UnMuted, Voice Raising Platform launched for Better Governance

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Every city has a thousand civic problems. Some get featured in the local newspapers, some are blogged about, some trend on twitter, some stir a debate on Facebook but many go unheard. We are victims and witnesses of many civic problems and yet we choose to not voice them. We need to change. And now we have a platform that can help us change and voice out our problems. Say hello to UnMuted! Ahmedabad Global Shaper Nirmit Parikh conceived and developed UnMuted along with Rakesh Patel (Space-O Technologies) and Tanmay Desai.

UnMuted – The concept

UnMuted Application
UnMuted, a mobile application available on both android and iOs platforms, is a voice raising platform for citizens to report civic issues, for Governments to track and solve and ultimately make cities better through transparency, collaboration and cooperation. The idea of the app is simple – you spot a civic issue in your city, you click a picture of it and upload it on the app and ultimately it will be solved by the Government. Thus, the UnMuted app on your smartphone is the simplest way to raise your voice.

The idea of the app comes from a noble thought. For Civic services of a big city, it is difficult for an administration to immediately know small problems like water leakage, potholes, non collection of garbage in a particular area etc., which ultimately leads to a bigger problem and sometimes to a catastrophic failure. But these small problems are known to the common citizens who move around the area. However these problems are not brought to notice of concerned authority as citizens don’t have both time and will. Thus, UnMuted, a Non-Profit voice raising platform for citizens was developed. Moreover, wide access to mobile phones will make UnMuted an ideal platform for Government and citizens; bypassing the need for traditional physical networks for communications and saving the time of both the parties.

UnMuted – User Interface and working

UnMuted SnapshotThe UnMuted app is created with a rich user interaction design and location aware state-of-the art technology which enables you to report issues in real time, support fellow citizens for reported issues and help Government with real time information. Once you report the complaint, the information is captured, bundled and automatically transferred to the Government agency that is responsible for the infraction.

On the backend, the city agency gets a web dashboard that allows them access how many reports have been submitted, a map mashup of where the issues are located, pending issues that are incomplete and graphs that break down reports by type over a given period of time. The system will not only make departments accountable but will also help track the exact locations of problems. Complaints not addressed within a stipulated time period are automatically tagged on again and again.

UnMuted – The future

Since UnMuted has the Cloud based Architecture, it can be scaled in multiple cities within no time. Furthermore, as UnMuted is Non-Profit, the source code will be made open source for the developer community around the world. Lastly, the Language agnostic UI Design of the app also allows it to be used by citizens which don’t English as the primary language.

Download App

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