A lot like love: Uff Yeh Feelings 8

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Uff yeh Feelings 8

“You think she did it deliberately?” He asked after a long pause.

“Maybe, because I can understand she had a disturbed state of mind. Look read it.” She took Isha’s cell phone and showed it to Dr. He read the message with concentration. There were expressions coming and leaving his face; finally he looked up as if his eyes were filled with pain.

“I can’t believe it, is Tani truly her friend? Because if she was, at some point she must have understood Isha loves Tarun. I want to slap that girl straight on her face right now and tell her, ‘if you are so happy with your dreamy life than be, but why are you making it a nightmare for someone else damn it!” There was a gush of anger on his face.

“I feel the same at times but it is not the point Arnab.  Even if Tani would not have told her, someday she would knew, she would find that out and it would still be equally painful to her. Well there are so many questions but only Isha knows the answer. So, tell me about that incident.” She said changing the topic as more was thinking about it more it was getting hard for her.

He looked at Isha then took a deep breath and started speaking,

“I saw her exactly 20 months back for the first time when she came in the flat opposite to mine. When I looked at her, I felt there was something different in those eyes; I felt an unusual attraction towards her. But once I saw her shouting at the gatekeeper very loudly and I formed and image that she was such an arrogant person. I felt disgusted at that moment because that gate keeper was a very old man and I use to respect him a lot. Then once at late night I was coming home from my night duty at hospital, I saw her car break down few kilometers away from the building and she was kicking it in the middle of the road at about midnight. I asked her if she need any help or could I gave her lift. Instead of saying ‘thank you’ she shouted at me ‘go away, I know guys like you want to take advantage..!’

Believe me Pihu, I don’t know how I controlled myself that day. I wanted to shout back at her but I just said, ‘sorry’ and drove. I was scolding myself at home that why did I thought of helping that stupid idiot girl and then I decided to never talk to her again. I got this sudden hatred towards her. Next day as I came out of my flat to go to hospital, I saw a note at m door, as I opened it,  ‘sorry’ was written on it. As I looked to see who has kept it, I saw her smiling sheepishly, standing at her door. She tried to talk to me that day but I had such a strong negative image about her that I refused to talk to her and I felt like a boss that very moment. But after talking to you today, after knowing what she had been through, now I feel like an idiot. I wish I had talked to her that day and we would have been good friends by now.” He said with a clear disappointment on his face.

“Ohh, many times such things happen. It’s not your fault. If she said ‘sorry’ to you than I think you still have chances to be friends with her, she doesn’t apologize that easily.” She said and smiled. He smiled back.  They talked more and Pihu could see clearly he has some liking for Isha but she wasn’t sure it was a liking or just sympathy for her. Arnab and Pihu became quite good friends by now. He left after a while and she slept quite relaxed that night.

Next morning brought new hopes for everyone. As Pihu woke up she saw Isha was awake too and she was looking fine. Pihu wished her, she even helped her to get freshen up and then helped her lying back on the bed. Soon Dr. Arnab came to visit her.

“Hey, good morning Isha, feeling good? You know you slept for almost 24 hours?” he said chirply.

“I did? Really? Oh God..! This had made me so lazy. And wait, You are Dr. Arnab naa? My neighbor? You are doctor in this hospital? And wait are you attending me?” She asked.

“Yes, to all your questions.” He said and smiled.

“Pihu, change my doctor please. I had an argument with him once, he will take the revenge on me, he will give me wrong medicines.” She said making a baby face to Pihu, Pihu smiled at her and then she looked back at Arnab.

“Yes, I am going to give you lot of injections and medicines, and really I want to say sorry for that day. I was really angry at you.” He said genuinely.

“Hmm, I too was very rude that’s why I apologized next day.” She replied.

“Ok, so friends now?”  Pihu asked, Arnab wait for Isha’s answer.

“Ok, but on one condition, no injections, no tasteless food of hospital and I want to get up and take a walk outside.” She demanded.

“Ok, done. But no walk outside, you are not well still.” He replied with a huge smile.

“Please? please…” she insisted.

“No Isha, don’t behave like a child, how you can take a walk, aren’t your legs fract…” Pihu was interrupted by Arnab.

