[Splendid Six] Pari’s Birthday

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Pari’s Birthday

Now Pari’s birthday falls straight after mine. I was out of the town during my birthday so there wasn’t a big bash. But we thought that we will make it memorable. Pari had become an integral part of my life. We enjoyed each other’s company. It was a treat to hear her views about life, love and friendship. I always used to push her to the lab before the break got over. She used to yell telling that it was perfectly okay if we reached late but I was adamant on reaching before time. We used to reach first and then she used to tell me how she wants to mould her life. She wanted a job, earn money and want to spend it with the love of her life. I used to laugh over her talk. We had the never ending conversations. It was refreshing. On 8th February falls Pari’s birthday. She wore a new t-shirt and looked very pretty. When I saw her in the morning I went, hugged her and wished her. She looked full of glee until she saw Govind. Govind had now become the nightmare of her life. She hated him to the core but he still loved her. He too dressed up in new clothes and looked smart. This made Pari very upset. He very well knew it was her birthday and he kept smiling at her since morning. Pari wanted to bunk the class (Because bunking was her favorite past time). Hemangi and I were not ready to bunk the classes any more. We refused. But Pari, Naina and Khushi wanted to move out very badly. So they left. As I had mentioned earlier that bunking was a crime in our college. The “Verrapan” was always behind like a police behind all those who bunked. He was a big tyrant for all of us. That day they first bumped into the library but later on the Verrapan came there. He asked them to leave the library. They got frenzied. They thought today they won’t get into the class. Naina told Pari “We will go upstairs and walk straight. He will think we are heading towards the room but we will take a left turn and run”. The other two agreed. They followed their plan. Verrapan was walking from his place. Suddenly the trio saw the lecturer coming from the left side and so they took a right turn and started running. The watchman (Verrapan) saw them escaping so he rushed behind them. They was swirling the entire building and didn’t leave a single floor. At last they reached the girls washroom and latched it from inside. The watchman went around thinking that they must have headed towards the class. They sat there for a very long time. The recess bell rang. Hemangi and I were waiting for them at our place. They came gasping and recited their incredulous experience of how they had escaped from the snare of that watchman today and by god’s grace they were not caught. They we went to canteen. Pari had given us the birthday treat. When we were about to leave, she pulled my hands and asked me to walk slowly. She whispered in my ears “Aishu today is a small party at my place. Just for my closed pals. I have invited you, Naina, Hetal (her C.E. friend) and Radha (her best friend). Please do come”. I agreed. I said I will reach at 6 pm. This was the first time I was about to go to her house. In the afternoon I went to Archie’s to purchase a gift for her. I couldn’t decide for almost an hour what to buy. But at last my eyes were stuck at a slam book. It was magnanimous. There were beautiful flowers and butterflies on its cover. I got it packed for her. Then I had few chocolates at home. I stuck it on the gift and got all ready for the bash. I reached her house. I met aunty (Pari’s mother) for the very first time. She was very warm and cordial. We all girls had a great time talking and pulling each other’s leg. We then had cut the cake and sang the “Happy Birthday” song for her. Aunty had prepared the delicious Pav Bhaji for us. I cherished the evening. I returned and shared my amazing experience with mom and then went to sleep. Next day was a new beginning for me. We had those usual classes and assignments. We had two besties in our class Tamana (I had mentioned earlier with whom I was befriended initially) and Anchal. They both hailed from Ahemdabad. It seemed as they were destined to be together forever and ever. They studied in the same school. They were best friends from the school days. They moved here in Rajkot together. They got admission in the same department and were roommates as well. They were sisters from different mothers. They were intellectual but very dominating and most irritating creatures born on this earth. They had doubt in every single sentence that the lecturer spoke. They would raise queries in the simplest concepts that were being taught. I used to call them Question bank. They always wanted to poke and be famous. They wanted to be the apple of everyone’s eyes. But they were greatly hated by many. Sometimes I guess when you try too hard to hit a ball beyond the boundary, but unfortunately your wicket falls. The best thing is to just concentrate and hit the ball when it comes. But they were trying to act very smart and cool which they weren’t. They were trying to perceive themselves as being superior or different from others. This attitude didn’t go well with others. Whenever the two asked any query, the back benchers try to mock them. In fact I wouldn’t be wrong if I would say that they had become a big “JOKE” of the class. One fine day I didn’t know why but suddenly there was a crack in the wall of friendship between Tamana and Anchal. They weren’t on talking terms. They decided to sit afar. Tamana and I were always on good terms so she came to me and requested if she could join our group. I was left with no option but to say YES. I could see the eight eyes balls fuming at me. She sat besides Pari and Naina (They hated her to the core). Pari kicked me from behind. I reciprocated with a SORRY look. She made faces at me. Khushi smiled and replied me “You are gone”. I turned to Hemangi and said what could I have done. She assured me it was okay. The break commenced. Now all of us (6 not 5) went to our spot. Tamana now came up with her questions about why we sat here and did we understand the Hypothesis chapter that was taught in the Maths lecture. All the rest of the faces were in great agony (Actually I could feel it).  We never discussed studies or boring stuff during the break. Break was meant to observe people and couples those who passed by. We chilled during the breaks. But this was a boring and blood sucking day. We thought that maybe she will patch up with her and then we will be free her clutches. But we were absolutely mistaken. She was glued to us for the next two days. Now it was getting over the top. Naina, Pari and Khushi decided to get rid of her in any way. They started planning. Meanwhile I and Hemangi were thinking about the college event that was about to take place in April. We thought of participating in it. We had no issues with Tamana being in the group but the latter three couldn’t bear her presence. So the next day we all bunked one of the lectures (including Tamana). We were having a normal routine chat when suddenly Naina interrupted and asked Tamana about the tiff that was going on between Anchal and her. She firmly replied it was her bad temper that cost their friendship. Anchal was hot blood girl. She lost her cool very easily. Tamana didn’t like when Anchal shouted and insulted her in front of so many people in the hostel. Now it was Pari and Khushi’s turn. They said that between strong friendships such small tiffs shouldn’t matter. After all they were friends for so many years. They insisted that they must get back. She should treasure her friendship with Anchal. Anchal is her ultimate friend. When we returned to the class we noticed that a guy came and was sitting near Anchal to harass her (She used to sit alone during the fight). He was drifting closer to her and she got up with a jerk and warned that nerd. Tamana didn’t appreciate such misbehavior. We told her that Anchal needs her the most in such difficult times (she was downhearted). She went to Anchal and asked her to accompany to one of the sir for complaining about the guy. Our aim was nailed here. We were finally relieved. The tyranny was over. We were again back as Incredible five.

To Be Continued..

Splendid Six
Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.
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