[Splendid Six] The new Dawn!

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The new dawn is the sixth chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The new Dawn

During the breaks I used to join Hemangi and Khushi. Pari and Naina also joined us. We used to share our snacks and used to have lighter talks. We used to do all the type of chit chat, mimic our lecturers and pass comments whenever any couple passed by. It was a great fun. I can’t describe at times what incredible positivity I used to get from them. It was fun. We got to know each other. There was immense pressure of work though but we people were enjoying the new innings. It was definitely a new dawn for me. Singing, Playing, Laughing, Pulling each other’s leg and what not; we enjoyed thoroughly. Life couldn’t have been better. There were still cold vibes between Khushi and I. There were plenty of Engineering Drawings that we had to do. It was pathetic. I hated it. There was a subject of Communication. My gang of girls hated it. They hardly could communicate in English and adding to their woes was this subject on Communication. I used to help them out with this subject and they used to solve my queries in other subjects like Maths and Engineering Graphics. We had 8 subjects in the first semester. It was hectic. Diwali vacations approached. Holidays began. Time wasn’t easily passing. During the vacations I was busy doing shopping and stuff. In Gujarat one whole week is dedicated to festivals. They have Agyaras, Baaras, Teras, Choudas, Dhanteras, Diwali, the Gujarati New Year and Bhai bij. I mean “VOW”. These people are so vivid. They don’t miss a single chance to enjoy life. They celebrate life which is very remarkable. I wished I was a Gujarati. Even I would have been like them, full of life. Being a South Indian is very boring I admit. People are lifeless. They don’t know what enjoyment is all about. Even when I go back to my native place I find people weird. They are stern most of the times and they take life very seriously. But I always think that I am lucky to be among these Gujju people. I always wanted to settle here. Though I never mentioned it to anyone but I felt at times that I should marry a Gujju boy and settle in Rajkot itself (It was one of my wildest fantasies). But I did to hold myself and face the reality. I called up all my friends and messaged the others on the New Year day. The New Year falls the next day after Diwali for the Gujarati’s. It’s the New Year according to the Gujarati calendar. It’s a big festival for them. They prepare sweets, refreshments and a beautiful rangoli at the front yard. I got invitations from all my new college friends except Khushi. There was still something fragile in our relationship. Though we were stuck in the same sea but sailing in different boats. It was really difficult to come in terms with each other. But it was okay. I had support from the rest and Hemangi was really found of me so I had no issues. Holidays were over. College reopened. Meanwhile I could see Manav’s grandiosity for Hemangi. I didn’t know whether it was ever genuine or not but it seemed he was trying his luck on her. I prayed to god “Save her from him”. I guess god heard me. Hemangi knew about his character so she was not that keen. We kept pulling her leg whenever he passed by. Once when we were enjoying ourselves during the break I asked Hemangi how her dream man should be. I got a very weird answer from her side. She said her guy should be like “Krish”. He should jump like Krish and have all powers like him and that was it. We got a new name for Manav. He was Hemangi’s “Krish”. Whenever we talked about Manav, we used the code word Krish. Hemangi used to blush and get annoyed at the same time. Whereas Pari’s fan number one Govind kept gazing at her and was lost in her dreams most of the time. I was more of condensed in completing the drawings of Engineering Graphics. That was the toughest part for me (I thoroughly hated it). Last two weeks of the semester were crucial because there were loads of submissions for the respective subjects, presentations and the biggest ghost of all was “Vivas”. This was the first time we were about to face the Vivas. It was scary.  During the Vivas I tried to remain calm. As I had already made a good impression I didn’t face any trouble at first instance. The Vivas were good. Now the first semester was over and the biggest hurdle was laying ahead “Exams” It was Christmas time and I didn’t realize where to concentrate. I was busy helping mom in cleaning and in decorating the house. Mom wanted me to score well so she asked me to go and study. As some painting and white wash was going on I had to go to Dia’s house to study. She was not good at Physics and other theoretical subjects so we thought of doing that at first and then concentrating on the calculative ones. We had little time to prepare and in mean while I discovered that Dia was constantly getting busy on phone with her new friend. He was with her in other division (He becomes one of her best support system during the thick and thin times). He was from I.T. only. His name is Siddharth. They had become close friends. He genuinely liked and supported her. It was good to see that she found someone in place of Manav. Manav and Siddharth were good friends though (Later on I got to know that because she wanted to get closer to Manav she befriended Siddharth). I urged her to concentrate on studies rather than on guys. We studied. Christmas came and went away. I didn’t realize when it came and when it went away. On 1st January we were having our Physics paper. Even on that day I had to wake up early and prepare for the exams. The paper was good. The papers lasted for 14 days. It was hectic. After the exams got over we had to leave for Bangalore.

To Be Continued..

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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