[A Lot Like Love] Uff yeh feelings 5

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Uff yeh Feelings 5

That night, in her bed, Isha cried inconsolably, because now she knew she would lose Tarun forever. A part of her wanted to confess her love to him but her self-respect did not allowed her to do it.

Soon came the day of farewell Isha, was unsure of attending it, since morning she was thinking of many excuses to avoid it because she knew what could happen there possibly. But she gain courage and went for the farewell because it was necessary for her to see it with her own eyes to move on in life. As she reached there, her eyes were searching for Tanu, he was not to be seen anywhere. She met other friends, teachers, they were getting emotional, suddenly all the gazes shifted to the main gate, Tani entered the hall and she was looking gorgeous, and pretty. Isha was looking at her in disbelief, everybody was looking good but Tani steal the show, she was looking like a princess in her pink sari. She came straight to Isha running away from all the stares.

“Hi, how am I looking?” she chuckled.

“You are looking very pretty yaar.” Isha said giving her an assuring look.

Sachhi? You are not lying?” she asked childishly.

“Every guy is watching you with drooling eyes, What else you want to hear Miss Tani?” Isha said elbowing her.

“Oh.. Thank you so much and you too are looking adorable. You saw Tarun anywhere? I want to see his reaction.”

“I am searching him too, so what you decided?” Isha asked looking away.

“You know what, I broke-up with Sahil, and I am a free bird now. Sahil was quite fine with it; he too thinks it’s not working between us anymore. I am feeling so light as if a burden is removed, I can now give my 100% to Tanu, I am sure going to propose him tonight just waiting for him to show up.” she said with excitement.

“O… Finally. I am so happy for both of you, all the best.” Isha said faking a smile.

“Thanks to you, it’s all because of you, you made me understand it.” Tani smiled back at her, suddenly her smile widened, and she waved her hand towards someone, Isha turn to see it was Tarun walking towards them. He was looking so decent and handsome, Isha has never seen him in formals, and today after seeing him, she fell in love with him all over again.

“Oh wow! Lovely ladies. How is the evening going?”Tarun asked as he approached.

“Someone is looking very handsome in formals” Tani said, looking at him.

Tarun shyly looked away and commented “And someone is looking so gorgeous, amazing and breathe-taking in pink sari.” Tani blushed hearing it.

“Ishu, you too looking cute, I never realized I was surrounded by two beauties all the 2 years. Boys must be very jealous of me.” Tarun said and winked.

Isha smiled and excused herself, pretending to be busy with other friends and left Tani and Tarun all alone. She could not bear more of their “you are amazing” “you are handsome” conversations, it made her uneasy. Party was going quite well, all the teachers had went back, leaving students some freedom to enjoy and party was heading towards a successful ending, Isha just wanted to leave it ASAP. She wanted to just meet them once before going so she searched for both of them and found that Tani whispered something in Tarun’s ears and she started to walk towards the DJ, Tarun was standing there all surprised, Isha knew what was about to come, she knew she could not face it (she did not wanted to face it! She started to leave the hall quickly walking away. She almost reached the exit gate, music turned off, she heard her name, and it was Tani over the mike.

“Isha, please come here, I want to say something really important, please. May I have your attention everyone”

Isha turned around with heavy heart, she looked towards Tarun, he was still surprised and was unaware of what was to come next. “Isha, come here stand with me like you have always stood beside me in last 2 years.”

Isha didn’t wanted to move, but all the eyes rested upon her, everyone was gazing her. Isha didn’t wanted to make a scene, she started to walk towards Tani, she felt like a force was trying to hold her, she was trying her best but she could not walk fast, her steps were getting heavier, it took her good 4 minutes to reach to Tani, Tani held her hand and continued,

“I came here in this city, 2 years back, guys believe me I hated this place and as I first entered this school, I hated it too. I felt scared thinking how would I survive here, it was obvious for a person like me, I had spend 15 years of my life in Meerut and I was so addicted to that city, I was in same school for 12 years and it was hard for me to leave it and adjust to this new and completely different environment. It would have been so difficult hadn’t I had met you my dear best friend, Isha. Thank you so much for being there.” she pressed her hand Isha smiled back at her, the crowd clapped for the unbreakable friendship. Tani waited for them to stop and as they did, she continued,

“Sorry guys I am not going to bore you more, just want to confess one thing, this school unexpectedly gave me a best friend and the love of my life. My heart beats for you and just you Tarun, I love u and I am sorry it took me so much time to say it, everyone at school thought we were dating but we were not, but now I am sure and I am too proud to admit that I do love you and never want to lose you, will you be mine?” everyone went silent for a moment, all eyes turned to Tarun, Tarun was shocked to hear it, he least expected this to happen, this girls was different, she had so much guts to propose a guy & that too in public. Tarun ran towards her, and hugged her, he held her too warmly and shouted, “I too love you Tani, I have always loved you, of course I am yours, just yours.” and with this he kissed her forehead.

The hall echoed with claps, whistles, “woows” “awwwws” and “wwwohs. Isha felt like somebody had thrown hot oil on her, she wanted to run away from this. She turned around, Tani held her hand and spoke over the mike again, “it would have been impossible without you Ishu, if I am holding my love today it’s just because of you, thanks dear.”

Tarun snatched the mike from her and said,” hey all the girls out there, sorry, I am committed now, sorry for the heart breaks.” Everyone laughed out. He continued,

“I am so lucky to have 2 beautiful females in my life who love me a lot one is my best friend and one just became my lover, I am blessed to have them both. Thank you Ishu”, Tarun stretched out his hand towards Isha, she shook it and replied.”Congrats Tanu, you got her, congrats both of you, God bless you” she smiled and turned around and disappeared in the crowd. Other friends gathered around the newly “committed” couple and started to wish them.

She walked out as quickly as she could to get away from all those noises. As soon as Isha got out of the main gate, she walked quickly towards the main road and took an auto back home, her eyes overflow with tears, they didn’t stop and she didn’t tried to stop them even. It felt her eyes would burn, her heart was thumping loud. The song played in the auto perfectly matched the situation and hearing it, Isha cried more and more.

“Hoti thi tujhse subah har din ki,
Tere dopher se sham ki dhun thi ,
Hoti thi raatein teri baaton mein khoye,
Tere khayalon mein hi jaage aur soye..

Tu jo nahi to kya raha..

Jaane tu mera kya hai, jaane tu mera kya tha,
Tu hi mera har pal, tu hi har lamha tha..
Jaane kaisi kashish hai, jaane kaisi khalish hai,
Kyu yeh saans thami hai, aankhon mein kyu nami hai..

Janaa dil jaana, kaise maine naa jaana,
Ki pyaar yahi hai, yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..”

To Be Continued..

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[A Lot Like Love] Uff yeh feelings 5

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