[Exclusive] Viveik Mishra is evicted from Bigg Boss 7 in mid week eviction!

As we have predicted earlier, Viveik Mishra is evicted from the most popular Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss. Viveik has been thrown out of the house of Bigg Boss in mid-week eviction. This was the first mid-week eviction of this season. Her eviction will be telecasted on 24th October, 2013 on Colors.

After spending merely a week inside the house, yoga instructor-cum-actor Viveik Mishra makes an early exit from the Bigg Boss house. He entered the house wanting to spread awareness about his unique style of yoga. Taking over from Sangram, he managed to conduct a few early morning sessions of yoga with the other inmates in the house . He also clarified about the image that he has outside in the real world while establishing the fact that he would never tolerate anybody speaking ill about his profession.

Viveik Mishra gets Evicted from Bigg Boss 7
Viveik Mishra gets Evicted from Bigg Boss 7

Speaking about his exit, Viveik said, “I was really surprised to hear that mid week evictions were happening and that I was being evicted. I have had a great time inside the house and wish I could have stayed for longer. I have bonded really well with Tanisha and hope that she wins the game – she is dignity personified!”

About Viveik Mishra

Bold, Funny, Witty Viveik who exactly is aware about his gay rights and is always in support of his fellow comrades of the community recently filed a plea to Mumbai police against Raja Choudhary for intending to dishonour Viveik  and confining him to his flat.

Viveik Mishra has always been in the news; for his yoga tips, his bold andaaz and interactions with the celebrities globally. He is the only yoga practitioner promoting naked yoga. He is one of the most popular amongst the LGBT community in India.

Who is Next?

There are two elimination this week on Bigg Boss. Viveik was one of them. Now, who is the second one to leave Bigg Boss this week? Check out our exclusive prediction here.

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Photo Courtesy: Colors