Samvedna Suwalka talks about her upcoming Gujarati movie Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

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Samvedna Suwalka is ready to make her debut as an actress with her upcoming Gujarati movie Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd. Our team member Asha Kumar took her interview to get insights from the movie! Here is an extraction of our conversation with Samvedna Suwalka.

What is so special about the film Happy Family Pvt Ltd?

It is an amazing film which is a family comedy and it has something to say. The film has a good message and it is entertaining at the same time. Everything about the film is very special. It has an amazing concept and adding icing to the cake would be the spectacular performance put by all the actors. It is a great team effort and I am sure people would adore it.

Tell us something about your role?

Samvedna Suwalka on the set of Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd
Samvedna Suwalka on the set of
Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

I am the daughter of Uttam Mehta, the rich business tycoon of Mumbai. She lives in her world. She lives her life like a princess. Her life rotates around the credit cards. She believes that credit cards are her magical wand and she can get anything by swiping them. She feels that leading such a lavish life and getting things done so easily is not a crime as it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone. Even when she lands in a place like Antilapur where there is a barter system she faces the challenges and manages to survive in such a place. During the whole journey, there is a growth in her personality. My character is very vivacious.

Any special memorable moment while shooting for the movie?

The whole experience was enthralling one. I enjoyed each and every moment. There was a song sequence which was shot on the last day. Actually the song was to be shot a day before but it was rescheduled due to some reason. The whole cast and the crew joined the carnival though we had no role in that song. We all were dancing, singing and enjoying. Though we were deadly tired we all enjoyed ourselves. It was great and different experience shooting at a village located near Bhuj. Initially I found it difficult to shoot in such knotty conditions but I found it fruitful.

How was your experience working with the new director and the producer Raghuvir Joshi and Anand Doshi?

It was a dream comes true. We all studied in the same school and they were my seniors. I came to know about it later. They were very caring and loving. They were very protective towards me and treated me like a little princess. I must admit they are a true bunch of talent. At such a young age they came up with such an amazing concept. They had a clear vision of what they actually wanted to show on the screen and the complete story has been actually replicated completely as they wanted. They were confident with their art and they handled each and every situation so well. I fainted on the 3rd day of shooting. Anand called the doctor immediately and both (Raghuvir and Anand) made sure that I was okay and comfortable. It was cherishing and privileged experience for me.

How was your experience working with your co-stars and big stars like Rajeev Mehta and Vrajesh Hirjee?

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with the big and experienced stars like Rajeev Mehta and Vrajesh Hirjee. They are my seniors. I have grown up watching them on television. Rajeev sir is famous for his Praful’s character and Vrajesh sir has also given brilliant performances in many Bollywood films. I know they are brilliant actors. I am a big fan of their comedy timing. They bring so much to a scene and indulge extensively in the characters making it better. It was a learning experience for me. Rajeev sir is very impromptu. He involves and helps with other characters too. He gave so much guidance and it was an honour working with all. The

There has been a change in the outlook of Gujarati films with the likes of Kevi Rite Jaish and The Good Road. Do you think Happy Family Pvt Ltd would be a game changer and match up to such high expectations?

This film is good and has an excellent script. Yes it would definitely be a game changer. This film is very relevant for the today’s audience. Finally the Gujarati people can go to the multiplexes and spent money on something that is worthy and something which they will adore for sure. It is a complete ‘Dhamakedaar’ movie which is family entertainer and makes you laugh like hell at the same time. At the end this movie will compel you to think and have a different approach towards life. It will drill you minds for better.

Does this movie have any social message for the audience?

This movie talks about life and throws light on how we are leading and wasting our lives. At the end this movie would drill your minds and make you think about your approach towards life. We are somewhere trapped in this materialistic world. We are concerned that who has got the latest iPhone or who has got the best laptops. This movie also talks about being open to change because nothing is permanent and change is the synonym of life.

Lastly why should the readers of go and watch this movie?

I would definitely urge the readers to go and give it a chance. This movie is a labour and love by all of us. We really tried from the bottom of our heart to make this movie and hope it reaches to the hearts of the audience. It is literally a beautiful comedy with a small wonderful message. Go and enjoy this movie with your family. I bet after watching this movie you definitely sit with your family and have small discussion because it would drive you to think about the other side of life.

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