Exclusive: Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan left Bigg Boss 7!

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Two strong contestants of Bigg Boss 7 have left the show today according to the sources. Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan have volenteerily left the show after a fight with VJ Andy, co-contestant in the house today.

It all started when Andy was given the task where he had to get the attention of all the housemates and distract them to reduce their luxury budget. Andy started his task, trying to get a reaction from all the housemates. He went little too far and used Gauhar’s personal clothes to get her to talk to him.

After the task, Gauahar went to Andy and yelled at him for being classless and displaying her lingerie for the task and declared that he is no longer her friend. Kushal Tandon, very good friend of her joined in the fight on behalf of Gauahar and gave Andy a lot of abuses for his dirty act. When Andy refused to apologize to Gauahar, Kushal got furious and ran at Andy, caught hold of his neck, and pushed him around, while Gauahar tried to stop him.

Andy refused to back down, and complained to Bigg Boss about Kushal’s violence and demanded Kushal’s exit, prompting another round of abuses by Kushal. Finally, Bigg Boss thought that Kushal is guilty of violence, and asked him to leave the show. And her very good friend Gauahar joined him.

After packing and goodbye, Kushal and Gauhar walked towards the door of the Bigg Boss house to leave. While waiting for the door to open, Gauahar faints in front of the house! Still determined to leave, Kushal carried Gauahar out of the Bigg Boss house, far away from all the politics.

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