[Splendid Six] My 18th Birthday

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My 18th Birthday

My birthday falls on 20th January. I heartily wanted my 18th birthday to be celebrated with my new buddies. But dreams remain just dreams. I was annoyed that mom made such an instantaneous plan. But I had no other choice as we had to attend an important family function. We packed our bags and left for Bangalore on 14th January. The college was about to reopen from 17th January and we would return back on 25th January. I never liked missing classes because of the work that would be piled afterwards. But it was confirmed that 10 days of college would be missed by me. But even the function was important. Bangalore is a great hub for growth and development but for me it was merely an outing place. I wasn’t very much attached to that place. For me my Gujarat was my true motherland. It nurtured me and gave me what I owed today. My grandparents resided in a small town near by the city. The name of the town is Jagnathgiri. The town was great. There were coconut trees all around. The population of the town would be just around 1500. A very small congregation I thought. Everyone knew each other. It was a peaceful place. Less pollution. More of fresh air pouring in. I loved the fresh breeze that touches my face and gives me a sense of endurance. I forgot all my troubles and problems whenever I visited this place. My grandparents were amazing. My grandma still was very vigorous and hard working. My grandpa, a retired army officer had his hands full with work. They used to do all kind of preparations before we dropped in. My mom being their elder daughter was the apple of their eyes. She was married off to such a far place whereas my maternal uncle and maternal aunty dwelled in the nearby cities. We visited the place once in a year so the excitement was always high. My cousins waited eagerly for us. We reached Jagnathgiri at mid night. The function was about to take place next day. I couldn’t sleep that night because of the constant power cut (we didn’t face the frequent problem of power cut in Gujarat). But here life was difficult as there would be frequent power cuts. Next morning was a new day for me. It was refreshing. I headed to the terrace, started clicking photos of the beautiful dawn. The birds were chirping. The cool air blew all the tiredness and my sweet cute cousins where tickling around to add charm to my morning. My grandma called us all. She prepared hot idlis with green coconut chutney and sambhar. The breakfast was delicious. We all were asked to get ready for the function. I had to take special care of how I dress up there because one cannot dress up in any fashion down south. In Rajkot I could have dressed anyhow. There are no restrictions but at my native place even wearing a sleeveless kurti would grab the eyeballs. I wore a nice elegant kurti and dressed up primly. The function begins. Many family friends dropped in. I hadn’t seen many for ages. So it was stimulating to meet them once again. There was a family who were dropped in last. That uncle was mom’s rakhi brother. My mom shared a great rapport with that uncle and his wife. Their daughter Sandhya came and greeted me. I exchanged pleasantries with her but suddenly my attention went somewhere else. There was guy standing at a corner and staring at me. He was giving some weird looks. I was initially startled but later on Sandhya introduced him to me. He was Sandeep, Sandhya’s brother. He recognized me and started throwing questions on me. He was annoying (he was the actual height of over smartness). I talked for two minutes and then moved on.  I talked to my cousin about him. When I turned back I found trying to click my photos. I was blown off. This was very indecent. With my knowledge and permission, he can’t get my pictures. I left that place that very moment with my cousin sister. The function got over and every one left. I along with my cousin sister went upstairs and was talking about that guy. The whole night we kept taunting him and we decided not to mention about that incident to any of the elder’s in the house else the matter would be blown out of proportion. Next day when I was preparing my bed I overheard grandma and mom’s conversation. Nani (I used to call my granny “Nani”) liked that over smart Sandeep and his family a lot. She was very fond of them. She was telling mom “Sandeep is a nice guy. He even completed his graduation. He is good looking and capable for Sweetu. I really like his family. Think about it. Our girl would be in safe hands”. I was completely taken aback. I thought “How can that indecent over smart moron idiot B.Com boy be good for me? How could Nani think about it? What happened to her intelligence? God why me? ” I was then waiting to hear mom’s response. I wanted to know what was going in her mind. I thought she would agree. She replied Nani “No no not now. She is still young. Let her complete her graduation first then we will think about it and between I don’t find him suitable for Sweetu”. My heart beats came back to normal. I once again thanked god for his grace and mercy. I couldn’t believe that Nani wanted me to get married to that nerd. I went to my sister and narrated her entire incident. We discussed the matter for hours and then went to sleep. Next day was a great day. Yes it was my 18th birthday. I was eagerly waiting for it. My mom was the first one to wish me as usual. She kissed me on my cheeks and gave me my present. My dad wished me too. My brother had called me up to wish me. My grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and everyone turned up to wish and shower blessing on me. I was thrilled. Every year I celebrated my birthday without my relatives. My maternal uncle bought in a Pineapple cake for me (though Black Forest was my favourite one. But I didn’t mind.) My cousins gave me handmade cards and gifts. It was awesome blossom feeling. We had photo sessions and played games and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. After the bash I wondered why it got over. It was an overwhelming experience.

To Be Continued..

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