Movie Review: Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

After long time, today finally I got a chance to laugh out loud! I watched Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd, the most awaited modern Gujarati comedy adventure movie in the premier show held in Ahmedabad yesterday. To be honest, I simply loved the movie. And I bet you will love it too. Story of the movie is very unique, without a doubt. What happens when a rich family went to a place where there is no money? Where everything works on a barter system? How will they survive? Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd is all about a Mumbai based rich Mehta Family who has to go to the village Antillapur where there is no money. The story revolves around how they struggle for bread and how they find lost family values while the struggle. Direction of the movie by Raghuvir Joshi is done wonderfully. Cinematography of the movie is good. Music is good, background score is impressive. Writing of the movie is simply amazing. Dialogues are hilarious and very good. I still remember that scene where Pinkibhai (Vrajesh Hirji), the villain and Uttam Mehta (Rajeev Mehta) make a conversation using two liners! Very amusing scene it was.

Acting of all actors in the film is superb. Taking from Rajeev Mehta as an egoistic businessman, Vrajesh Hirji as Pinkibhai, Dinesh Hingoo as Uttam Mehta’s big brother, Sonia Shah a health conscious wife, Karan Ashar as a always hungry son and Samvedna Suwalka as a shopaholic daughter. Brilliant performances. Editing of the movie contains some blunder; but can be ignored.

First half of the movie is very good. Pinkybhai, the villain enters in the movie right before the interval. And the second half takes the audience to a crazy ride. Few scenes in the movie will certainly make you laugh out loud, I can bet.

The movie conveys a very special message. Money is not everything. True relationships are above everything, including money. I am more than happy that we are Online Partner of this movie. This movie will be a trendsetter for Gujarati cinema for sure.


It’s a complete Paisa Vasool family entertainer! Unique and impressive storyline, amazing direction, amusing dialogues and brilliant performances. It has everything. It’s a classy comedy adventure, better than many cheap bollywood comedy movies. Go for this crazy Happy Family ride with your friends and family. Highly recommended from!

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