Sonia Shah on the set of Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd
Sonia Shah on the set of Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

Sonia Shah talks about her upcoming Gujarati movie Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

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Sonia Shah is all set to make her debut on silver screen from television with her upcoming Gujarati movie Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd. Our team member Asha Kumar took her interview to get insights from the movie! Here is an extraction of our conversation with Sonia Shah.

What is so special about Happy Family Pvt Ltd?

Firstly there is no Kancha, no Lehnga, no ghagra or choli and no Kediyu in this movie. This is a contemporary story with a complete different perception and different interpretation. I definitely want to say that this movie is a very ‘Hatke’ one. This movie is shot in extremely good locations with tremendously amazing actors and breaks off the typical Guajarati trend. It is technically very sound movie with a very catchy subject. Everyone can connect with this movie and that is our main motto. This movie talks about life. This movie is all about family relations, the trials and unexpected things that every individual faces and sense of realization one experiences at the end. This is a story of a rich family where there is a rich husband who is arrogant and egoistic, a health conscious wife who keeps flaunting her status, a daughter who believes swiping credit cards would put the world under her feet and a son who lives on junk food. Suddenly their life takes a U-turn and they land up in a place called Antilapur where there exists barter system. Their money is of no use in such land. The story is about how they face the reality of life and how a scattered family assembles at the time of misfortune.

Please tell us about your role in the movie.

Sonia Shah in Happy Familyy Pvt LtdI play the wife of Uttam Mehta who is a health conscious woman. She loves the Page3 life. She has many differences with her husband and never gives him time. She being a mother of two children still feels like an 18 year old girl. She believes that it is important to keep yourself younger mentally and physically. It is only then one can enjoy life. She loves to attend parties, flaunt her hi-fi lifestyle. Even when her husband escaped the scar of death she was more concerned about how pathetic she will look in white sari if her husband dies. She was least concerned about his life then. Once she lands up in Antilapur, she finds herself in a no man’s land. There are no parties, no Page3 life, no gym and no money to flaunt. It is then she gets involved with her children and the differences are resolved with her husband. During this phase she unfolds why had she become such a detached person during the years. Her life changes for a better during this journey in Antilapur.

Any special or memorable moment while shooting for the movie Happy Family Pvt Ltd?

We had scheduled to shoot in Bhuj during April. I had given my dates for the movie. At the same time I was shooting for Saraswati Chandra (I played the aunt of Saraswati Chandra). The production team had initially agreed to keep my track out of focus during the days that I had given for the movie. But before I was leaving the production team called me up that I have to resume for my shoot for Saraswati Chandra. I had two options in front of me either leaving the movie or leaving the serial. I know it would be a great loss if I turned down the movie at the last moment. The director and the producer had entrusted me so much. So I decided to step down out of the show Saraswati Chandra and carry on with the movie. I was sceptical initially but later on was proud of my decision. Shooting in those villages was not at all an easy task. It takes a lot to sustain your physical composure there. We were badly tanned during the shooting. But it was cherishing at the same time. During our first of shoot in Mumbai, it started raining. We couldn’t afford to reschedule. But whenever the rain stopped we would jump down and begin to shoot. Everyone was in good spirits even during that time. There were many hurdles but I must admit that we enjoyed the whole process a lot.

How was it working with the director and the produce Raghuvir Joshi and Anand Doshi?

It was an immense pleasure working with the duo. It was one of my best experiences working with them. Now I have become very good friends with both of them. They are young. They did a lot of homework. They are very clear about their product. They actually know what they wanted and how to get things from others. They are great visionaries and great executers. They plan so well and have been so precise with their art of work. They made such an ambience for all that it become very comfortable to work. I must admit that they are one of the most humble, polite and patient people I have ever worked with. They give so more respect to others and took so much care of the entire cast. I was 100% satisfied with their approach and the output of their hard work.

How was working with your co-stars? Especially working with the big stars like Rajeev Mehta and Vrajesh Hirjee.

Initially when I was approached by Anand for the role, I thought it must be something like the monotonous Gujarati movie. I wanted to say no. But later on thought that at least I should give it a try. When I went to his office and heard that Vrajesh and Rajeev were also a part of this movie. I was 10% convinced that I would do this movie. Vrajesh was approached for the Pinky Bhai’s character and Rajeev was about to play Uttam Mehta, my husband’s role. I was excited to work with them. Rajeev had done a cult character like ‘Praful’ on television which became a household name. Rajeev had done many Gujarati stage shows also. Vrajesh had done many Bollywood movies along with television serials and reality show of Bigg Boss. There was a lot to learn from Vrajesh Hirjee, Dinesh Hingoo and Rajeev Mehta. I initially thought that they might throw tantrums and show attitude. But I was completely taken aback by their humble and friendly nature. We all would sit together for coffee or lunch, had light hearted conversations and enjoyed ourselves so much. The entire cast and the crew were incredible.

Films like Kevi Rite Jaish and the Good road has been the path breaker movies for the Gujarati film industry. Do you think Happy Family Pvt Ltd will be also be an icing on the cake for the Gujarati Film Industry.

Everyone likes their own product. No one wishes that their product should be rejected. The real boss is the audience. They are the one who will decide whether your product is good or not. We have put our hearts and hard work for the movie. Even when the trailer of the movie was out my son was not ready to believe that it was a Gujarati movie. The trailer has removed the pre nurtured notions that he had about the Guajarati movies. Yes, of course this movie is going to be a trend setter and would add many feathers to the hat of the new trend that has been set up in the Gujarati film industry.

Last message. Why should the readers of buddy should go and watch the movie Happy Family Pvt Ltd?

This is a happy film which you can go and enjoy with your family. When you leave the theatres you will have a smile and a thought in your minds. This film will definitely ignite your minds and souls but it will create a happy and a light mood at the same time. Go watch and have fun. You will simply love it believe me.

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