Movie Review: Koi Ne Kesho Nahi

Gujarati films are now coming in the limelight. Koi Ne Kesho Nahi is one of those movies. The film is more about the repercussions of telling a lie. The central character of the movie is hesitant to marry a girl of his parents’ choice and unwittingly ends up telling her that he is a gay. But he has to keep reminding her ‘koi ne kaish nahi’. And hence the movie’s title.

If you are a fan of mindless comedy sitcom, than this is your cup of tea. Every now and then you will find something amusing which will make you laugh. Direction of the movie is poor. Could have been far better. Story is average. Movie contains lot of punches, some are really funny. Koi Ne Kesho Nahi can’t be called an urban Gujarati film, it’s the same traditional Gujarati film without Chaniya Choli, Kediyu and village. Shooting of the movie is done in Ahmedabad and Surat. You will see Kankariya lake, Sabarmati river front and allis bridge  of Ahmedabad and Causeway of Surat in few scenes. Film has also promoted brands like Idea, Uninore directly or indirectly; one can’t judge the promotion is intentional or not. Background score will give you feel of daily soaps. Not all, but one or two songs are good. Prem Bharelu is one of them. And acting?! I would rather call it over acting. Could have been better. Soham Master, Nayan Shukla as leads are good but as told earlier they have caliber, that can be explored to wide area. This is the first time Tiku Talsania  has acted in a Gujarati movie. He and Kalyani Thakker are not as good as they appear on stage or in movies.


Overall it’s a fair attempt. Direction of the movie is poor. Story is average. Situational comedy punches and scenes are awesome. This is not urban Gujarati film, this is the traditional Gujarati film but without Chaniya Choli and Kediyu. If you like watching mindless comedy movies, you can give this one a try.