[A lot like love] Promises 4

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Promises 4

“Arav its weekend, can we please spend it together?” I asked him on our late night call on Friday.

“Tomorrow? Are you crazy? I can’t you know well. I am too busy with my work dear.” He confessed.

“Hmm…but you realize it’s been about fifteen days since I am here and we met just once. I miss you.” I said sadly.

“Yeah but work is important too. I also miss you but I am sorry. Give me some more time, things will get better.” He answered.

“I need you.” I said sobbing.

“Hey, don’t cry; don’t be upset, I will feel guilty otherwise, please. Try to understand, I can’t come.” he answered.

“When she needed you , you had time to go and meet her, not me? I am obviously not that important then right?”

“Who? OHH you started it again? You are fighting for a 3 months old matter, yaar why do you drag things? Can’t we just stop fighting please?” He said in a higher voice.

I was feeling suffocated, I just disconnected his call.

Few minutes later, my flat-mate (Smriti) came and she had bought packets of food with her.

Smriti:  Why are you upset? Hey its weekend lets enjoy.

Me: No yaar! Not in mood.

Smriti: Crap!! You guys again had a fight? Couples are so booorrinng. Thank God I am a free bird, no silly arguments. Leave it all, get up, and let’s go out.

Me: But you already bought food? Where you want to go?

Smriti: Yes so what? We will eat it tomorrow. Go, freshen up and let’s hit the roads.

Soon I changed and we were on roads in her second hand ‘i10’. Loud music, speed, our chats, food at the roadside, etc it just charged me up, I started to feel better. Smriti was quite tomboy type and her ideas of fun were different.

She never smoked or drunk but she had fun in her own ways, and I too liked it, it made me feel alive. We returned back after midnight and I slept exhausted. That day I felt I can be happy even without “him” There is more to life than just having a boyfriend. Slowly I realized, after being with him, I just want him and nothing else, but he feels it as a restriction and gets annoyed with my nagging.  I decided to get busy at my own and not disturb him and give him the space he wanted always. I use to work hard for all the 5 days of the week and didn’t actually had time to talk to anybody and on weekends there was so much to do, cleaning, laundry etc and then I use to sleep a lot just to occupy myself on weekends too. I became a workaholic. I used to miss home, mumma-papa too but talking to them over phone was all I could get daily. It had been about a month and me and Arav were not talking much, just a little chat was all we did whole day. He did not like the way things were going but he just never said anything neither did I. Things were not the same anymore.

Still, it was all going systematic but a phone call changed it all, it was Saturday morning and I was sleeping peacefully, a call startled me.

“Hello mum, good morning, why you called up this early?” I said in a sleepy tone.

“Beta, can you come home?” she was sounding too low.

“What is wrong Maa? Are you fine? Papa? Bhaiya? What happened?” I panicked.

“You come home, we will talk only then, please come soon.” Saying that, she started crying and disconnected. I went numb for a second thinking what could have happened, so many bad thoughts clogged my mind, I rushed out of bed at an instant.

In 15 minutes I was all ready, I went to Smriti’s room she was sleeping, I left a note for her and just rushed out.

An hour later I was in the bus, I called Mamma and told her I was coming. I kept on pestering her but she didn’t tell me anything and just kept on crying. It was making me more and more anxious; I was so worried thinking about every possibility. With the journey my networks faded and I plugged in the headphones to avoid thinking much. About 2 hours later, so many SMSs beeped in, they were all from Arav, I realized I had completely forgotten to tell him about it.

“Hello, where were you? Your cell was out of reach? Still sleeping?” he asked as I received his call.

“Umm no, actually I am going home, I am in the bus.” I said.

“What? You are kidding right? I was thinking can we go out today it’s been a long time since we met.” he was not believing me.

“Arav listen, I am serious ok? I am going back home, I am in the bus and would be reaching in about an hour to home.

Something is wrong over there, mamma was crying and she asked me to come as soon as I could so I am going, I cannot stand her crying.” I said flatly.

“But you could have informed me, I would have accompanied you yaar, you are traveling alone like this for the first time.”

“O really? You remember last week I was missing home and asked you I wanted to go, will you go with me and you answered, ‘you are 21 now, you should learn to be independent, learn something from Delhi gals’, so I learned it Dear, and now I don’t need you or anybody, bye and will inform you once I reach.” I disconnected.

I had turned bitter and rude and Delhi didn’t change me (like people say). His attitude his ignorance, my parents absence, selfish people at work and many things were the reason. I know our relationship had changed a lot over the time but there was not a single reason, there were many.

In about 2 hours I was at the door of my home, I ranged the bell impatiently. Papa opened the door. He was not sic. ‘Thank God!!’ – I sighed.

Mamma came out of kitchen and hugged me, “Are, let her come in and relax” Papa said to mamma.

“Hmmm .” She said and bought a glass of water for me.

I was getting hyper tensed thinking what was the problem.”Papa, tell me what is it, I will burst out of tension.”

“Beta, cool down, relax for sometimes, we will talk later.”

“No papa, I am fine you tell me what is wrong.” I said irritably.

“Your brother, Udit, he is marrying a divorced lady from his office; she has a 5 year old boy too. She is from a different religion, she is catholic her name is Jessy.” Papa said without looking at me.

I felt shocked and speechless for a while. Mamma started to cry again, her sobs increased and suddenly she started to take deep breathes. “Papa call the doctor”  I shouted and held her and made her lie down on the bed. Few Minutes later Doctor Uncle came and observed her,

“She is too much stressed out; it’s not good for her. Try to cheer her up, she is a High BP patient, it can even lead to heart attack.” He told us and gave a prescription.  Papa went out to buy medicines he prescribed and I rushed in towards mamma. I hugged her, she cried, I caressed her, kissed her “Maa I love you. Please don’t stress yourself.”

“How could he do this? It has been just few months and he has changed so much, he was not asking us, he informed us.”She said with a heavy voice.

“Maa, as far as I know you and papa, religion doesn’t matter so much right? What is wrong, she is a divorcee or she is a mother of a child?” I asked after she calmed down and felt better.

“No, all this matters a bit, but I am shaken up with this sudden decision. I have always been more like a friend to both of you first and a mother later. I am feeling betrayed by him. Few months have passed and he took such a huge decision of his life in a blink? He didn’t bother to ask us even? And you know what, he has decided to go out with her, she is an NRI and is here for some days, your brother will be going back with her and settle permanently over there.”

I too was stirred with bhaiya’s sudden drastic decision.

“It’s all because of you. I kept telling you to be strict with kids but you wanted to be their friend, now see what he have done. I told you not to give them so much freedom but you had so called bloody trust on them and now see what they are doing. We don’t hold any place in their lives.” Papa shouted as he entered. He continued to shout over her and this time she just stayed quite because she didn’t have answers. No arguments in our favor. I felt like I too was responsible for what mamma was feeling today. She has been all the more so supportive with us and what me and bhaiya have chosen to do, just chase our dreams, our love and left her back, her fault was just that she always took our sides? Always had a fight with dad because he was strict with us? How can we turn so selfish? I ran in my room and cried falling on bed.

To be Continued..

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