My name is Kohli and I’m not a weirdo

My name is Kohli and I’m not a weirdo! Really? Would you believe if Armaan Kohli, one of the contestants of Bigg Boss will say this? Armaan Kohli, a name most of us had forgotten before the launch of Bigg Boss 7 and yet today, he has become a household name. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean that he is discussed in the positive light anywhere, but as they say, any publicity is good publicity. Perhaps Armaan does fall into this category!

Frankly speaking, if there is something common between Armaan’s role in movies like Jaani Dushman and his behaviour in the Bigg Boss house, then it has to be the fact that Armaan is intolerable to be seen on any type of screen.

What’s interesting is that with Armaan, it wasn’t hate at first sight for most audience members. In the initial weeks of BB7, Armaan played a strong role in Hell as a gang leader. He was really respected by all and Tanisha, Kamya and Pratyusha pampered him by calling him Armaanji… Armaanji! But soon the table’s turned and Armaan and Tanisha were left alone for weeks. Mind it, in this phase, Armaan was more than happy not being in a group whilst he received undivided attention from Tanisha. Then suddenly one night, Armaan acted like a saviour trying to protect Andy. Was he genuinely bothered or was it his strategy to gain a group of followers?

Post this event; audiences could see a clear pattern in Armaan’s behaviour. Random fight’s with housemates, talking in a raised voice, using cheap abusive language, supporting any random person or withdrawing support anytime are just a few characteristics that explain Armaan’s erratic behaviour. But that’s not all, recently he has started souring his relationship with Tanisha as well. Audiences can clearly see that he uses Tanisha to get support when he is all flared up and shouting at someone. But when she refuses to support him, he shouts at her as well. Infact, even though she supported him since the beginning of the show and hugged him in the cigarette cubicle, he still has the audacity to tell her you are nobody for me.

Somehow, Armaan manages to come across as a male version of Dolly Bindra! He is in serious need for Anger Management Therapy.

Here’s what India is tweeting about Armaan

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  1. The write up on Armaan was good….but does h really need any sort of write up?his behaviour is simply atricious .,to say the least.Gauhar is another obnoxious character …n pratyusha thinks shes the greatest………her fan following will certainly be notches down after this..all of them are supposed to be celebrities in one way or other…and just liik at their behaviour on national tv!!!!

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