[Splendid Six] The Funny and The Sunny Days

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The Funny and The Sunny Days is the thirteenth chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The Funny and The Sunny Days

The issue of Naina getting weird and behaving totally absurd was almost getting over. We were again gelling together, let going those petty issues that built walls amidst us. We were all a bunch of closely knitted people. We believed in living together and happily. I was always a close book for everyone. Even I didn’t know who I actually was. It was Dia’s company that made all the difference for me. I was slowly opening up because of her. Dia was an out and out bubbly and cheerful girl. We began hanging out during the evenings. We used to go for long drives on our Scooty. She was my new partner for long drives now and we became closer than before. We went to various food zones and restaurants to enrich our taste birds. She came flying to my house and picked me up. My mom was finally happy that I got someone who cheers me up. We used to sit near the walking zones of a park and observe everyone around. We loved eating chats, pani-puri and ice-creams. I even started accompanying her for shopping. We became closer than before. She started sharing her deepest secrets with me and I never confided it to anyone. She talked about her crush on Manav and how he crushed her feelings and love. I started hating Manav because of it. I hated him because he broke her heart. But Manav’s heart was growing big for Vanshi. Vanshi was a sweet girl though. Vanshi’s close friend was Dharti. Dharti was a gossip queen. She had no other work rather than talking and back biting. The threesome Manav, Vanshi and Dharti were a unit. They came together and roamed around together. Dia was not very fond of Dharti even. She hated the proximity of these two girls with Manav. But there was a fire in Dia to get back Manav. She wanted to win his love. I always made her understand that love is neither a game nor a war that has to be conquered. But she was in mood to pay heed to my talks. She had been friends with Siddharth just to make Manav envy but this tact didn’t work for her because he never loved or liked her in that way. She was a dear friend to him (Manav) and he had only those friendly feelings for her. Siddharth seemed to be a really nice, decent and friendly guy. He was unaware of Dia’s desires. During the break times whenever Siddharth passed by we all (I, Khushi, Hemangi, Pari and Naina) used to tease Dia. He was very naive and shy type of guy. He used to just smile and move by. Dia begged us not to do so but we were not ready to spare her. Whenever there was something to tease we were never behind. Siddharth took the utmost care of Dia. He helped her to complete her assignments on time. He provided her all the study notes whenever needed. He was slowly becoming a strong pillar of support for her. I was definitely very happy for her. I teased her constantly telling her “Look Jiju is coming”. She used to blush a lot but she was very sure in her head that Siddharth was not the guy she wanted to be with. She loved him but just as a dear friend. I never understood her dilemma. I didn’t know what she wanted and who she wanted. It was becoming a triangle between her, Manav and Siddharth always thought why Manav was still at back of her mind and would Siddharth bring a new dawn in her life? I was unsure and felt not to get into such clutches. But we used to enjoy this stint a lot. Hemangi and I were worried about Dia but she was in great flow. She made friends from all across the college. She maintained high contacts in the college. She knew so many people right from the Mechanical department to the chemical department. She loved gaining attention and always wanted to be in some kind of lime light. Khushi never appreciated her ways. She thought she was playing with Siddharth’s emotions in spite liking someone else and knowing that he (Siddharth) was getting serious for her. We used to discuss when Dia was not around. We thought she was going on the wrong path but after all it was her personal life so we didn’t get much into it. Whenever we saw any girl and boy getting friendly with each other we used to fix them up calling them a couple (it was stupid but funny). I, Khushi, Hemangi, Dia, Pari and Naina kept glaring at other girl’s dresses. We kept commenting on how each one was dressed and who looked the best and made assumptions on who can have a big fan following and who can be a big bitch. Things were going smoothly. There were definitely some nerds sitting on the back bench who we hated a lot. They were Dia’s friends. I hated that fact. Those guys looked like monkeys and had no brains so there was nothing to feel pride of. But still they had to make a comment or a remark about every girl or everything that happens around. We had labs for 2 hours every day. We all six were in different batches. I and Pari were in Batch-1. Naina and Hemangi were in Batch-2. Dia was in Batch-3 and Khushi in Batch-4. I was lucky and fortunate enough to have Pari in my batch again (She was my batch mate even during the reshuffling days). There were only 4 girls out of 20 students in our batch. So I used to get very uncomfortable whenever Pari didn’t come because I used to get all alone. The other two girls Lovely and Gunjan had become fast friends and getting friendly with a guy for me was a very frightening thought. I hated those lab hours a lot. But whenever Pari was around I really felt secured and happy. We had not yet bunked a class after coming to 3rd semester. We were waiting for a perfect occasion and it was about to come but we didn’t expect that it may turn out to be a nightmare.

To Be Continued..

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Splendid Six
Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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