[A Lot Like Love] Uff yeh feelings 7

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Uff yeh Feelings 7

Pihu kept crying for a while then she suddenly noticed Isha was waking up, she was gaining conscious. As she opened her eyes and saw Pihu in front of her, there were twinkles in her eyes, she managed to smile faintly. Pihu was too happy, she hugged her. “Pihhhuu..” Isha whispered slowly.

“Yes Ishu, I am here with you, you will be fine, absolutely fine, don’t worry…” Pihu replied, caressing her.

“I know” she whispered again.

“When did you grow so strong Ishu? When? Why didn’t you tell me what you were going through? What actually happened? You know we all were so worried for you. Tell me are you fine? Is it paining anywhere Ishu? Pihu showered her with so many questions. Her concern for Isha was visible from her heavy choking voice.

There was no reply from Isha, she just held Pihu more tightly. All she wanted was someone to hug her and tell her things will be fine and tell her she was not alone in the fights of life and can handle it all. She felt quite light at heart with Pihu by her side.

“I am there with you Ishu, always.” Pihu said and held her for few minutes but then she realized Isha was taking deep long breathes, suddenly she fall back on bed. Pihu panicked, she press the bell kept near the bed, Dr. Arnab and a nurse came running-in within few minutes. They rushed towards Isha, she was gasping for breath and taking deep long struggling breathes. Suddenly she fainted; they rushed her towards the ICU.

Pihu was pacing the corridor to-and-fro. She saw Dr. Tondon approaching; he gave her an assuring look and went inside. After few minutes later he came out along with Dr. Arnab.

“How is she Doctor? What happened to her?” Pihu asked anxiously.

“Everything is under control now; wait I am getting an urgent call, Dr. Basu will explain you ok? And don’t tell Mr. Mehta, he would unnecessarily get worried. I will be back, soon to check on her, don’t worry.”  He said and left quickly.

Pihu looked at Dr. Arnab, his forehead was dripping with sweat, she was angry at him but she wanted to know about Isha. Arnab read the expressions on her face and he himself initiated the conversation,

“Don’t panic, she is better now, the injuries to her skull make her unconscious. Her brain needs more rest to start functioning properly. I will give her sleeping pills to give her the rest her body needs. She will be fine.”

Tears appeared in her eyes. Seeing her like this Dr. Arnab moved closer to her and pats her shoulder to calm her down. When she composed herself he continued, “Do not talk to her, and don’t let her speak, she needs rest. I know you want to know what happened but keep patience for some time; I hope you will take care.” She nodded, he gave her half-smile and left.

Isha was soon shifted back to her room. Pihu felt better, looking at her in her peaceful sleep.

She then got a call from Mr. Mehta and she assured him Isha was fine. Then she got a call from her own family, they kept asking her whether they should all come to handle things but Pihu was adamant, “No papa, nothing is serious, she had got a fracture. I will handle please make mumma understand.” Her father agreed to her. She actually wanted someone else to come as she was getting weak seeing Isha that way but she knew it will create an issue if her parents or Isha’s parents got to know about the alcohol or suicide attempt thing.

“Beta you should go home and freshen up, you are here since morning, and it has been a tiring day.” Mr.Tondon said as he entered the room.

“No uncle, I don’t want to leave her for a second even. I have taken long holidays from my office, I will be with her till she walks and smile again like she was before.” She replied.

He kept his hand on her head, “Isha is lucky to have a friend like you, God bless you beta. This generation needs more people like you. Well I came here to let you know Isha is fine and she will be sleeping for few hours now so just go to the canteen, have something and then you sleep too. If you wish you can come with me to my home, I live nearby. Have dinner with my family and take rest too. ”

“Uncle she is not just a friend, she is family, my mumma and papa want to come too but I have told them I can manage. I have never felt we are from two different families. And yes I will go and have something and don’t worry, this is a huge room, there is other bed too, I will sleep there comfortably. Thanks.”  Pihu replied pointing towards the vacant bed on the other side of the room.

He left saying “Ok ok, in case you need anything just call me. Bye, take care.”

Pihu looked at Isha, she seemed to sleep peacefully. She took her cell-phone, locked the door of her room and went out towards the canteen. She bought tea and sandwich for herself and searched a seat for her but there was no vacant seat. Then her eyes caught attention of Dr. Arnab sitting alone at a corner table, as their eyes met he asked her to sit with him. She slowly walked towards him and sat opposite to him.

After few minutes of silence, Pihu break the ice.

