[A lot like love] New Story- Promises!

New Story- Promises


Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each other’s best friend more than being just lovers. Story is narrated by the female protagonist Naina. They been through lot many problems and a promise which almost broke their relationship but it still survived because they madly love each other. Again a phase comes when they get apart from each other and in that period misunderstandings created by her boyfriend’s Ex, the relationship breaks finally. She now stands on a road where her heart still silently wishes to go back to her love, other path leads to a person who loves her and she knows he would be the best choice for him and the third path is to follow her parents wish. The story ends with what she finally chooses to do.

Chapter 1

“I love you” I said.

“I love you more” he said.

“No I do more” I protested.

“Ok dear…You love me more. Now happy?” he said calmly.

“No. We both love each other more.” I said and smiled. He too smiled.

This kept on happening for few more minutes, I don’t really remember who dozed off first but when I woke up I had a huge grin on my face. It was evening; I had been sleeping all the afternoon. I got up and searched mom. It was my daily routine, whenever I used to wake up I went straight to my mom and hug her, no matter what she was doing, or if I had an argument with her, all what matters was her presence, her hug meant the world to me. Whenever I used to do so, she used to scold me saying I am a big girl now, but no matter how much old I grew I would always do this whenever I could, that one hug prepared me to face the world a bit more cheerfully and strongly.

Usually people say “A girl is more close to her father” but in my case it is different. I am more close to my mom. I love my dad a lot too but it’s only my mom who understand every single detail I shared with them, its she who remembers my friend’s names, their habits, my teacher’s name, the funny nick names I gave to people and everything. Papa, in the struggle to give us a luxurious and happy life seems too busy in his work, he is a loving family man but not expressive at all, only mamma understands him well enough and that is the reason I have seen them as an ideal couple since 21 years. They have been married for 26 years by now and I love the understanding they share. Although with age, they seem to argue often, seem less excited about birthdays and anniversaries, but maybe that’s how love changes with responsibilities. A candle light dinner don’t know when replaced by a normal simple home cooked dinner or an outing replaced by meetings with clients, or friends, a movie together changes to watching comedy shows together, as if ones priorities changes, way of relaxation changes. It’s like the “US” just doesn’t remain you and me anymore, it became -we, our children, our in-laws, our jobs, our priorities etc.

But whatever it is, I still believe they are the “made-for-each other” couple and I too somewhere wished for a love mate with such understanding. Luckily, I have found him. After facing a bad relationship (an abusive guy, who I never met, it was just on phone) I have finally found my true companion, I so madly love this guy. He had been my friend for a long time; we once met in a party of a common friend. I even don’t remember how it all started and exactly none of us proposed each other, it is more like an unsaid truth, an unspoken commitment which has bound us together and that feeling is so pure, so serene, it’s nothing but love. One may argue to me that I had fallen in “love” once before but I can now say, it was not love, it was nothing but a childhood sweet childish attachment. I don’t regret both my  relationship because those  relationships had lead me to met him and I am now so sure about him and I know nothing is better than he is. And mind it, it’s not at all a dreamy fairy tale, we fight like cats and dogs. We nearly kill each other every day (verbally) and sooner or later, we get back together saying “you know I can’t live without you”. The most challenging part of our relationship is it’s a distance relationship. Yes, living in two different cities. The distance isn’t too much but our lives are scheduled in such a way that it ends every possibility to meet each other.

God..! Do I talk a lot? I think I do!

As I freshen up, mamma made tea for us, it was our evening tea time. I checked out my cell for any messages from him but found none.

It disappointed me a bit, I always love to receive a text from him when I wake up, as if he has been missing me in my absence, too filmy I know, I know.

“So graduation over. Now, what next?” Mama asked sipping her tea.

I looked at her in bewilderment, “Maa not again please..!! And listen it’s not completed yet.”

“Almost, just 5 more exams to go. I am asking because your father keeps asking about it to me”

“I want to go to Delhi. ”

” You don’t want to go to Delhi. I know you don’t like that city, you just want to go where he lives.”

I looked at her and smiled, my mum is my best friend and she knows all about him, me and Arav. Oh. I forgot to tell, I am Naina.

“Mamma, did Bhaiya called?”

“No, since he has gone to Pune, he doesn’t have time for his family.”

“That’s not true mamma, he must be busy with work no? He has joined just a month back; he would be really busy right?”

