[A lot like love] Promises 3

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Chapter 3

Richa came suddenly and called Manvi for some work, she didn’t wanted to go, she knew what I was going through but she left saying, “I will soon be back, don’t talk to her.” I was left alone feeling horrible.

“Hi” she said as she approached near.

“Hi.” I replied.

“You are Naina right? I am Surabhi you recognized me?” She asked.

“Hmm yes.” I said with discomfort.

“I just saw you and was trying to be sure it was you. I have just seen you in pictures, you look better in real.” She said with a smile.

I don’t know why I didn’t like her, neither the conversation; I replied coldly, “Thanks” and started to look away.

“So, what about you and him? I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to work out between you both but it’s almost a year and you are together. It’s surprising and especially for a guy like Arav. He doesn’t likes to be kept in any kind of commitments and bound by responsibilities, he is a free bird. Only that was the reason we broke-up otherwise he is a sweetheart, a gem as a person.” As she said it, I looked at her in anger but then I dint wanted to create any scene, I tried to act normal, “He is of course. And it’s very simple, we both love each other so it isn’t so hard to be together and by the way not one, its almost 2 years now.”

“O Really? Well, great. I wish you both have a good future. That guy is awesome and you are lucky to have him.” She said.

I could clearly read her eyes; she was still in love with Arav. She was his best friend for 8 long years but then she started falling for him and Arav refused as he always took her like a friend. She felt hurt and their friendship broke, just few months before me entering Arav’s life. Filmy, isn’t it?

“I met him 3 days back; he has changes into a happy guy. Thank you for keeping him happy, I wish I …” and she left it incomplete.

“There is no need to thank me, he keeps me even more happy. Well I should take you leave now, bye.” I said and turned.

“Bye and take care of him, don’t ever hurt him.” I heard her saying but didn’t answer her. I was inside fuming with anger, they met 3 days back? On my birthday? Why but? And Arav promised me he won’t meet her ever, why was I not told about the meeting.

After me and Arav got into relationship, he told me everything about her and also that they rarely talk to each other. After few incidents that came to my notice, I understood she feels for him and I tried to convince Arav to not be in touch with her. He mistook it for my possessiveness but I was thinking for Surabhi’s welfare too. I knew seeing Arav and me together was killing her inside and being a girl I understood what she must be feeling. All I wanted was Arav to restrict talking to her so that she accepts the fact and move on. We had a huge argument one day about it and later he promised me he won’t meet her. Today I felt betrayed; he broke his promise to me.
I felt suffocated and walked out of the hall and texted Manvi to come out. After 5 minutes she came out and as she saw me she knew something was not right.

“You talked to her? I told you not to yaar.” She said holding my shoulder.

“They met last month. He promised me he will never meet her and still?” I said in anger “He lied to me? I trust him so much, how could he Manu?” I said and break down into sobs.

“O please- please don’t cry. May be they met accidently? Don’t react hearing one side of the story, talk to him first about it ok? Let’s go inside, have dinner and then leave for home ok? I know you don’t want to be here anymore.”

“Can we leave right now?” I asked.

“Richa will feel bad. Just half an hour more, engagement ceremony will take place and we will have dinner and leave. Don’t spoil your mood, cheer up please.” She held my hand and we walked in.

I tried my best to be calm and enjoy with friends but inside there was a storm of questions in my head.

As I reached back, I went straight to my room ignoring mamma’s questions about the party.

“Why are you not answering? Naina? Naina?” I heard her calling.

“She must be tired, ask her tomorrow, let her sleep now.” Papa said to her to comfort her.
I locked my door and sat on my bed. I took out my cell and started to call him over and over. Each time he was disconnecting. I was going restless, I kept on calling him and then received his text.

What is wrong Naina? You are back? I can’t talk, let’s talk tomorrow.’
I texted back, ‘Right now Arav.’

‘ok, wait’ he replied.

He knew from my text it was something urgent, so he called about 20 minutes later.

“You met Surabhi?” I snapped as I picked his call.

“What? Who told you?” He asked in shock.

“That doesn’t matter, you did or you did not, answer me?” I shouted.

“Yes I did. She was upset and wanted to meet so I did, what is wrong in that case?” He retorted back.

“Nothing is wrong Arav? You promised me right? I hate her and I hate you for lying to me.” I was still loud.

“So what? She was my best friend in fact the only friend I had who understands me so well. Don’t I have a life of my own? I need space, stop being so clingy all the times.” He shouted.

I disconnected the call and fall on my bed. I hugged my pillow and stream of tears flow down my eyes.
Not even once he apologized instead he blamed me, Space? Well it was a different kind of fight from our usual ones. Neither did him texted or called me nor me. I slept re-reading our old sweet messages.

Soon our fight resolved but this time it wasn’t same anymore. It has shaken my trust a bit. Though I was sounding normal, inside I was broken. I felt distance was the reason for all our problems. I got engrossed with my exams. As soon as my exams got over, I went for interviews and was finally selected in a reputed IT company. My parents and I was happy. I informed my brother, he too was happy for me and asked me to take posting in Pune, where he was placed but I wanted to be in Delhi, to be near him. I kept praying and finally I got my posting in Gurgaon.

Although It was still far from Delhi but distance was manageable now. I was too excited to be in a new city, at my own but my parents were upset. I got few friends there and one of them was Smriti, she too was looking for a roommate and we together rented a flat. My parents came to drop me and before leaving I went to meet Manvi, she was going for further studies. We both promised to stay in touch and cried too for we know we will miss each other a lot.

Finally, I was in a city too close by him and I expected him to welcome me but he couldn’t because of his work. Although we came closer now but still nothing changed, he was too engrossed in his work; I on the other hand was feeling home-sick and wanted him.  Though we were not fighting but something was missing between us, that childishness, that charm was no more there between us.

I kept requesting him to meet and we once did, for half an hour in a café. He told me he will be soon free and then we will spend quality time together. I wish whatever he said was true otherwise I was deeply hurt inside.

Distance was not the problem I found, it was the way we both had prioritized our lives. I knit my world around him where else he was practical enough to look out for his career, work and family too.  Love wasn’t just a dreamy tale, I realized.

To be Continued..

What will happen next? Will their original love will make a come back? What about Saurabhi? Will something happen between Aruv and Saurabhi? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com for the next chapter of the story Promises.

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[A lot like love] Promises 3

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