Here is the story of Gujarati movie- Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd is a 2013 Gujarati family comedy feature film, produced by Anand Doshi and directed by Raghuvir Joshi. The film will star Rajeev Mehta, Vrajesh Hirjee, Shekhar Shukla, Dinesh Hingoo, Sonia Shah, Karan Ashar and Samvedna Suwalka.  Have you ever imagined your life without money? What would life be like without the concept of money?! You may find answers in this upcoming modern Gujarati flick. Here we are presenting story of the movie Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd.


Happy Familyy Pvt LtdWhat would life be like without the concept of money?!  The very rich and very busy Mehta family of Mumbai, gets into exactly this situation! When Mr. Uttam Mehta (Rajiv Mehta) is almost shot at gunpoint, they all fear their lives are in danger and are advised to go hide off in a far away location called Antillapur!

There seems to be something strange about this village and the Mehtas are in for a big surprise when they find out, it functions off a Barter System! Yes, the Mehtas are now stuck in a place where their money means nothing! From struggling to fulfill a dying wish to battling a weird villain Pinky bhai (Vrajesh Hirji), the Mehta’s are on one BIG FAT LETI – DETI adventure! Will this crazy village force them to unite?

From the story, movie seems quite promising. Its the first urban Gujarati comedy film with a Hatke story! We all have to wait for 6th December, 2013 to see the adventure of this Happy Familyy. Till than stay tuned to for all exclusive updates, behind the scenes and gossips from the movie.

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