[Splendid Six] The new twists and turns

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The new twists and turns is the fifth chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The new Twists and Turns

As we all were trying to get adjusted to this environment, something unexpected happened. One fine day, the whole class was called in the lobby. Our roll numbers were called and we were divided in five groups. We all were amused. I thought “Oh god what now??” My heart beats was steeping up as usual. After segregating us in groups Madam firmly said “We have decided that all the students of the first year will be divided into 8 division based on their merit. Not necessary that you will have students from the same branches. This offers an opportunity for all students the from various branches to mingle with each other. This would also help the management to focus on students who are weak. This would only be for the first and the second semester. After that you will be back with your mates of your own branches”. Vow. That left us speechless. One of the guys protested “What the hell do they think about themselves. Why such swapping right now when we have adjusted ourselves in our den”. The others protested “Oh god! Are we mice?? Why are they playing this Tom and Jerry with us?? We started bonding so well and became friends and now they want us to start again from the scratch. New people and new lectures and that in the midst of the semester??”

Madam was bombarded with so many questions. She was helpless. It was the management’s call not her. She too wasn’t comfortable with this swapping process. The first thing I did was seeing around and wondering who all and how many are there with me in the same division. Most of the girls of our class were in my group only. Half of our class was in our group. So i was felt well. Pari, Naina, Hemangi and Khushi were with me only. But Dia was standing in other group. She wasn’t happy because her special person was in our group. Yup Manav’s rank was more than that of Dia’s so he was in our group. I could see the disgust on Dia’s face. I felt really bad for her. But I was happy because most of my new buddies were with me.

We were asked to sit in some class where the other students will come. I wasn’t bother who comes and who doesn’t come. I was least concerned. I kept my head down and was singing songs (I always sat on the first or the second bench. It was a safe place for me. Because it kept me unaware of the happenings at back). Just then I saw a herd coming inside the room. They were students from various branches like Mechanical, Computer. New faces don’t make me comfortable. But it was fine. All took their respective seats. I was glaring around. The lecturer had entered. The lecture commenced. That day we were given new roll numbers. We attained the lab accordingly. We were asked to introduce each other. My roll number was 35 and there was a guy Of Mechanical whose roll no was 36. Like me too was an outsider (a non-Guajarati). We talked in Hindi. He seemed to be intelligent. He talked about NIT’s, IIT’s and MIT’s (I wondered oh god now ask him to shut down. It’s bouncing now). On the other hand I saw Pari getting friendly with some guy. She was sharing a laugh over something. He was another guy Mechanical (These Mechanical guys don’t have girls in their branches. So whenever they get a chance they grab it). I couldn’t control my smile seeing Pari and that guy. Seeing me smiling all alone, the guy sitting to me asked me “What happened?? Why smiling all alone?? (I wanted to shoot back “Mind your own business”) But I replied firmly “Nothing. Just like that”.

This was getting interesting.  There were so many things happening around. I was elated initially. One fine day Hemangi asked me to sit beside her during a lecture. That approach didn’t please Khushi. She always turned her face whenever I was around. I used to really get annoyed but my relation was with Hemangi so I never paid attention to Khushi. We used (I and Hemu. That’s what I used to call her “Hemu”). I told Hemu many times that maybe Khushi was not very comfortable when she talks to me. She asked me to ignore her completely. She replied “Khushi wasn’t very comfortable even during our schooldays. She didn’t like me getting close to any other girl. She is a bit possessive about me.” That left a wrong impression about Khushi in my mind (That impression took a toss later on). I found her to a negative kind of person. I didn’t feel like talking to her more.

Time passed. Days passed. We all got busy with day to day work. October approached. It was Navratri. The biggest festival for the Gujarati’s. They love dancing I must admit. I love it too but I didn’t learn know how to do the traditional garba. But I loved watching it. It was vibrant and vivacious. People danced with so much vigour. On the last day of Navratri a function was arranged in our college. Students can dress up traditionally and have fun time. I didn’t wish to attend it. Dia and Hemangi tried tom coax me but it was in vain. Firstly I didn’t know the dance and secondly I hated to be in such crowded places. Hemangi and Dia wanted to go and they got permissions from their respective homes also. They had a good group. The night came. They enjoyed thoroughly. I was completely unaware of what could have happened. The complete information was given by my news channel (I called Dia my news channel because there wasn’t a single that she was not aware of. She had so huge friends circle that every little rumour reached her at a lightning speed). She gave me the detail description of how the function was, who all came, who danced well and how pathetic the food was. There was a new girl in I.T., who got admission during the reshuffling. Her name was Vanshi. She was getting cosy to Manav during the function. Dia didn’t like it. I thought she hated that girl to the core because of her growing proximity to Manav. As I mentioned earlier Dia had a soft corner for Manav. He was her first crush in college. She wanted Manav badly but Manav was not very keen to have her as his girlfriend. He loved her as a friend only. She kept on telling me the whole way how Vanshi was getting close to him. According to her Vanshi wasn’t that good looking (I could smell jealousy). Dia kept on telling. I and Hemangi were smiling mildly. We could understand her feelings. But we were helpless. Even during the breaks Manav was spending more quality time with Vanshi. Vanshi was more sensible than Dia. She behaved maturely and sounded more sophisticated but Dia was more of a bubbly types. Her mind was always on her tongue. She didn’t think twice before telling something. Maybe that might be a reason why Manav was more inclined towards Vanshi. But I must not admit Manav was not stable. He kept on trying his luck on many others. He even had a soft corner for Hemangi. Only god knows what he wanted.

Mean while I could see Pari and that other guy’s growing friendship. That guy used to keep staring at Pari all the time in the class too. She liked him but not in that way. He helped her in the drawings during the Engineering Graphics lab. Even as Pari’s friend I used to get my work done whenever I got struck. He name was Govind. He was an average looking guy. He lost his heart to Pari (He was behind her till the end). Pari didn’t realize about his feelings. She just reciprocated to his generosity. But I could sense that there was something fishy. I could see the love in his eyes. On the other hand Naina was also getting on the same track as Pari. A Mechanical guy used to complete all the assignments and experiments on time. Naina used to always run to him and get the notes or the assignments. He too started developing feelings for Naina. But Naina unlike Pari knew about his feelings for her. But she loved all the attention. That Roll Number 36 guy used to eat my only head in the lab with his extra brains. I genuinely found him over smart. He actually was. He thought he knew everything and he was the best. I too used him to get my programs done in the lab (I didn’t find anything wrong in just smiling and getting my work done). This way the time passed. We didn’t even realize that we were getting knitted together.

To Be Continued..

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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