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Event on Road to Success via Failures organized by eChai in Ahmedabad!

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Ahmedabad: Failure is an essential part of being ambitious, a part of being creative and it is something that every entrepreneur faces in one way or another. If it was someone else, he or she would give up after facing failure once but an entrepreneur is a fighter who will combat multiple failures to achieve success.

Since failure is an important aspect of business that inspires entrepreneurs, it was essential to highlight this during eChai Fest. Thus, eChai and CII-Young Indians (Yi) Ahmedabad Chapter organised the very insightful – Road2Success via Failures – program which had 5 entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds sharing their insights and learning from the failures and how are they implementing some of the lessons in their current ventures. The session was organised at the CII building in Panchavati and was scheduled for evening 5.30 pm.

The session began with Mr. Sharad Parekh, Founder & CEO, Straut Renewables  who spoke about the first company he started at the young age of 18 years. He spoke about his troubles which were a result of borrowing capital from within the family.

Ravi Pathak, Founder & CEO, Tatvic Inc. shared his insights on how investing in a new technology costed him not just precious time but also crucial finances. His IT product could have been the next big thing for his enterprise, but somehow they were not able to market it efficiently back then.

Rajiv Sharma, Founder & CEO, Joules Juices was very optimistic while talking about his failures. He shared how he was able to expand his business dramatically but eventually had to scale it down to manage it more productively. He shared his lessons in handling an F&B business and how failure paves the path for success eventually.

A well prepared Yash Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Gridle had an interesting presentation regarding his start-up Blogtard which started on a great note but had to be shelved eventually. His biggest learning was to accept failure soon so as to move on with it at the earliest.

The last presenter was Darpan Vaishnav, Founder, Phloem Organics. He started his entrepreneurial journey with his start-up Nirantara Future Farms wherein he refused to look at the marketing side of the business. Failure to look into a crucial aspect of business in the earlier stages left him incapable of handling marketing when his marketing expert left the team.

Each entrepreneur had a different story to share and a different learning to pass on. The session was truly an eye opener for those who are just starting out their entrepreneur journey.


Photo Courtesy: Dhairya Shah and Nikul Joshi (Success Decoded)

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