[The Mars Voyage 04] Minimalistic Flight

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The concept of minimalistic flight came to Parth’s mind when he was a school boy. He used to watch superhero movies a lot. Those movies had something special that astonished him much. His perception was not ordinary; he has a habit of watching things scientifically. He was a good spectator. During his schooling days he made up his mind to do all possible efforts for materializing the minimalistic flight. Aero planes, helicopters, hot air balloons etc had no importance in Parth’s prospect. His vista was broader like anything. The way he saw things had something different. That awesomeness was the reason why he achieved this chief post in ISRO.

The next day while working in lab Parth memorized an incident of his pre-engineering when he fell down from a wooden ladder and told Bhargav (Yes, the same one who was an astrophysicist in ISRO).

“How great it would be if one could fly without wings, without any engine propelled plane, without any jet pack!! ”.

“For that, one would require something out of this world, I mean something that is located remotely, It may be something that could control gravity and enable one to fly without wings” Said  Bhargav responding to Parth.

Parth came back to present and spoke up “Oh Damn!, Something  out of this world? something located remotely? I got some idea, Hell yeah!”.

He was very excited as he got something he wanted. One the next day he woke up with hope, a hope that he will definitely find something that can be useful to control gravity and ultimately will help him rebuilding the Gravity suit. He started concentrating on outer space objects like meteorites, comets and asteroids. His mind was working rapidly, he was thinking so much thinking as Bhargav’s  sentence doubled his passion of minimalistic flight. Finally he came on a conclusion that the outer space material could be metal, stone or anything that has mass properties but it must have extra-ordinary property. He started analyzing periodic table. He experimented on various elements; even he synthesized some elements and experimented to check whether it could control gravity or not but he failed. He disappointed a bit but he has faith on science. He started exploring in remote space.

To be Continued..

What next? Will Parth be able to give birth to the magical minimalistic flight? What will happen next? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com to know more. Next episode will be published next Saturday in the column- The Mars Voyage.

The Mars Voyage

The Mars Voyage is a science fiction column on BuddyBits.com by Bhavik Lathigara subjected on The interplanetary journey of Human, humanity in year 2080 on the Mars, war between aliens and human and other space stories.

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Bhavik Lathigara
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