[A lot like Love] Uff Yeh Feelings 10

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Uff yeh Feelings 10

Hearing this he looked at her, he looked back at Isha and he rushed towards her and took her in her arms.

“I am so sorry baby, I was not there when you needed me. I am sorry, I let anybody took advantage of you. But now you are not alone in the crowd, I am there with you always, supporting you in anything you do. He said and they both cried.

“It’s not your fault, its mine, I shouldn’t have got drunk. I should be sorry. I cannot hurt people who love me just because I got hurt in love.” She said and cried bitterly. He wiped away her tears.

“Don’t be sorry, it was not your fault at all. I will love you so much all my life that you will never again remember that incident. I will give you the best memories to fancy just like you dreamt off. I will create special moments for you, I promise. And even if someday you get haunted by those dirty memories, I will hide you in my arms where nobody can touch you or hurt you. You are my life Isha, you are the centre of my world.” He said and kissed her on her forehead. The walls around her heart finally break down hearing such words from Arnab. She felt overwhelmed to find a real love in her life. Isha held him tightly, hid herself in his arms and tears appeared in her eyes. These tears were of happiness, happiness of finding a true soul-mate, a man she always dreamt about. She didn’t want to lose him, from his eyes she knew he wasn’t lying, he wasn’t going to break her heart.

Pihu felt the happiest; she thanked God with all her heart for finally bringing peace and happiness in Isha’s life.  The clock struck twelve and she joined them both saying, “It’s been the best Diwali ever.” “Happy Diwali” They wished each other with huge grins on their face.

A day later, MR. Mehta came and got emotional seeing his daughter. He hugged both, Pihu and Isha and kept on apologizing for not being with her. Dr. Tandon met him and told him Isha was fit to be taken back home but not fit to fly yet. Dr. Arnab too met him and he liked how that doctor was taking care for Isha.

Next day Isha got discharged, Dr. Arnab was really upset. Pihu went to him and promised him that she would talk about him and Isha to Mr. Mehta very soon, he smiled like a child. He came out to bid them goodbye. Tears appeared in Isha’s eyes seeing Arnab’s upset face. She did not want to go away from her new-found-love. Mr. Mehta noticed it but kept quiet.


As Isha wasn’t fit to fly, Mr.Mehta went back and brought Mrs. Mehta soon. Isha and Arnab used to miss each other and in his absence, Isha felt ‘love’ towards him.  Pihu went back to her city too but was in constant touch with Isha. One day on Pihu’s attempt, Isha told her parents about her and Arnab. Mr. Mehta already had a hint and he had already taken information from Doctor Tandon about Dr. Arnab and was satisfied with Isha’s choice. He gladly accepted it. Isha danced with joy.

About 3 months passed, Isha was much better than before, almost all her injuries healed up (both physical and mental) wuth love and care from her parents, Pihu n Arnab. As Isha was better now, Mr. Mehta didn’t wasted much time and went to meet Dr. Arnab and later his family. All the things soon fall into place. Without wasting a single moment, a grand celebration was arranged on account of Isha’s recover and majorly for the engagement of Isha and Arnab.


It was the pink morning of 12th February, the day of their engagement. Isha was trying few hair styles and Pihu was helping her to choose. Pihu had come a week before with her family and they had prepared and shopped together. Both of them were giggling and laughing remembering old days and how they grew up so soon. Isha got a call,

“Oh… finally. You easily found the hotel naa? If any problem occurs do call me, I will look for it. Ok thanks, bye.” She disconnected with a smile.

“All relatives had came yesterday only, who reached now?” Pihu asked, arranging the bangles.

“Tani and Tarun.”

“Whaaaat?Why? I mean it wasn’t necessary Isha. Would you be able to face Tarun once again? Arnab will not be comfortable.” Pihu said in a tensed voice.

Isha smiled and “That’s what you don’t know about him. He had called and invited them. I was also unsure how would I react but his confidence in me is amazing, he says it is necessary for me to finally put an end to it and began a new phase of life with him.”

“Promise me, you won’t get weak seeing them?” Pihu asked stretching out her hand.

Isha looked at her and put her hand over hers to promise.

“You know now I feel it was a crush may be because what I feel with  Arnab is nothing in comparison to what I felt for Tarun, anyways, they will soon be a married couple now and believe me, I don’t look at married men” With that  she winked, Pihu laughed at her and felt relieved.

