Make Naya Seviyon Ke Muzaffar

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
Serving: 6 People


  • 1 packet semolina vermicelli ( NON ROASTED only )
  • Few drops – Sweet essence of Kewda
  • water to sprinkle
  • desi ghee to deep fry the sevian mould .
  • ½ gm saffron diluted in 30 ml water to flavour sugar syrup and moist vermicilli
  • 1 lt sugar syrup ( 2 strings consistency ) to sweeten the moulds .

For Stuffing the shell

  • 100 gms of Mava or condensed milk solids
  • 100 gms of cashew nuts praline – nougatine .
  • 100 gms of almond slivers
  • 75 gms stewed apricots
  • Saffron a few drops diluted
  • 50 gms slivers of roasted pistachio
  • 100 gms couscous parboiled, dried and caramelised.
  • 300 gms of sugar to form caramel and make dry fruit pralines


  1. In a flat dish spread vermicelli and sprinkle little water to moisten and make it pliable to spread over the hemispherical structures of bowl/ wired strainer.
  2. In a small mould or katori apply ghee and with light hands, evenly spread at the vermicelli in mould and compress it with a larger tea strainer to give shape.
  3. Heat ghee in a skillet and deep fry the compressed sevian with a wired round strainer mould to form a shell. Cool on wire rack and de-mould it.
  4. Dip each cooled mould into Luke warm sugar syrup flavoured with saffron reduction and green cardamom
  5. Powder to finish the sevionkamuzaffar as a deconstructed shell to hold caramelized dry fruits, sweetened couscous, chops of seedless dates and figs.
  6. Serve it as an energy dessert loaded with highly flavourful, nutty and a kingly finish to the IFTAR PARTY after a month long of holy fasting.

Hope your friends or family will like Naya Seviyon Ke Muzaffar made by you! Stay tuned for more recipes from our chef.

Cook It Up is a weekly cooking column. Recipes being posted in the column is crafted by Gujarat’s Number 1 Chef, Aman Tandon. Column is being published on every Tuesday. Follow to read more articles from this column.

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Chef Aman Tandon
Chef Aman Tandon is the Regional Executive Chef at The Pride group of Hotels, Ahmedabad wherein he oversees the complete management of three F&B outlets – Cafetreat, Casablanca and Posh. His distinct creative culinary style have been appreciated by Hollywood and Bollywood stars, International Cricketers, Olympians, Politicians and industrialists. At, he write a weekly cooking column- Cook It Up.

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Make Naya Seviyon Ke Muzaffar

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