Reality of the reality show, The Big TRP Boss!

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Bigg Boss is one of the most watched reality shows in India but this year, Bigg Boss season 7 has been in limelight for infamous reasons. Be it be Kushal -Tanisha “drama” or Gauhar-Kushal and Arman -Tanisha’s love story, Kushal’s eviction and then his comeback, Arman’s lady Dolly Bindra personality, Pratyusha-Kamya gossips, Vivek being called ‘chamiya’, Gauhar Khan quitting and coming back, Salman being called unfair by Gauhar fans and family and a lot more.

Armaan Kohli's another fight in Bigg Boss
Armaan Kohli’s another fight in Bigg Boss

All the reality shows have lot of drama, bitching, back biting, gossips but Bigg Boss had stood out as a clear winner this time. It doesn’t seem like a reality show anymore, instead a house where people keep insulting each other and next day they patch up. The game had gone dirty and show seems like running behind TRPs, ignoring the ethics and morals.

Kushal Tandon Bigg Boss 7Kushal was evicted on accuse of violence but the Bigg Boss team brought him back because his fans and especially teenage girls were going all gaga over him, his re-entry meant more TRP! Arman keeps abusing every other inmate, he acts like a wild animal at times but he is still in the show, reason being the same, TRPs.

If news is to be believed, Kajol and family are trying best to get Tanisha evicted as her closeness to Arman kohli is bringing bad name to the reputation of family, Salman tried to warn Tanisha too but she didn’t seem to change. But channel is not ready to evict her as Anisha- Armaan love story and Team Tanisha vs Team Gauhar fights are creating sensations, resulting the same, high TRPs. Asif being victimized, Elli getting evicted (Please! I can never agree that Sofia got more votes than her), Andy being targeted over and again, Arman-Tanisha and Gauhar- Kushal “Baby-me” drama, Arman’s abusive nature, Ajaz Khan’s melodrama, Kamya gaining sympathies, Pratyusha being a “Thali ka begain”, Sangram being disrespected (as he doesn’t bitch around), Sofiya Hayat’s immature and unnecessary tantrums, Kushal and Gauhar arguing with the host and accusing him of being biased, are all we the audience have to bear because what matters for the channel is TRP.

Although I am not anybody’s fan in particular but being a viewer, I have actually started hating the show.

PS: Salman should actually stop hosting the show for saving his dignity, he doesn’t deserve accuses, it’s not his personal house, its Bigg Boss house, he isn’t responsible for house-mates fights and other trivial issues.

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