[Splendid Six] The Big Bunk

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The Big Bunk is fourteenth chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The Big Bunk

Yes it was a big bunk that really changed the equations. It was a bright sunny day and the same monotonous lectures and lecturers. Everyone gave us the same advice to concentrate on studies, to become more efficient and serious towards our work and did all the “Blah! Blah!” We were awfully tired. We badly wanted a break (means a bunk). It had been a long time since we bunked a class. Due to the threat from Professor Nita, we had dropped the plan of bunking for a very long time. But now the saturation point had arrived. During the break we were sitting at our place and Naina interrupted “How pathetic 3rd semester is. I hate it”. We all nodded. Suddenly Dia came up with some papers which we wanted to Xerox for us. We went to the Xerox centre and saw a big queue and were waiting for our turn. Pari told the chap to make it fast. The siren rang and the time was up. We stood there and were wondering what to do. Then Khushi said “I don’t want to go in the class”. Hemangi added “Me too”. Then Pari smiled and told “Who wants to go to that then by the way? Let’s bunk”. Hearing the word ‘Bunk’ we all got excited. There was no way that we can turn down the idea. We went upstairs first so that we can misguide Verrapan (the watchman) but suddenly we took a right turn and moved towards the electrical department (our favourite place for bunks).

We were extremely happy and delighted. We went and sat at the stairs. That was definitely a place from where we could not be possibly seen. We were giggling and having fun around. There were many vehicles that were parked around. Pari had a fancy of driving a bike so she was searching for a nice bike. We were just having a normal chat around. Pari got on a bike and was enjoying the pleasure of sitting on it. Then suddenly we saw a bike coming from behind. There was a peon who was driving the bike and a huge fat man was sitting behind him. We thought that he too may be a peon only. So we did not pay any heed to what he did. Then the bike suddenly stopped and the two men got down from the bike. The huge fat man came to us and asked Pari to get down from the bike. He told “Don’t you people have any class right now?” We replied mildly “No”. He asked us “Which department are you all?” Hemangi whispered “I.T.”. We turned back and started walking. He again asked “Which department?” Khushi was getting annoyed and she replied in fury “How many times to tell”. That man was fuming hearing her reply. He ordered us to stop and asked us to give our identity cards. I thought “Oh god! Now we are gone”. We handed our identity cards and he got in an argument with Khushi “What the hell do you think you are. Don’t you have any sense? Oh so you all in Information Technology department. Let me call Professor Nita”. He then called our Head of Department Professor Nita and told her “Madam please look what the girls of your department are doing. Firstly they bunk the class and then they talk bluntly and recklessly”. Madam immediately asked to send all of us to her office. We now knew that now we are about to land in a great trouble. I was more concerned about my image. It took 2 months for me to build a good image in front of her and now I was ruining it by myself. Now we didn’t stand a chance to escape. We had to now go to her cabin. We were now thinking what we would say. Till the time we were busy thinking and were walking by, we reached our destination (Professor Nita’s cabin).