“Yeah leave it, both of you are thinking just about yourselves. So tell me what will you do in Delhi? He won’t send you, he thinks you are still a newborn baby whom he doesn’t want to let go out of sight.”

“I know mamma but I can’t be living here all my life right? I have applied to few IT companies in Delhi and hoping for a positive response, let’s see what happens. Please you talk to him and convince him.”

“Ok I will. But make sure you find a good accommodation first, unless he won’t let you go if it’s not safe according to him.” She said and stood up to turn to kitchen.

“O Maa, you are the best” I said and kissed her, she made a face as she doesn’t like all this much, she says our generation is too fast and we show-off a lot.  “I never did that to my mom you know, we use to respect her not kiss her like that “She said with her serious usual tone.

“That’s because your mamma was not the best and you were and still introvert maa. I respect you and hugs and kisses are the public display of love, they are the gifts of love.” I said calmly and smiled because I knew what she was going to say next.

“You are not going Delhi, you will do this public display there too. You and your gifts of love, you have spoiled and it’s my fault, I gave you too much freedom, it’s time to marry you off.”

“To Arav? Hahaha mamma, you are too much.” I said and rushed in to my room because I knew she will keep murmuring for a long time about how much shameless I have become but to me she is my best friend, I respect her but I am open to her too. I sat on my bed and texted the whole incident to Arav.

‘Mamma is bad, she says I am a spoiled girl, I am not na?’ I texted him.

‘Oye!Shut up!! Not a single wrong word about her. She is right, you are a spoiled girl. :D’ He replied back.

Me: ‘OMG you are suppose to take my side, you are my boyfriend you know?’

Arav:  ‘Yeah but I am her son first, your boyfriend later ;)’

Me: ‘ I hate you, you are impossible, don’t talk to me.’

Arav: ‘hahaha you are just jealous because I love her more than I love you.’

I didn’t reply to his text but had a huge smile on my face. He loved my family like his own and that was the reason I loved this guy. He was my best friend, he was my diary, he was there in all my mood swings, and he was my love, my Arav.

Few minutes later he called,
“Why are you not replying?”

“Because I told you I am not talking to you.” I said faking anger.

“O yes. So shall I disconnect?” He asked irritably.

“NOOO. Ok listen to me, tell me when can we meet it’s been so long?” I asked.

“Not sure. And focus on exams first, will come after exams hopefully.”

You are lying, I know. You won’t be there on my birthday this time too right? I am not important your work it?” I said getting upset.

“O don’t start it all please, I told you I have a meeting that day, I am sorry. Once you shift here, we will meet daily, I promise.” He said trying to convince me, I did not liked it. I kept silent, he suddenly shouted at me,
“You act such a child some times. Naina, talk at least. Don’t keep silent.  What the hell got wrong with you suddenly?”

I know he hates my silence but I was feeling bad, like my all other friends, I wanted to meet him on my birthday, I wanted to spend my special day with him, I had my birthday in 4 days but I was no more excited then.

“I don’t want to talk right now, maybe later, bye.” I said and he disconnected in anger, it made me even angrier.

This was how it was between us, we might sound like the sweetest couple in love at a moment and few minutes later we would be fighting for silly reasons. I got upset and move out of the room and sat on the couch with a sad face. Mum understood it from my expressions,

“You both had a fight again?”


“Why? ” he asked, peeling vegetables for the dinner.

“Just like that.” I replied with disinterest.

She looked at me and continued,” You youngsters are so impulsive these days. You don’t adjust and don’t try to save relations, instead break them apart. Are you sure you want to marry them? Since 3 years you both are together and still fight like small kids every day. I am so worried about you two. Arav is a nice guy, but you are both immature.”

May be her concerns for me were right but I knew Arav was just the right guy for me. “Ok I am going for studies; call me when dinner is ready.” I said and went back to the room.

To be Continued..

This is just a beginning! Naina’s life will take you to a roller coaster ride of love! Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com for the next chapter of the story Promises.

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Finished her engineering in computer science in 2013, presently she is aspiring as a writer. She is an avid blogger, reader and writer. She loves writing short stories and writes on different niche. Dan Brown, Preeti Shenoy, Rhonda Byrne are few of her favorite authors. She has been a contributor author in four anthologies in the past year and co-editor for one of them. Although an engineer but a writer at heart, she wishes to get recognized in the writing field.

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[A lot like love] New Story- Promises!

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