[The Mars Voyage 07] The Extraction

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Chapter 7. The Extraction

All members were extremely happy after knowing  that they are about to discover millennium’s greatest mystery. Yes, control over gravity, how to control it, how to utilize it etcetera. Now against the team there was a new challenge and it was to find out which thing was responsible for the floating characteristic of the rocks. Was it the aura or anything else? None of them knew that.

The next day Parth started studying the rock and its aura. He grinded the rock in fine particles but by doing that he found that each of those particles had their own auras. That thing made one thing clear that aura was non destructible. It was related with molecular level or may be more than that. The main goal of Parth was to extract the possible reason which was responsible for gravitational control. Things were not as easy as they were looking. So many possibilities were there, so many probabilities were there and many complex equations were there to be solved. He was one of the brilliant scientists around the globe and had the brilliancy of inventing things that common person couldn’t imagine even. Finally after performing some basic experiments Parth decided to experimenting at atomic level and he started preparation for it.

Next morning he woke up and went to the lab, he was feeling amazing as he was going to extract that possible jackpot which was hidden deeply inside the rock or may be hidden somewhere at nano level. He equipped some High-Tec devices which were designed to synthesize elements that are not found in nature. The experiment was started , a finely monochromatic LASER beam was projected on some of fine particles of the mysterious rock. After awhile readings were coming on the screen of the device, initially nothing strange thing took place. Parth was continuously watching the screen , then one parameter drew his attention. The aura was not stable it was fluctuating with specific frequency. Those particles were in air inside the glass tube of the device. Parth stopped the experiment and decided to solve the puzzle reversely. He was about to do something strategic regarding the extraction. He was planning something. He thought it would be better if he would recalculate equations of gravitational theories and some high level stuff.

To be Continued..

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