[The Mars Voyage 03] Digressive Results

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03. Digressive Results

Si-Lio-32 was a planet, specially developed for researchers. It was 45 light-years away from Mars. Several technologies were developed that made interplanetary and intergalactic voyages as easy as anything. Thousands of planets were discovered as well as terraformed for various purposes.

ISRO, ESA (European Space Agency), RASA (Russian Aviation and Space Agency), NASA had been collaborated by their governments respectively in order to discover the mysteries of universe. There were so many sectors allocated for scientific & engineering purposes on Si-Lio-32.

Parth and his team had been working on the Gravity Switcher Project. They found several positive results but those were not up to the mark. There were still some voids in the project to be filled. The project was like a challenge as far as scientific laws were concerned but the team had made up their minds to achieve their goal.

“Sir, we have found some new results recently and have been getting new readings on the Gravitometer ”. Said one of the team members to Parth as soon as he entered into the lab.

“Oh! That’s pretty good, let me check it”. Said Parth going towards the Gravitometer. After watching the fluctuation of gravity in gravitometer Parth thought,”These fluctuations are unexpected, these must be stabilized soon otherwise the project would take more time”.

Parth was worried about those digressive results they have been getting for last two months. The lab on Si-Lio-32 at where the Project Gravity Switcher was going on, was larger enough to include various sub-sectors regarding the project. One of the most important sector was established at the end of the lab. Apparently, Parth was having more interest in that as he designed a special kind of suit which he named ‘Gravity Suit’. Gravity Suit was a programmed suit which was programmed to measure gravitational field according to its location at any instance. There were Electronically Synthesized Nano Gravitomer (ESNG) in the fabric of the suit. The aim behind making of the gravity suit was to enable individual to control the gravity of his surroundings and ultimately it would enable him to fly without wings.

Parth and his team made the gravity suit but it was incomplete. The suit was unable to control gravity, it was only able to measure it. Days were passing and results were not desirable. Parth was getting worried day by day. Observing the Gravity Suit he thought, ”I must find something that could enable gravity suit not only to sense gravity but also to control it otherwise the dream of minimalistic flight would not come true ”.

To be Continued..

Will Parth be able to complete his dream project- Gravity Switcher and Gravity Suit in time? What will happen next? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com to know more. Next episode will be published next Saturday in the column- The Mars Voyage.

The Mars Voyage

The Mars Voyage is a science fiction column on BuddyBits.com by Bhavik Lathigara subjected on The interplanetary journey of Human, humanity in year 2080 on the Mars, war between aliens and human and other space stories.

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Bhavik Lathigara
Bhavik Lathigara is a columnist cum editor on BuddyBits.com and writes "The Mars Voyage". He is a passed out engineering student. Writing is his passion, he loves to engage experiences and motivational things in form of words. He believes that- "Words have their own importance, they can represent great things in various manner."

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[The Mars Voyage 03] Digressive Results

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