll make it as long as it gets its audience.

And planning to jump in Cinema? Are you planning to debut in bollywood?

Yes, I want to make into Bollywood. I’m cool with Gujarati movies also. Time has not come yet for me. But when I’ll make it, it will be for people.

Have you decided which kind of movies you are going to make?

Indian People deserve something better. We must not be known for silly movies. I have lots of concepts in my database waiting to be produced. Like comedy, tragedy, etc.

What kind of movies do you like to watch? Which is the last movie you liked?

I like movies with honest treatment, whether it is a comedy or tragedy. I like a movie which gives me a new way of living a life and inspire to achieve a higher purpose.

Recently I watched a movie called ‘Game Change’, which I liked.

According to you, what is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is like having a ‘Vision of Making a Film’. We have an Idea, we believe in it, we gather people who have the same vision and make films out of it. And put it front of people for their amusement.

What message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

I’d say to entrepreneurs that, whatever you do, do it in a greater way. Keep exploring new ways. And think how it can make people’s life easier. Do meditation for focusing, read newspaper, watch educational channels, experiment new thing and give respect to people who believe in your vision.

What do you think about Which sections do you like the most on BB?

I like movie review part and science. And story about entrepreneurs is a really good concept. It will inspire people to do things in their life. And we’ll able to learn from people. is very youthful, catchy and we wish it keeps expanding.

List of Awards to the name of Rihaan Patel and New Age Cinema!

Set You Free– Nominated for Best Debutant Director and Best Cinematographer at Lakecity International Short Film Festival 2013, Bhopal.

Champal – Nominated at 24FPS 2011, Mumbai

My Best Friend – Nominated and Awarded Best Digital Film at 24FPS 2011, Mumbai

MAAC Satellite Ratna (Star) – For a student who made a Special Contribution for Institute, 2011

Champal– Special Achievement Award from MAAC (Maya Academy of Advance Cinematics) Satellite, 2011

Champal– Best Editing & Best Film at Ahmedabad Film Project 2011 (48 Hours Filmmaking Project), 2011

My Best Friend– Official Selection at 3rd International Film Festival Ahmedabad 2011, 6-9 October, 2011

The Burial of Daughters– 2nd Prize at 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010, 12-14 November 2010

The Burial of Daughters– Official Selection at 7th SEDICICORTO International Film Festival, Italy

The Burial of Daughters– Nomination and Screening at 3rd International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (Dept of Cultural Affairs, Govt of Kerala)

The Burial of Daughters– Winner at Sixteen:Nine International Film Festival

The Burial of Daughters– 2nd Rank Nomination – Grand Challenger Photography – Frameflixx2 2010 (Frameboxx Animation Awards)

Dust of Orphan– Nominated and Screened at Toronto Student Film Festival

Dust of Orphan– Official Selection in WNET Reel 13 New York / Audience Award WNET Reel 13 New York

SHORT FILM AWARD by Mr. Al Gore (Ex-Vice President, USA)

Selection In Special Potential Batch at Shiamak Davar Institute for Performing Arts

Special Thanks for contribution in Antena Hispana at CHANNEL 31 Melbourne

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Startup Talk with Rihaan Patel, founder of New Age Cinema!

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