Interview with Raghuvir Joshi, director of a Gujarati film Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

Raghuvir Joshi, a 27 years old, is all set to make his debut as a director with his upcoming Gujarati film Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd. Rajeev Mehta and Vrajesh Hirji starer first modern Gujarati comedy adventurous film is scheduled to hit screens on 6th December. To get insights from the movie and to know about his experience making his first movie and working with experienced actors, we took interview of the director of the film. Have a look at the extraction of our conversation with Raghuvir Joshi.

What is so special about the film- Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd?

This film is different in terms of concept.  The film is about the Mehta family who are extremely rich and resides in Mumbai. They suddenly find themselves in a problem and they decide to go to a place which cannot be traced even on the goggle maps. It’s all about their adventurous journey to a place called Antilapur. It’s a place where barter system is followed and how they tackle the problems there. This film has a modern approach and people are going to love it for sure. It is definitely an ice-breaker for the Guajarati film industry.

What’s your experience while making this movie?

The experience was amazing. It was a learning process for me as it was my first film. I got a lot to learn from the senior actors like Vrajesh Hirjee, Rajeev Mehta and even from the other actors. The entire team was so supportive that I didn’t feel as it was my first movie. The cameraman, the supporting staff, technicians, writers, editors and every person involved with this movie were a treat to work with. Overall it has been a very enriching experience.

Why this story? How this story got shaped?

I was just sitting with my friends and was thinking about a fun story. It was a very informal conversation where we visualized about a rich family and how would they manage if they lived in a place where currency is not used. We went on imagining and came up with this concept. It was just a small idea which went on to become a film. A small idea had ignited our minds.

Kevi Rite Jaish boosted up Gujarati Film Industry. What do you think; will your film continue the tradition?

There is an increase in the execution in the film making process now a day’s in Guajarati film industry. The film making has been drastically changed. The concept, the idea is no more monotonous. It’s entertaining along with a good content. This story will definitely touch the hearts and minds of people. They are going to love and cherish this movie. The script is splendid and the story will keep the audience engage.

Kevi Rite Jaish team used different cameras and technologies which were not used in Gujarati cinema before. Have you used anything like this?

Yes we pay a great amount of attention to the technology that we use while making the film. The cameras which we have used have not been even used in the Hindi movies before. The camera which we used gives great clarity and gives higher resolution of film. We also used different technologies which you will see in the film.

How was your experience working with well known actor like Rajeev Mehta and Vrajesh Hirjee?

Raghuvir Joshi and Vrajesh Hiirji on the set of Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd
Raghuvir Joshi and Vrajesh Hiirji on the set of Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

It was a splendid experience working with all actors. Yes true as this was my first film, having actors like Vrajesh Hirjee and Rajeev Mehta was an asset. They get into their characters so well. They catch the essence of each scene so well. They just read lines and perceive things accordingly. You need not to tell them what to do. They are thorough professionals. They helped me to rebuild the characters of the film.

What was the hardest thing for you while making the film?

Generally, man management is the most difficult task. One needs to tackle and work with so many people while making a film. One needs to maintain the cool and composure and that’s very important. There are so many departments to look after and conditions that come across one’s ways. Synchronizing all those things is a bigger task. The success lies in overcoming all the hurdles.

Any memorable moment while making your movie?

The whole experience was very enthralling for sure.  We were shooting 80km away from Bhuj in the desserts. After the shooting wraps up we used to enjoy the ambience there. The sky above was clear and we enjoyed sleeping in the open. There were musicians who came and sang the folk songs. The whole cast and crew enjoyed it thoroughly.

Last message for our readers. Why should they see the movie?

I bet they will simply love the movie. When they will come out of the theaters they will cherish and definitely have a different outlook towards life. It has a good social message along with good amount of humor.  This film ensures to give a small message about life and promises to entertain you at the same time.

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Featured Photo Courtesy: Homi Adajania

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Interview with Raghuvir Joshi, director of a Gujarati film Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

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