At the evening, Pihu got ready and went to Isha’s room to see if she was ready too, as she saw her, she felt mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and charming face,

“Am I looking fine?” she asked staring at the mirror.

“You are looking stunning, let’s go everyone’s waiting.” They walked down the corridor to the hall. As she entered, everyone had a pleasant smile, she passed Pihu’s family, they smiled to her, she then reached to his father and mother and she hugged both of them. Mr. Mehta kissed her on forehead; she kissed him back on his cheeks and kissed her mumma too. Her father whispered, “I didn’t know my princess looks so beautiful in a saree“, she blushed and went ahead. Finally, she stepped up the stage and saw Arnab, he was gazing at her madly, he held her hand as she reached him and everyone clapped for the couple. Mr. Mehta then announced for the engagement. Pihu from Isha’s side and Arnab’s sister from his side went towards them with the rings. He asked for her hand and slipped in the ring in her finger, she did the same. He kissed his ring and the hall echoed with the claps and blessings for the couple. Pihu hugged Isha and whispered “congrats baby, so happy for you.”

After the ring ceremony, the love birds were being introduced to new relations from both sides, suddenly as Isha looked up, she found Tani and Tarun entering hand-in-hand, as their eyes met, Tani rushed and hugged her and apologized, “I am so happy for  you and soo soo sorry sweetheart we got a bit late, we went out to get a gift for you,”  She placed a gift in her hand, Isha smiled and said, “Thank you Tani, it’s ok, meet him, Dr. Arnab, my fiancée”

“She is Tani” she said to Arnab. He smiled at her, shook hands, Tarun was standing few steps back, Tani turned back and called him, Isha started to look away, she didn’t wanted to face him, “Hello Isha, congratulations” as Tarun said this, Isha’s heart pumped faster, she felt like she will collapse she didn’t had the guts to look in his eyes and answer him, Arnab knew it, he firmly held her hand, Isha looked at him, he smiled back at her, Isha didnt wanted to let him down and prove him wrong. With all the courage, she looked up at Tarun and smiled, “Thanks, and congrats to both of you too.” “No Ishu,  not accepted, I know you  met with an accident on our engagement day, but now, it’s our wedding after few days and you have to be there I won’t accept your wishes.” Said Tani. Arnab smiled and said, “We will be there, definitely.” Tani smiled at him and said, “Ok I trust you jiju.” Isha smiled too; looking at Tarun her heart skipped a beat, but it wasn’t because she felt anything now, it was the gaze Tarun was giving her and Arnab, it was making her uncomfortable. Tarun’s dad called him for introducing him to someone, he didn’t wanted to go, but Isha asked him she will manage, he whispered in her ears, “I love you baby and I know you love me too, face it for the last time. I know you will never break my trust” and left.  “You look beautiful Isha…this” Tani was cut short as her cell ranged, she excused herself and left. Now Tarun and Isha were standing alone, Tarun initiated the talk, “Does he really love you?”

“What? Of course yes, why?” She looked at him shockingly.

“No just felt, let it be, be sure before marrying him, he is not behind you for your money.” He said flatly.

“Oh shut up Tarun! Don’t say a word about him.” She said in anger.

He laughed off, “Cool down Isha, I was just testing how much you love him. Today when I saw you after so many years, I felt a pinch in my heart that I had you with me all those years but I didn’t noticed you in that way. But today when I saw you with him, I felt a hinge of jealousy. Don’t take me wrong, I love Tani, I really do and I know you love Arnab but we had an amazing understanding, didn’t we? We were best friends and maybe would have been a better couple, just got this feeling suddenly, don’t take it otherwise.” he laughed softly again.

“It’s not funny Tarun, you and Tani are a sweet couple. But now, I and he are inseparable. I love him like I have never loved anybody before. In fact I actually had loved someone for the first time. And about the understanding, he understands me the best, not you, you never did.” She said with a pride in her eyes, she wasn’t lying, it wasn’t for showing-off, she actually meant it and today she felt it, nobody could be better for her then Arnab, she felt lucky.

Tarun smiled and said, “God bless you.”  She smiled back, and for the very first time she turned away from Tarun, leaving him behind, without any regrets in her heart. Her eyes searched for Arnab, and as she found him, she went and hugged him, right there in front of so many people, she didn’t care for any of them and she felt blessed to get him. Arnab smiled and held her tightly caressing her in his arms and whispered, “I got my Isha today completely, thank you God thank you.”

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[A lot like Love] Uff Yeh Feelings 10

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