[The Mars Voyage 05] Rays of Hope

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Once it was confirmed that; not a single element from the periodic table has the property he wanted, Parth arranged a meeting with the team. They discussed and accepted the challenge. The next day Parth organized an intergalactic voyage to discover the element. He took two teammates with him in the spacecraft and left Si-Lio-32. He knew deep inside that his voyage would be longer but he was ready for it. He had hopes that he would definitely find the element.

The spacecraft was made in compact shape like a capsule; neither bigger nor smaller. It has a small lab inside it where testing and analyzing could be done. There were other departments too. The main part of the spacecraft was called ‘Space Shrinker’. It was a silent engine without any thudding sounds. The spacecraft was built on the technology called ‘Warp Drive’; it was one of the FTL (Faster Then Light) propelling systems. The concept of Warp Drive was a myth decades ago but now it is reality. Space travels have become easier now.

Planet with the Pulsar
Planet with the Pulsar

After passing several light-years they saw a Pulsating star. The radiations coming from it was strange. Parth was continuously observing the readings on the screen of server of the spacecraft. He thought if they could stay there for some time, they would know more about that Pulsar(Pulsating Star) and its strange Radioactivity. Then Parth left a voice command to the server to stay there for awhile then spacecraft become steady. Then he made some gestures on the server screen and it displayed some astonishing pictures. Parth murmured, “Yes, I was right, there must be a planet with that Pulsar”.

Mono ScooterThe pictures on the screen were of the planet belonged with that Pulsar. Parth commanded the server to take the spacecraft on that planet. Having followed Parth’s command, the server propelled spacecraft towards that planet. After awhile spacecraft landed itself on the planet. After analyzing the atmosphere of the planet Parth and his two teammates wore special suits and stepped down from the spacecraft. The planet was lifeless, stony and full of various pure metals like gold and platinum; all these were clearly visible on the land of the planet. Diamond rocks were there too.

With the ray of hope Parth and his team started exploring the planet with their Mono-scooters they bought along with them. They saw a mine several kilometers away. They started heading toward it. It was a natural mine with broad opening. After some time they reached at it and went into it. A rattling sound was coming out from that mine. It was astonishing. As soon as they reached inside the mine Parth excitedly yelled, ”Eureka!”

To be Continued..

What was that thing Parth saw there? What was so special in that mine? What will happen next? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com to know more. Next episode will be published next Saturday in the column- The Mars Voyage.

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