[Splendid Six] The making of Incredible Five

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The making of Incredible Five is the eight chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The making of Incredible Five

The next day was a new beginning for me. I had to start afresh everything. It was difficult to forget what had happened in the last few days. Next day I landed at my original destiny. Hemangi, Pari, Naina and of course Khushi came and wished me. Pari and Hemangi were delighted the most. I didn’t say to them of what had happened in the last few days. They told that the next was of Civil Engineering and the sir teaches pathetic so let’s bunk. I was startled. I had never bunked any class in my life before that. My immediate reply was “NO”. Pari insisted. Hemangi and Naina pulled me out. We were rushing here and there. Suddenly we bumped into Govind. He was along with his group of friends. I along with Hemangi, Khushi and Naina turned back. But Pari was standing there and talking with Govind. She was asking him whether he also bunked and his group of friends were passing comments and making noise when they caught Pari and Govind. Pari got upset. She left that place and joined us. She told us of what had happened and how those nerds were making fun when she was just having a small conversation with him. We warned her. We told her to stay away from him. His group was pathetic. We didn’t like those morons. We bunked and were running here and there to hide so that we were not caught. There was a watchman who kept a strong eye on all the students who bunked the classes. His main job was to catch all those students and take them to the respective department head. He was the “Verrapan” of our college (His actual name was Ramu but we addressed him as Verrapan only). He was thin and had long moustache. All students tried to woo him whenever they wanted to leave the premises during the college hours. But he would stand firm for his duty and his duty was to stop us from enjoying our gala time. It was great fun. We used to go and hide in any of the empty classes or behind the electrical department. There was a staircase behind the electrical department and a huge garden behind it. It was a safe place to hide. On that day we went behind the library. There were huge bushes and we feared that there may be insects and snakes. But that “Verrapan” was running behind us so we had to go from one place to another. I scolded and shouted at them. I told I won’t be a part of their bunking classes anymore because it’s risky and if we get caught then they will call our parents and what not. They kept staring at me and then laughed aloud. I gave them a sigh. Pari told me to relax and take a long breathe. She told we were no more in school and now we were college students. Even Naina said “Aisha, come on enjoy life. Grow up”. I answered back “I enjoy my life. I am not boring please”. All of them again burst into laughing. I didn’t say anything. The days in second semester were amazing. Even in the class we used to have great fun. We have become free birds by then. We talked, laughed loud and cheat in the class tests. I was trying to come out my shell. Yes it was a very different experience for me in particular. I never felt so free before. I guess I was learning to live and love my life. Things were getting better. We didn’t want to become engineers somewhere down the line. So we started making plans to open a company and we would be the owners. We immersed in great thoughts about how what name we should give to the company. We finally got a name “Incredible Five”. We were five and of course incredible enough. We gave our group a new name “Incredible Five”. We used to the roles for each other. We used to decide who will do what. The roles were decided that two would handle the marketing department; the others would take care of the accounts department and one would be the CEO. Yes this is how the Incredible Five group was formed. The lectures of Civil Engineering were the most boring one and so were of that of Electrical engineering.

Initially bunking the classes was weird for me. The girls would literally hold my hand and take me out. Then slowly I started enjoying the run. I liked to spend time behind the library or near the electrical department. In the mean while we used to tease Pari a lot with Govind. Whenever he passed by we used to look at her and start laughing. It used to irk her a lot. She used us to stop making the fun. But Govind’s love was true (he liked her till the end). He always smiled whenever he saw her or whenever she passed by. Pari was turning out to be gloomy now. She was no more that girl who was laughing, smiling or jumping around. She preferred to keep her head down and sleep. I thought maybe we were now crossing the line and may be it didn’t go well with her. One fine day in the first lecture few students (including Govind and his group of friends had bunked the class). Naina and Khushi started teasing her that they saw Govind in the nearby food zone (that was the best place for all the bunkers of VIT) and she can go and join him if she wants. Pari now lost her cool. She shouted at them “Enough is enough. Now no more talk about Govind”. Naina and Khushi were completely taken aback. Even I and Hemangi were troubled by her reaction. Pari was not the one who would lose her cool so often. I tried to calm her down. Naina and Khushi apologized. They said it was just a joke, nothing to be taken seriously. She resumed to normal. Later on I warned Khushi and Naina not to repeat it again.

To Be Continued..

Splendid Six

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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