[Startup Talk] Interview with the founder of Refillwala.com!

Would you believe if we say that you can get all your prints done just by ordering online and that too in lower cost than local print shops with free home delivery? Yes! It is possible with all new online print portal, Refillwala.com! Today in Startup Talk, we are presenting story of a person who left his job to convert his dream into reality and started this revolutionary venture few months back. Have a look at our conversation with Pratik Babaria, Founder, Refillwala.com.

Who is Pratik Babaria? Why we are taking your interview?

Pratik Babaria is the founder & proprietor of Refillwala.com. I have done my masters in Computer Networksfrom Middlesex University, London. I have started my career in India after very small position and having aim to reach on executive position. That dedication and growing with previous company provide me very strong and confident attitude to create sole position of a Refillwala.com in the market in very short span of time.

Tell us something about your life before starting up Refillwala.com.

I was much focused and self-motivated for Refillwala.com to initiate and the reason was my surety and thorough knowledge of market as well as deep understanding of my idea, implementation and execution of this venture. To leave Executive position was not at all tough decision by this time. Lack of investment was the major challenge and we decided to start working from my home itself. Our actual journey begins at end of the comfort zone. Steadily dedicating day and night to this venture was the ultimate goal for me and we are on with that passion all the time.

What is the concept and idea behind Refillwala.com?


The idea was to penetrate hi-tech online managed printing solution for students. We are the first who come up with complete revolutionary services in printing industry with the highest cost effectiveness; dedicating to all the students of the society. We are planning to setup full automation and time saving station to door step delivery of the projects and study related material.

How did you initiate Refillwala.com? What was the motive?

Refillwala.com initiated with team of people of same diligence. The online printing service was the new and untouched concept for the local market as well as across the India. Motive was very apparent by all team members to carry forward. We are team of young & passionate beginners who conceptualize the idea and worked smart to execute this Enterprise into the market.

How much time and money did you spend after Refillwala.com?

Exactly if I count, it is been eight months from the day of idea generation to make Refillwala.com an official in the market. About the money I would say it is all about nominal amount of getting your venture registered is invested along with preparing online portal of Refillwala.com.

Tell us something about your team.

My team is my backbone of any task I hold. They have sound knowledge of this market as well as expertise in client’s requirements. They are passionate, dedicated and hard working by nature. Even I want to share my gratitude towards my team to believe in me and place such amount of faith towards my course of conduct.

How many retaining customers are you having?

We are Startup Company so we do not have big numbers of retaining customers but we manage to retain good numbers of customers.

Which challenges have you faced while converting your idea into reality?

As I discussed earlier the major challenge was short of investment not in sense of giving proper allotment of money towards implementation but for those extra efforts which any creator would have thought of for their venture. It is new to the regulars, keeping that in mind we have to make our portal user friendly and very easy to understand for those who are not much familiar with technology.

What is the major challenge you face right now?

The major challenge we are facing right now is regarding delivery time. We are operating in Ahmedabad so that allows us to make delivery as soon as possible. Challenge comes when it is from outstation that takes minimum one day and maximum three days to deliver within Gujarat. In that case consumer may choose to get print out from their local vendor only. So we are planning to involve local vendor in each city and to convince them and encourage them is the high on priority today.

What’s your future plan?

Our complete efforts are to make this project with such minute perfection where a smallest part of our services hold the force to create revolution in “PRINT AS SERVICE”.

Refillwala.com Snapshot
Refillwala.com Snapshot

What else do you do except Refillwala.com?

  • I have my online shopping mall for digital & electronic products, luxury watches and corporate gifts named pypye.com which is again part of Pypye Techserv Pvt. Ltd. The USP of this online digital mall is, it provides guidance to the viewer for the particular product for e.g. If you are a doctor or a designer then we have a category of doctor in which the products are listed according to their profession and usages.
  • PYPYE provides consultation for IT infrastructure, networking and system implementation to the organization.
  • PYPYE also into all MARCOM activities namely marketing, branding, event management, promotional activates & digital marketing.

What is Entrepreneurship according to you?

Entrepreneurship is the perfect balance of realistic approach towards visionary goals. One should have best team understanding & instrumental in driving growth results into speed development.

Which message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

What do you think about BuddyBits.com?

While going through BuddyBits.com, I sense the liveliness in first sight. It has all current and interesting topics highlighted on home page which is again a good thing. It can create attraction for youngsters and other segments too.

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[Startup Talk] Interview with the founder of Refillwala.com!

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