Movie Review: Dhoom 3

End of all the excitements! Dhoom 3, the most awaited movie of the year finally released today in theatres. What do you expect from Dhoom 3? Movie of the year? Dhoom 3 is overall a good movie! But those who were expecting it to be the best film of the year may get disappointed. It is not the best film of the year! Story of the film is unique, new. One can’t predict from the trailer. Contains few surprises, big ones! Direction of the movie is brilliant and done with the perfection! Aamir Khan’s performance, direction of the movie by Vijay Krishna Acharya, dialogues and stunts are spectacular to watch in Dhoom 3. Abhishek Bachchan is good. Uday Chopra has not added much in the film; he should be replaced in upcoming Dhoom series. Even Katrina Kaif has not added much to the film; except her item numbers. Background score is good, songs aren’t.

First 20 minutes of the movie, where Chicago police chases Aamir Khan is very good and impressive. First half of the movie goes average, contains few unnecessary songs. Interval leaves audience with a big twist; a real one! Movie goes average up to the climax. Last 20 minutes of the movie is brilliant. Superb, perfect climax.

What’s good?

Aamir Khan’s acting in Dhoom 3 is absolutely brilliant. Perfect and excellent direction!  Dialogues, action sequences and stunts are very good. Few scenes in the movie really deserves applaud. The one scene with the mirror and one with the apple are two of them. You’ve to watch the movie to know what I am taking about. I can’t reveal much about these scenes.

What’s bad?

Do I need to say? Of course without Uday Chopra’s character, movie would have done better! His comic appearance and his punches were spoiling the grip Aamir Khan was creating as an antagonist. Was Katrina a part of the movie? We can say Katrina has done few item numbers in Dhoom 3. We can’t say she was a part of the movie. Katrina has not added much to the movie. Few scenes in the movie are out of the world! The one where the bike turns into a boat is the fakest scene of the year!


If you can put your mind aside for few minutes, go for Dhoom 3! It’s a perfect treat on Christmas. Aamir Khan’s acting is brilliant, perfect and excellent direction. Very good stunts, action sequences and dialogues. Overall a good movie. If you can’t bare songs or fake scenes in the movie, you can skip this ride. Recommended from

Note: Spoilers can spoil your fun watching Dhoom 3! So if you want to see this movie, go and watch it at the earliest.