Is the tale of Bloody Mary true?

Is the tale of Bloody Mary true?

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Walk into a dark room with a candle in one hand and a mirror in the other. Look at the mirror and start chanting “Bloddy Mary”. I dare you!

What’s so scary about Bloody Mary? Here’s the full legend. Bloody Mary is a folk legend of a spirit that is said to reveal the future. She appears in a mirror when she is called multiple times. But all is not pleasant about the lady in the mirror. Today in Frightening Fridays we investigate the tale of Bloody Mary. The stories around Bloody Mary paint her as either benign or malevolent. The phenomenon is usually witnessed by teenage groups playing a game of truth or dare.

The Ritual

If you look at the history involving Bloody Mary, the ritual consisted of a young woman walking up a flight of stairs backwards while holding a candle and a mirror in a dark house. This ritual was supposed to show them their future husband’s face. The catch was that they might see the face of death (or the Grim Reaper) instead that would mean that the woman would die before her marriage.

Another ritual, more recent, involves taunting Bloody Mary about her baby. The spirit is related to Queen Mary I, also known as “Bloody Mary”, who was plagued by a number of miscarriages and false pregnancies.

The spirit of Bloody Mary is known to appear as a witch, a corpse or a ghost, often covered in blood. The story about the ritual of summoning states that the person that summons her may have to face an apparition screaming and cursing at them, trying to strangle them or steal their souls. She could even kill you to drink your blood and even scratch their eyes out.

The explanations for these “sightings” of Bloody Mary include self-hypnosis, Troxler’s fading and the Caputo Effect.

The Bloody Mary Tale

Bloody Mary, as she was known by the local villagers, was a woman who lived in a tiny cottage in a forest and sold herbal medicines for a living. She was considered to be a witch who could do black magic. No one dared to get her mad at them, fearing that she would curse them.

Then suddenly one day the little girls of the village began to disappear. No one had any clue as to where they had gone. The bewildered families searched the forest and local buildings and houses and barns for them but there was no sign of them. A few courageous men even went to Bloody Mary’s hut in the woods. She denied any connection to the disappearances. But the men observed that she had changed. She looked younger than usual and was more attractive. They villagers suspected but could not prove her involvement.

Then one night the daughter of the local miller started to walk outside, attracted to a sound only she could hear. Fortunately the miller’s wife had a tooth ache and was awake and saw her leave the house. She called for her husband and followed her daughter. The miller came running and together they tried to stop the girl from leaving but the girl resisted and did her best to get out of town into the woods.

The ruckus of the struggle woke the neighbors up. They came to help the desperate couple. One of the villagers who had a sharp eye called out and pointed at a strange light in the distance in the woods. Some of the villagers followed him into the woods and saw Bloody Mary near a large oak tree. She was holding a magic wand in a hand which she was pointing towards the house of the miller. She glowed with a strange magical light as she was ensnaring the miller’s daughter.

They went back to warn the villagers and the townsmen got their weapons and ran towards the witch. Hearing the roar of a mob she broke off her spell and fled to her hut. The far-sighted farmer had loaded his gun with silver bullet fearing for his own daughter. He took an aim and shot the witch. The bullet caught her in the hip and she fell. The townsmen caught her and dragged her to the fields. They set up a huge bonfire and burned Bloody Mary at the stake.

She screamed as she burned and cursed the villagers with her dying breath. If ever her name was mentioned her name around a mirror, her spirit would come to avenge her terrible death. After she was dead the villagers went to her hut and found the unmarked graves of the young girls. It was said that Bloody Mary used the blood of the young women to make her young again.

From that day onwards anyone stupid enough to chant Bloody Mary’s name before a mirror in dark will be greeted with her vengeful spirit. It is said that she tears the body of the caller apart and rip their souls from their mangled bodies. The captured souls would burn with the same pain as Bloody Mary did and will be trapped forever in the mirror.

Stories of Bloody Mary from the Internet!

Here are few stories of Bloody Mary which went viral on Internet.

Story One

Five girls cramped themselves into a small bathroom in a house that belonged to one of them. They chanted Bloody Mary about 20 times waiting for something to happen. Slowly they saw a green glow in the mirror which soon turned into a darkened portrait of a face. The girls started to scream and knocked each other around trying to get out when one  of them switched the lights on. There was nothing in the mirror.

Story Two

A girl Kat invited some other unknown girls for a sleepover at her house. They decided to play Truth or Dare. When it was Kat’s turn, she chose dare and the girls dared her to do the Bloody Mary ritual. Kat accepted the challenge. The girls pushed her into the bathroom and locked the door from outside. Kat faced the mirror and started to say “Bloody Mary” repeatedly. After three times she stopped and waited. For a while nothing happened she turned towards the door and when she was about to knock the lights blew out. She was scared and started to bang on the door but the girls only laughed. Kat curled up near the door and started crying. The faucets in the sink and the bath tub started to flow with blood and the tub started to overflow. Kat screamed the most horrifying scream when she saw Bloody Mary crawl out from the tub. She slit Kat’s throat and dragged her body into the tub with her. The next day when the girls opened the door, they found Kats body. Their screams were heard for miles.

Story Three

A 9 year old girl was invited to a friend’s birthday/slumber party. At midnight the 10 girls decided to play Mary Worth, a version of the Bloody Mary ritual. Some of the girls hadn’t heard about the story and were curious. One girl told them the story.

Mary Worth was a beautiful young girl that lived a long time ago. She spend hours looking at her image in the mirror and grooming herself. One day she was in a terrible accident that ruined her face. Her face was so disfigured that people avoided looking at her. She was refused to use any mirrors after the incident in fear that she might lose her mind.

After some time, unable to contain her curiosity, she crept into a room that had a mirror. She broke down into terrible screams and cried when she saw her own reflection. She was heartbroken and in the desperation something took hold of her and she decided that she would go looking inside the mirror to look for her old reflection. She decided to hide inside the mirror. She vowed that she would disfigure anyone who came looking for her.

After the story was told, very spookily, they decided to turn off all lights and try calling Mary Worth. They gathered around the mirror and started chanting “Mary Worth, Mary Worth, I believe in Mary Worth”

Around the seventh time they said it, the girl that was nearest to the mirror started screaming and trying to rush backwards, away from the mirror. She was screaming so loud that the mother of the girl, whose house they were in, came hurriedly into the room and turned the lights. She found the girl that was screaming in the corner. She turned her to see what had happened and found that the girl’s face was scratched from what appeared to be fingernails. The scratches ran down her cheeks.

Terrified? We don’t know if the tale of Bloody Mary is true or not! But after reading this article, I’m sure that you aren’t gonna say Bloody Mary in front of the mirror at night! There are so many stories you still need to know. Stay tuned to this column for more haunted stories from around the world!


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