[Startup Talk] Here comes a portal on Top 10s of Everything!

Have you ever searched for Top 10s of anything on Google? Here is all new Indian Startup exclusively made for Top 10s of everything. Listopten.com, a search engine of Top 10s. Listopten’s [tooltip text=”Alexa Traffic Rank” gravity=”n”] Alexa Traffic Rank is a rough measure of a website’s popularity, compared with all the others out there on the internet, taking into account both the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed on each visit. [/tooltip] touched 5,000 (In India) just in a month of launching the site! Today in Startup Talk we are presenting story of Listopten and our conversation with the founders. Have a look.

What is the concept and idea behind Listopten?

Listopten helps you to find Top10 results based on real people opinion on anything you search online. Listopten helps you generate free traffic for your business from the Top10 lists.

Opinion and recommendations have been biggest driving factors of the buying behaviour in India and world. We are building a crowed sourced Top10 of everything so that you can check user rated Top10 things before making a decision of buying a product, watching a movie etc.

We are providing free marketing tool for all business units. You can create Top10 lists and generate free traffic from our website.


What was the motive behind starting Listopten? How did the idea of starting this venture born?

We were sitting back at home and searching for best android phones to buy and landed on e-commerce and few review sites but they could not help to understand which one is the best among all available options. Therefore we thought there should be a site which should only show public generated results of Top 10 items in all categories so that we don’t get lost in 5000+ results coming out of Google search.

Tell us about your team. What they do and how they joined you?

Two ( Hitesh and Amit) out of three co-founders met in B-school together, Amit completed MBA and the Hitesh dropped out and joined an e-commerce start-up, after few years they again came back together to start listopten.com. The third co-founder Prashant is close friend too.

Founding Team

Listopten Founders

Hitesh Sharma (Co-founder)

College dropout and former founding member of a VC funded e-commerce start up in India, He faced a problem of finding best things online and joined hands with Amit to execute the same. Hitesh hails from a Maarwari business family in Assam and keeps deep business know how.

Amit Mehta (Co-founder)

Amit kumar is a MBA graduate who quit his well settled job to get into this venture with Hitesh. Amit follows one principle in life “Move fast or die” and has vision to take this company at a height in quickest possible time. He hails from a business family in Varanasi. Amit keeps deep knowledge in the field of marketing and user engagements, he is also an artist by hobby.

Prashant Singh (Co-founder)

Prashant is MCA with 5 years of experience in various companies like yellow pages and matrimony sites. He always had a dream of working at his own venture and creating some value with his skills and finally took risk and quit is job to join hands with Hitesh and Amit for a plunge into Entrepreneurship.

How Listopten is different than other sites of the same domain?

We are the only portal where user can come and check the Top 10 favorite things shared by other users and their favorite online stores and also share opinion on the list and create their version of list.

We are not selling directly but helping users to make better choice online and also generate free business to the online stores.

How much money and time did you invest in your startup?

Currently we are self-funded and invested 10+ lakhs so far including opportunity costs and looking for angle investors who can support us building a long term sustainable product to serve the people searching for Top 10 things online.

How did you manage promotion of Listopten?

We are currently getting traffic via word of mouth and Google. There is huge shift in how people search on Google and the keywords user by them. These days Google quickly parse entire questions and complex queries and return relevant answers, as opposed to looking at queries on a keyword-by-keyword.

Example: Huge chunk of people search for Top 10 xyz or Best xyz instead of just typing xyz on Google. People want to see the best 10 results instead of getting lost in all the results and wasting time to sort out best 10.

At Listopten you get only best 10 of everything.

Number of Visitors in last 3 Days
Number of Visitors in last 3 Days

What’s your future plan?

We are currently focusing on building product and providing traffic to our e-commerce clients like Carnation.in, SnapDeal.com, Infibeam.com etc. and providing an engaging platform to the users.

We are working on monetization of list and users creating Top 10 list will be given monetary advantages as per popularity if his lists

What’s your success mantra?

Our team is purely dedicated to work 16-18 hours in a days and consistently working hard to help people make better choice online. For us our highly passionate team with a clear vision and common objective is biggest strength.

What message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Feel a problem and without thinking much jump into it and improve with time and establish your product, never try to be facebook or pintrest on the first day of launch.

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[Startup Talk] Here comes a portal on Top 10s of Everything!

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