[Exclusive] Tanishaa Mukharji leaving Bigg Boss 7 this week?

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Tanisha Mukharji is one of the contestants of the seventh season of the biggest Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss. She is nominated for eviction from the house this week along with other four contestants Armaan Kohli, VJ Andy, Shilpa Agnihotri and Kamya Punjabi. All five contestants nominated for eviction this week are stronger. But here are few things which are pointing towards Tanisha’s eviction. Read the article to know why Tanisha Mukharji can leave the show in 19th October’s eviction episode.

[Sign 1] BuddyBits.com Prediction

We have been doing Exclusive Prediction on eviction of Bigg Boss since last few seasons. We do prediction on the basis of analysis of past evictions and characteristics of contestants. This week we have predicted that either Tanisha Mukharji or Armaan Kohli will leave the show on Saturday’s eviction.

So BuddyBits.com’s exclusive reason is the first sign that points Tanisha’s eviction.

[Sign 2] BuddyBits.com Voting Poll

We have conducted a poll on our site earlier today asking- “Who will leave Bigg Boss 7 this week according to you?”. In which we got more than 500 votes. This sample data again points Tanisha’s eviction. 38% people think that Tanisha Mukharji will leave the show this week.

So, this is the second sign which shows Tanisha’s eviction. [poll id=”25″]

[Sign 3] Ajay Devgn wants Tanisha out of the show!

Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli’s growing closeness in the Bigg Boss house has created problems for Tanisha’s family. According to the source, Tanishaa’s mother Tanuja, sister Kajol and brother-in-law Ajay Devgn are apparently not happy with Tanishaa’s romantic feelings towards Armaan.

Reportedly, Ajay recently had a talk with Salman Khan about this matter. Following this, Salman warned Tanishaa and Armaan that there are 84 cameras on them all the time in the house. But even Salman’s indirect warning didn’t work. She is carrying on with Armaan as usual.

Tanishaa’s careless attitude forced Ajay to give yet another call to Salman. Ajay has apparently asked Salman to get Tanishaa out of the house as she is tarnishing the image of her family according to the source.

So, if this report is true, this is the third reason why Tanisha is leaving Bigg Boss 7 in tomorrow’s eviction episode.

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[Exclusive] Tanishaa Mukharji leaving Bigg Boss 7 this week?

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