[A Lot Like Love] Uff yeh feelings 6

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Uff yeh Feelings 6

The loud ring of the cell bought back Pihu from her thoughts to the present scenario. She looked at the number and quickly answered it,

“Hello, Namaste uncle… Yes I have reached. She is fine now but sleeping, don’t you worry at all please, I am here, I will take care. Yes… ok… Dr. Tondon?. Please uncle, don’t cry… She is fine, I will message you her current picture ok. Just calm down. Ok. Ok. You too take care of yours and Aunty and please don’t tell her anything, I will manage it all here, Trust me. Bubye.” As she disconnected the call she turned towards the bed where Isha was lying. Her eyes got teary and blurred seeing Isha looking so pale and weak. Even in her sleep she looked so distressed, she kept her hand on her head lovingly and then turned away as it was difficult to see Isha in such condition. Pihu went towards the window pane and started to cry silently. She knew Isha was not happy, there were lot of things in her life that were hurting  her but she could never thought Isha could do something like this to herself. Pihu started to think about the possible reasons that forced her from a ‘happy-go-lucky always smiling’ Isha Mehta to this weak and dying patient on a hospital’s bed.

After class 12th, Isha took admission in an engineering college in Mumbai, she kept in touch with Pihu over phone and through chats and she use to tell her how suffocated she felt seeing Tanu and Tani’s pictures together as they both took admission in the same college in Chandigarh. Although Isha’s father told her to take admission in the same college as she would be close-by her hometown and her friends were there too but Isha chose to get away from all this to move on. But even after years of trying and keeping away, she could not get over it. Seeing Tarun and Tani’s love story going on too smoothly, she would felt a hinge of pain always. This whole episode have changed her a lot as a person, she had turned extremely introvert.

She never made many friends at college as she did not trust people now and just ceased herself into a shell. Even though she had a loving sweet family but she could not share such things to them. Isha’s father had been working very hard and was a rich businessman by now; he even wanted to shift to US and was waiting for her education to get over. But suddenly one more tragedy hit them; when Isha was in her last year of engineering, Isha’s mother was diagnosed with a complex cancer and the whole family was affected badly with the news. Leaving Isha alone in India, her parents Mr. and Mrs. Mehta shifted to US for her treatment. Now her engineering was completed and she was doing a job. She could have gone to US, her father even called her many times  but Isha did not had guts to see her mum in such weak condition, she was using her job as an excuse to stay away from the reality. She would talk to her mum daily but could not gather the courage to see her bedridden and dying. Isha was very close to her mother, her illness changed Isha more and she started to get more confined to herself.  Isha would go and stay with Pihu’s family during vacations, Pihu use to push her to make new friends or search for a suitable guy but she use to deny it saying, “Love & relationships are not meant for me.”

Suddenly a team of doctors entered the room, distracting Pihu from her thoughts.

“Hello Sir.” She said getting up.

“Ooh hello beta. Mr. Mehta told me about you, wait let me examine her and then we will talk.”  Dr. Tondon replied and moved towards the patient with other doctors. Pihu was anxiously waiting to hear Isha’s condition.

He moved back towards Pihu and started to read the reports. He gave a quick sharp look to Isha and then looked back at Pihu and nodded, “She will be fine, don’t panic, it will take few weeks, may be months but she will be fine. Nothing too serious.”

He then turned to the doctor attending Isha and said to him, “Dr. Das, you are treating her right. She was bought late at night yesterday and you have given the proper attention, keep it up. She is like my daughter, she is the daughter of a very successful father and his father is a very good friend of mine. As he is not here, she is our responsibility. I don’t want any kind of carelessness; this case should be handled too carefully.”

“Of course sir, I will not give you any reasons to complaint, I will make sure she recovers soon.” and they both gave assuring smile to each other.

He then again turned to Pihu, “Don’t worry, Dr.  Basu is our good young doctor, he will handle it well and in case you need anything I am just a call away. And If I am not there, talk to him anytime, ok? God Bless.” Saying that he patted her shoulder and left the room with other doctors, but Dr. Basu stayed.

He looked at Isha, injected some medicine in her drip. “Rich spoiled brats…” he murmured and turned to leave. Pihu got angry as she heard, “Excuse me Doctor! You said something?” He turned to face her and said sternly “No, nothing.”

“I heard it. You know nothing about her so you have no rights to call her whatever you just said. She is your patient, she is lying there so vulnerable and all you think about her is she is a spoiled brat?” She said in a high pitched tone.

“I know her well. I am Dr. Arnab Basu, she lives in the same building as mine, opposite to my flat.” He replied flatly.

“Oh.. So Mr. Basu, how does this make you think she is ‘spoiled’??”

“Call me Arnab. I have seen how arrogant she is, she don’t talk to people don’t meet people and even once I tried to help her but she reacted too weirdly. She is full-of-attitude girl. She had got serious injuries, her skull is damaged had got multiple fractures and muscle ruptures. But you know what I don’t wrote in the reports is she had consumed lot of alcohol. We found it in our initial check-ups; rest will be confirmed by the reports soon. Her father is so much worried, he kept crying when I talked to him on call and see what she is doing, ruining his faith on her in alcohol.”  He said with a disgusting look on his face.

“What? Alcohol?” Pihu could not believe it.

“Yes, I will tell it to Dr. Tondon once it’s confirmed. She must have been too drunk, lost her control and fallen off her balcony. I don’t think it’s a suicide attempt, I think it was an accident. But it should be anything, a drunkard falling off from a multi-story building or jumping off intentionally, who knows.  That is the reason I told everyone it’s an accident.” He said and kept staring Pihu with a victorious expression as he had proved her wrong by giving her facts, he waited for her response but when she did not said anything, he decided to leave. Pihu was watching him go, she wanted to fight with him as whatever he said about Isha was wrong, he had no rights to judge her but she was too blank to say anything. Dr. Left her alone with so many questions, Isha , alcohol? Fallen off the building? Suicide? She talked to Isha about a week ago and she was sounding fine then what happened suddenly? She was getting restless and as soon wanted to find out what happened actually.

She looked back at Isha, she was still so lifeless. She walked towards the window pane, suddenly her eyes caught attention, many youngsters were going on wearing traditional dresses towards a hall, there was a huge banner of ‘Dandiya Nights’. She returned back to Isha’s bed and sit next to her, took her hand in hers and spoke, “Do you know what,  Navratri is going on, Isha your favorite festival of the year. You remember when we were in school together; you use to be too excited about it. Even it was during Inter-house Dandiya- Competition that you met Tarun.  You both were best Dandiya dancers of our school. Gradually during rehearsals, you and he became good friends, even best friends. I use to complaint that you give him more time than me and then one day I have to leave you, I didn’t knew you will suffer so much, if I was with you, I won’t have ever let it happen to you. Get up Isha, get up. I am meeting you after a year and this is how you welcoming me? Sleeping? Get up, dance with me, dance for me, please Ishu please… Talk to me…” and saying that she broke down. She hugged her and cried.

Heart breaks are difficult to handle, to pass through but was Isha so weak, she chose things like attempting suicide? Drinking?  Is this how one should deal with a broken heart? NO.

To Be Continued..

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