We all were pushing each other to go first. I stood behind everyone. Finally the line started with Pari who was followed by Naina, Hemangi, Dia, Khushi and I was the last in the line. She was startled seeing all of us and her first reaction was “I never expected this from you all. You disappointed me”. She replied “Do you even know who was that man with whom you all misbehaved. He is the senior faculty of electrical engineering department. He had been serving for the past 15 years and his name is Professor Bhairav Rawal”. She asked “Why you didn’t go to the class after the break”. There was a pin drop silence. We were scared to say something. But then I boldly replied showing the Xerox papers in our hands “Madam we went for Xerox and then got late by 10 minutes and we felt that sir might not allow us to get in so we went out near the electrical department and sat there”. I felt she was half convinced by my reply (impression always works). She nodded her head and now she asked “Who is Khushi among you all”. Khushi stepped ahead of others. Professor Nita was fuming seeing her. She told “Don’t you have any manners to talk to your elders. Is this what your parents taught you? How can you people forget your manners? Do you think that you all are big enough that you can answer any one in any manner? I think I should call all your parents and complain”.  We all tried to convince her “Madam please. Please this is the first and last time. Let us go. We won’t repeat it”. She then told “You all can go to the class except this girl (Khushi)”. Her eyes were dripped with tears. She begged “Madam please let me go”. We all left (I, Naina, Pari, Dia and Hemangi). Soon we entered our class and sir was taking the lecture. We asked his permission and stepped in. I could see every eyeball staring at us and wanting to know what had happened. Sir then interrupted “Where were you all?” Naina replied firmly “Sir we went to get the assignments Xerox and got late. Sorry sir”. Suddenly Dharti called us from behind. She wanted to know where Khushi was. She was the biggest gossip queen. I was very irritated at that time. Still I firmly replied “She will be back in few minutes”. Pari and Naina, in fact we all were lost in wondering what might have happened with Khushi. We were worried and disturbed at the same time. Half of the lecture was over. Khushi was still not traceable. I just kept my head down and was engrossed in my thoughts.

Suddenly I heard a voice. Yes it was Khushi. She was sobbing. She was in a dreadful situation. Everyone in the class again started to wonder what might have happened. She came in and sat beside me. We couldn’t ask her anything as the lecture was going on. But as soon as the lecture got over, we started bombarding our questions on her. She was still sobbing. The next lecture was free so the first thing we could do was run out with our bags as soon as possible. We could hear the whispers from behind but our main aim to get her quite and restore her back to normalcy. She was crying uncontrollably. I took her to the washroom and made her wash her face and then asked her to explain her everything in detail. She then told us that after we left, Professor Nita scolded her lot, questioned her integrity and mannerism. Then she sent her to Professor Bhairav for an apology. When she went to the Professor, he was busy conducting laboratory sessions for the students of the final year in the electrical department. He asked her to stand in the lab with her hands up. All started laughing. I mean seriously, are we any kindergarten kids who can be punished and asked to stand in front of all keeping our hands up. Hearing the giggles, Khushi began to sob more. I offered her my shoulder and told don’t listen to them. They are just kidding. Naina and Hemangi burst in laughter recollecting all those events. Khushi then told that she was embarrassed because the final year students were staring at her only and making a fun of her. After 20 minutes, professor Bhairav asked her to go. She then told “I hate that Bhairav to the core. I don’t want to see his face again. I would cut him into pieces if he ever comes in front of me”.  Pari and I tried to calm down. We made her understand that it was a part and parcel of life. We assured her that some day we would be sitting and laughing over this incident. She smiled gently. This was the first time that I and Khushi bonded over a matter. She could believe her most favourite and lovable friend Hemangi was laughing all over and didn’t understand her embarrassment or problem. It was I who supported her in the time of turmoil, in the time when she needed someone very badly. Then we saw Dharti and her group of girls rushing towards us with curiosity wanting to know what had happened. We were already very agitated. We told them that we were caught while bunking and so madam scolded us and Khushi was afraid that she may call her parents, so she started crying. The matter is over, nothing serious. They then went away. Dharti was not very content with the answer. She always wanted some spice. I hated it. What do people get by talking and discussing aimlessly and needlessly about others? We all then dispersed.

It was hectic day but was very memorable one. This was the first out of box incident for us. Many such incidents were waiting for us with open arms. I realized one thing that Khushi was not like what I had perceived about her. She was a very lonely, isolated and emotional person. I would feel some kind of connection with her. We both were on the same frequency when it comes about being emotional. I was concerned and was worried about her for the very time. I was just thinking about it the whole day and was terribly tired. I just wanted to sleep tightly that day with no bed bugs disturbing my peaceful sleep.

To Be Continued..

What next? Keep eyes on this column, next episode will be published next Thursday.

Splendid Six
Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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