[A lot like Love] Promises 6

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Promises 6

I reached back and got immersed in my work, back off my mind was thinking about many things but I tried to shift my focus coz more I was thinking more was it hurting me. I didn’t take any calls from Arav, for few more days. He was constantly messaging; maybe he thought I was still at hometown.

Five days passed and it was Friday, I was planning to sleep a lot on weekends. On my way back home I was thinking I would out with Smriti for a ride to clear my mind and refresh a bit. I know her kind of fun was all I needed to release my stresses to some extent.

“Hey, you are going somewhere?” I asked as I saw her packing up some stuff when I reached back.

“Yaar my boss is a bastard, he is not sparing on me on the weekend too, there is a meeting at Mumbai, tomorrow. I have my flight in next 4 hours and can you imagine he informed me right now, just 10 minutes back? I have so much to do; I wasn’t expecting this at all.”  She said making a face.

I went in and started to help her with packing. I and she were not had been super best friends or something but we share a healthy attachment with each other. I was upset and I knew I will miss her; actually it was for the first time ever that I was to stay all alone. That thought was pinning me a lot. I never liked or wanted to be alone even in normal days and right now I was bursting with emotion, I did want someone by my side. I had told Smriti what happened and she showed her concern too but we didn’t got enough time to talk about it, I was thinking to talk to her in detail about it to get quite burden free, on weekend but she had to go now. She understood my nervousness; as she got ready to leave she hugged me tightly and whispered, “Everything will be alright ok? And if you don’t mind, I think you should call Arav to stay with you today and tomorrow too, I will be back by Sunday. This will give you both some peaceful time to talk and you haven’t still told him about your decision. Do it ok? Take care, and yes, dinner is in the kitchen, I bought some for you and there is a small sweet surprise also, check that at your own. Bye now and don’t mess the house.”  I felt better to know she cared so much about me. We both smiled at each other and she left.

I look at the clock, it was showing 9 pm, and I didn’t felt like eating, it had just been few minutes thought but the loneliness was scaring me. Was she right? Should I talk to him? ‘Well someday I have to tell him everything so why not today’, thinking that I called him.

“Hey damn it where were you? I have been so worried about you yaar.” His voice was a mixture of many emotions.

“Hmmm, sorry, didn’t got time, was so involved with work, so much was pending.” I lied and apologized too.

“What? Work? Are you back to Gurgaon?” he asked surprisingly.

Me: “yeah I did return, 5 days ago.”

Him: “You didn’t have time to inform me? Ok leave it, tell me how is mamma now?”

Me: “She is fine now, it will take some time, I wish bhaiya would soon meet her up and her anger would melt then. Listen, I need to talk to you.”

Him:”Yes so we are talking, I too need to talk by the way. I have so much to talk.”

Me: “Can we meet?”

Him: “Ok tomorrow or Sunday? Where? Movie or cafe or any other place?”

Me: “My flat and before Sunday, I mean try to make it tomorrow.”

Him: “You sure? And what about Smriti?”

Me: “She has gone to Mumbai for some official work. She left few minutes before.”

Him: “Oh you are all alone? Are you not scared? Will you be fine?”

Me: “Yeah I am; I am a big girl I can manage.”

I wanted to say, “Come I need you, I want to hide in your arms and forget all my problems for a while.”

But I didn’t, this is not how we end relationships right? We have to be rude to end it and I have been so sure about it, I wanted to end it next day itself.

He went silent for a second then said, “Many things have changed between us right? I wish I could come right now. Anyways, maybe I can try, I will inform you; otherwise tomorrow sharp at 10 I will be there.”

“Ok, I am tired, hungry too goodnight.” I said ignoring what he said.

“Ok bye, take care.”

The tears I have been holding since I was talking to him just couldn’t control more. I kept sitting there thinking about so many things and feeling so lost, so defeated. Every relationship does not end with someone cheating or lying or betraying, not also because of family pressure, inter caste or other things, but sometimes they end because that is good for everyone related to the two lovers, it doesn’t have to end with a fight or abuses. I  won’t say I will live like friends with Arav cause I know I can’t, I so love him and I can never be with  him like ‘just friends’. It was that neither did he cheated on me nor I, neither his family wanted it to end nor mine, but after all what happened I didn’t had guts to face dad and even say that I love someone and will marry if he will approve him, because that will break my promise, that would again hurt him. May me my papa and mamma will approve of him, may be not but I didn’t wanted to take that happiness of “finding a son-in-law” from them as they already had lost a happiness and charm of “finding a daughter -in-law”. So I had just decided to sit back and see how my life was going to take a turn because I chose pain, I chose silence.

My phone ringed and it broke my chain of thoughts, it was Smriti.

“Hey I reached airport, flight would be in about an hour, I was waiting for your call at least you should say thanks.” she chirped.

“Thanks for what?” I was blank.

“Are idiot, you still did not checked the fridge? Oh shit, sorry I mean you still didn’t have food?” She was her usual self.

“No, I was not feeling hungry will eat in a while.” I tried to avoid.

“No ways, go get up and have your food right now, its 10 now damn, eat something and sleep peacefully ok?” she ordered.

I smiled on her concern, “Ok will have, and have a safe journey, do inform me once you reach Mumbai ok?”

“Yeah I will. You are acting like my mummy, hahaha, anyways I too was doing the same, I will leave you a message because I will reach there at 2 am at night so you might be sleeping that time ok? Bye.” She disconnected, I stood up check the time, it was 10.20. I went to the washroom to take a bath; I needed it badly to freshen up.

I didn’t want to have food, still I forced myself to the kitchen and thought of making some coffee. There were packet of food lying on the shelf, I took it out and started to serve, doorbell rang startling me.

I went to the door and checked through the key hole. My heart skipped a beat!

To be Continued..

Who was there on the door? What will happen next? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com for the next chapter of the story Promises.

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