Facebook Down: Billions of Facebook User Profiles were affected!

Did you experience status update problem today on Facebook? It was not only you. 1.15 billion other Facebook users were also having the same problem. A service disruption struck Facebook today, preventing its 1.15 billion members from updating their status on the social media website.

Facebook was not down as users were still able to browse posts and click through their newsfeed, but likes, comments, posts and shares were not available. Many got the notice “There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.” while updating status, commenting or liking on the post.

Tech site Mashable.com said “Facebook status update issues are not uncommon, but this one seems global – we’ve tested it from several IPs and received the same message.” .

There was no immediate comment from Facebook, but the problem was sufficiently widespread for #facebookdown to become a trending hashtag on Twitter. Although it may appear that the world is still turning, online a collective wail went out from procrastinating workers, distressed students and panicking social media editors, after it appeared no one was able to post anything to the social networking site.

Iain Mackenzie, European communications director for Facebook took to Twitter to confirm the issue, tweeting: “We are aware that some people are having problems posting to Facebook and we’re looking into it.”

Michael Allen, Director of APM, Compuware, said the outage would potentially affect “billions of people.”

“If you look at the Outage Analyzer service, at least 3,587 other domains were impacted; although the actual number is likely to be far greater. This is because many other businesses and websites are connected to Facebook. For example, Facebook is used to enable people to login to many other sites and applications. Any organisation that is seeing errors or slowdowns with their own site or application this afternoon, should check to see if they are relying on Facebook services before they start fire fighting as this might be the cause.” he Added.

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