[Splendid Six] The topsy-turvy events of my life

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The topsy-turvy events of my lifey is the tenth chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The topsy-turvy events of my life

The 2nd semester was about to end in a month’s span. There was a technical event to be held at our college. This event was Techno Bird 2010.This was definitely my chance to grab. I and Hemangi were looking forward for it. It would instil a lot of confidence in us. There was robotics, paper and poster presentations, online project and many on the spot events. We were enthralled. But now there was a big question lying ahead of us who will participate in which of the events and with whom. I and Hemangi were determined to be together and that leaves Khushi again fuming. She thought it was I who planned and plotted against her. I wish I could explain her that it was nothing that sought of matter. It was just that I and Hemangi were comfortable working together and we were like sisters from different mothers. Even she (Hemangi) wasn’t found of working with Khushi. She thought Khushi is mostly nagging for small petty things. So it was a unanimous decision that we would team up to participate in poster presentation. Khushi was very upset with me. She had blind love and faith in Hemangi. She thought Hemangi can never think ill about her. But my main focus was to concentrate on our task rather than thinking how terrible Khushi felt. I participated in paper presentation with Dia. Her communication was better so I teamed up with her in one of the event. Pari and Naina also participated in events. Khushi didn’t wish to participate with anyone. She was absurd at times, a complex character to understand. I and Hemangi were busy searching for various topics for the poster presentation. Dia was least bothered about the paper presentation. She presumed that I would do the entire work. I was annoyed but I had already given the names so I was left with no other option but to take up the entire load on my head. Meanwhile I and Hemangi were on the same tune. We met after the college at my place. She would prepare drawings for the poster and I would search the content. She would ask me to concentrate on preparing the PowerPoint presentations  as she very well knew that I had no aid from Dia. Mom would make some refreshments for both us and we would relish it with the hotly served tea. We got to know more of each other. Our hot topic of discussions would be Khushi’s unacceptable behaviour, Govind’s undying love for Pari and Dia’s never give up attitude to get back Manav’s love. Day’s passed. The day of event came. I had given the content and the PowerPoint presentations in prior to Dia so that she can prepare it thoroughly. But she gave me the biggest blow of that day. She came unprepared and acknowledged about it just 25 minutes before our event starts. I had grown red hot. I wanted to throw away my laptop and scream on Dia. She disappointed me. I made a promise to myself that this was the first and the last time that I ever teamed up with her. I told her in brief about the part that she was supposed to speak. The rest I advised her to speak from the slides. Our presentation got over. Then I and Hemangi rushed to another room where our poster presentation was to be held. We kept our poster amidst the various implausible posters. Our poster looked as if it was prepared by the Kindergarten students. It looked so stupid. We couldn’t believe that we would make such a blunder. The rest of the participants were staring from the other end and laughing mildly. It made me especially very embarrass. I couldn’t resist more. I and Hemangi slowly slipped from our place and left the room. We didn’t wish that the judges see our poster and make ridicule about it. So we came back hiding our faces (most of the people except Pari and Naina didn’t know us as we were still in the 2nd  semester and they belonged to higher classes), took the chart paper, ran out and tore it into small pieces and threw it in the dustbin. We tried to allay our frustration. After the event got over Pari and Naina were laughing over it the whole way.  It was definitely a bad day for me. I didn’t ever think that my day would end on such a low note. I was growing more and more pessimistic, thinking that my entire life would mould in that manner only. I thought of myself as a hapless creature born on this earth. The second semester was about to conclude. Only few handful days were left. Suddenly on one fine day my cell phone rang. I received the call. On the other end there was a guy. He asked me my name. I asked him he should give me his name as he had made the call. He was trying to churn the conversation. I ended the call. Mom was asking from the kitchen “Sweetu who called?” I replied mom it was a wrong number. Some nerd was arguing from the other side. Then again the cell phone rang. I received the call. He spoke firmly this time “I want to talk to Hemangi. I am his friend”. I said “I don’t know any Hemangi”. I was now getting worried. Hemangi never mentioned to me about any male friend and why was he calling me? I immediately called up Hemangi and asked her for an explanation.  She was already very nervous because the same guy had been calling her since morning and making requests to meet. That filthy guy was harassing her.  She had switched off her cell phone hence he was dialling my number. But where the hell did he get my number from? Hemangi was completely clueless about it and seemed to be lost. So I didn’t extend up the talk. I said mom that the guy was harassing Hemangi. But mom was petrified as my mobile number has been leaked by someone. Exchanging mobile numbers with boys was a big NO for me. She was upset because that chap kept calling and messaging me. My dad too got furious when he learned about the incident. The next day the first thing I did was rushed towards Hemangi, took her aside and asked her to spit out the truth irrespective of whatever it may be. Khushi too joined me. Hemangi told that he was a guy who studied in the same school as she did but in a different class. He used to see her every day during the recess break. Last year on the Valentine’s Day he gave her a gift and ran away (I thought again a gift giving guy! Why these guys give away the gifts and run away. Bloody cowards). Khushi broke into laughter “Is he the same guy who gave you the gift when we were going in the Scooty and I was driving. He handed you a bag and you grabbed it”. Hemangi lost her cool. She gave it back to Khushi saying “Look I didn’t know it was a gift .I didn’t accept his gift but I had completely become numb by then. Take it in a way whatever you wish to. I don’t feel the need to give an explanation to you”. Khushi tried to calm her down. She was about to break down. I empathized with her because way back even I had a similar experience. I kept my hand on her shoulder and assured her that we would solve the problem together and whatever happens I would stand by her. For the next few days that guy kept calling me and I trashed his calls. He would send messages asking me to help him to meet Hemangi. Even at Hemangi house things were stirred up. Her family doubted her. Her younger brother would abuse that chap whenever he called up and we kept threatening that we would give his number to police and stuff. This episode made things worse at my home too. My family didn’t like this. My mom asked me to stay away from Hemangi. I rebelled. I was firm that I won’t break my ties with her just because a moron idiotic intractable guy was harassing. I made it clear to mom that Hemangi was not at fault then why should I stop being friends with her. There were heated arguments between I and my mom. She even thought that he was interested to be my friend and Hemangi was just an excuse. I smashed the doors and left the room. I said my god knows the truth and I don’t feel like giving a justification to anyone. She thought I was getting rude and had forgotten my mannerisms after coming to college. I said she may think in any manner. I don’t care. We (mom and I) didn’t talk for few days till the matter resolved.

To Be Continued..

Splendid Six
Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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