“Ok Isha, we will go out for a while, just let me have a look at other patients, I promise we will go out.” Dr. Arnab said, completely ignoring Pihu and her concern.

Pihu for a while felt odd, but when she looked at Isha, she got so happy seeing her smile, she was smiling like a little kid who has been promised her favorite toy. Arnab  left in a while.

“Fruits?” Pihu asked.

“No.” Said Isha.”Where is my cell phone?”

Pihu gave her the cell phone; she took it and started dialing someone’s number.

“Who are you calling?”

“At home, want to hear Maa, I need her.” she said getting upset.

“My Ishu is a strong girl, and ma’am aunty doesn’t know, so please don’t talk to her right now na, she would understand you are not fine, she is your mother after all.” Pihu said caressing her hairs.” Should I comb your hairs?”

“Hmm. Thank you Pihu, I know you are so worried for me, thank you for your love and care.”

“OK, so now I am not doing it then. You would have not done this for me if I was in your place? Yaar why you and uncle are saying thank you? And listen, talk to uncle, he is so much worried about you.”

“Ohh yes, I forgot. Isn’t he angry on me?” Isha asked.

“Angry on you for what? You had an accident; anyone can have, why he would be angry, he is concerned for you.” Pihu replied and looked in her eyes; she had a hope that Isha would now tell her what happened that day but they were interrupted by Dr. Arnab again.

“Sorry to disturb the two best friends. May I have your attention?” They both looked up; he got a wheelchair with him. There were 2 nurses with them. They all very carefully helped Isha from her bed to the wheelchair. He then directed one of the nurses to change the bedcovers and asked another one to be with him and hold her drip. He took her out in the corridor, carefully. Pihu did not go with them, she instead helped the nurse for making the bed. Nurse spread a floral bed sheet on the bed.

“Sister, why this bed-sheet? You are supposed to use white ones na?” Asked Pihu.

“Yes ma’am but Dr. Arnab wanted Isha madam to feel at home and feel comfortable so he suggested using this kind of bedcovers.” After sanitizing the room, nurse left. Pihu felt good thinking how Arnab takes care of the smallest of things to make Isha feel good.

Few minutes later Dr. returned Isha was looking very happy; they shifted her back on the bed.

Days passed, Isha’s condition was improving but she used to keep upset. Along with that, Isha and Arnab’s friendship was blossoming too. Pihu was happy seeing them happy together. Soon Dr. Tondon told them Isha could get discharged in next few days as she was pretty well. Pihu told this to Isha’s father, he was happy to hear it.

“I would come and take her to US with me now.” He said.

Things were getting sorted out slowly. One day, it was the eve of Diwali Pihu was sitting alone thinking how sad this Diwali was going for everyone around her. She looked at Isha , she was sleeping, Arnab texted her and asked Pihu to come to his cabin. Pihu went to him and sat opposite to him. “Why you called me here alone? Is everything alright? Isha is fine?”

“Yes, she is. Listen to me, I want to say something just hear me out.” He said.

“Ok, speak up.” She said and sat comfortably.

“Since I have talked to her I realized she isn’t a spoiled rich kid, she is a girl who have lot of love inside her but no one to receive it; a little girl who demands attention & care. And I don’t know at what moment I fell in love with her, with every action of her. The way she ties and unties her hair, the way she gives me a call to tell me something but then forgets what she wanted to say, the way she laughs seeing a cartoon channel and asks me to name those which she have in her cell as wallpapers, the way she stares the stars in a calm night and her craziness for rains. Whenever it rains she would keep a huge smile on her face and look up at the sky as if thanking God for those rains. She doesn’t care about brands and expensive stuff; she likes what makes her comfortable. A panipuri from a street-vendor will make her happier than the dinner at a five-star. Although it’s just few weeks since I started to know her, I now have understood her pretty well.

I so love her yaar, I was so wrong about her. She is very sweet, very cute. O, am I boring you?” he asked looking at Pihu who was staring him with attention all while.

To Be Continued..

Love is in the air. How will Pihu react to Arnab’s feelings? Will this time Isha getting a true love? What will happen next? Stay tuned to this space for more.

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A lot like love: Uff Yeh Feelings 8

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