“She isn’t arrogant, she is introvert. Life had given her so many pains; you cannot judge someone like this.”

“I am sorry, I am her doctor and should not have got personal. And yes you are right, I should not judge her but whoever will see her now would form this opinion only, about her. Can you tell me what actually happened? Only if you want.” He said calmly. Pihu felt he was right, anyone who doesn’t know about her might thought so, she decided to tell him everything because she did not wanted anybody to think of her best friend as a rich-spoiled-brat.

She summarized him about Tarun, Tani, Isha’s mother’s sickness, her loneliness, everything. Arnab kept listening to her attentively and felt bad that she was so hurt in life, she was going through a lot and he just formed such an opinion about her. After Pihu finished talking she could see regret on Arnab’s face.

“So you still think she is arrogant? She is spoiled?” she asked.

“Oh please don’t embarrass me more. I am already ashamed of myself. She is not.” He could not meet her sharp looks.

Pihu did not want to embarrass him; she tried to make him comfortable. So, she continued

“So you said you tried to help her and she reacted weirdly, please tell me about that incident.”

He looked back at her to confirm she was not angry from him now, seeing her smile he felt relieved. “Ok so you know what happened that day…” he started to tell but his name was announced, he had a case to handle.

“Ok as soon my duty gets over I will come to check her, so we will talk then. I will tell you everything. Bye.” He got up and left. Pihu felt better, she now had no bad feeling for Arnab in mind. She finished her sandwich and went back to the room. Suddenly as she was sitting with her phone in hand she thought of calling Tani to tell her about Isha’s condition because Isha was still in touch with her and would talk to Tani sometimes. ‘Maybe I can get to know something important, like maybe a hint of the reason behind all this?’

‘Where will I get her number from but? O…. wait… Isha’s cell phone.’ She murmured and started searching for Isha’s cell phone. Pihu finally found it in the drawer. She took it out, it was switched off. She pushed the start button to switch it on but a pop-up screen appeared which asked for password. Pihu thought for a second and entered some random combinations, nothing worked. She was about to give up when she suddenly entered “1008” To her surprise, cell unlocked. She looked up towards Isha and whispered, “You still love him; you are still crazy about him. It is his birthday, 10th August, 1008; you kept it as password Ishu. Mad you are.”

Pihu searched Tani’s number and dialed it, it rang for a minute, nobody picked it up; she called again, no response. She searched for Tarun’s number but it wasn’t there. She sat down waiting for Tani to call back, suddenly she thought of checking her inbox. Last received message was from Tani, she thought for a moment and then started to read it, and it was a long message in many parts. As she finished reading, Pihu knew what was wrong with Isha, she now understood why Isha was so distressed. Message was:

“Hey dearo, I can’t tell you how happy I am today. You remember how in 12th farewell party I proposed Tarun? He exactly proposed me in the same way today at our office. It was our company’s foundation day, there were so many people, our colleagues, people from other departments and even our boss was there too and he proposed me for marriage in front of all of them, I got so embarrassed and I was feeling so shy but at last I said a yes and guess what? He took out a ring from his pocket and placed it in my finger, whole office clapped. On 16 feb, next year, we will complete our 6th relationship anniversary and on that day we are planning to do the wedding but official ring ceremony will be on 22 October, My birthday. Our parents have talked to each other and they are happy with our decision, they knew about it all these years .I am so happy, finally we will be officially engaged, I will soon become Mrs. Tani Tarun Nanda. It’s like a dream come true.

I want you to reach here by 20 and help me with everything, please Ishu. No ifs’ buts or excuses, I want you and I will be booking tickets for you. It is all because of you that I have him and now finally marrying him. I wanted to give you this news on call but your cell was switched off, I couldn’t wait more so sent a text… Love you… hugs ♥”

Pihu understood what broke Isha.

She was in deep thoughts when suddenly Dr. came in. He went to check Isha, came back and sat near Pihu. “She is sleeping peacefully today. She is recovering very quickly.” He said with a brimming voice. Pihu was not paying much attention to him, many thoughts were haunting her. He noticed it and sat next to her. “What happened?”

After few minutes of silence she replied, “Tarun and Tani are getting married. I think it wasn’t an accident, she actually attempt suicide.” By now Dr. Arnab knew about them and the story behind them too, he looked in a state of shock, unsure of how to respond.

To Be Continued..

Was life mocking Isha? Did she actually attempted suicide?  Keep reading and keep commenting to let me know how you like the story.

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