Would you dare to go to a place where there is no money and things work on barter system?

What would life be like without the concept of money?!  Would you dare to go to a place where there is no money and things work on barter system? This is the story of upcoming modern Gujarati movie Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd. The very rich and very busy Mehta family of Mumbai, gets into exactly same situation! When Mr. Uttam Mehta (Rajiv Mehta) is almost shot at gunpoint, they all fear their lives are in danger and are advised to go hide off in a far away location called Antillapur!

Would you dare to go to a place where there is no money?

If a real Antillapur exists where things work on barter system, would you dare to go there? What would be the secret of survival? We asked this question to the stars and the director of the movie Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd. Find out what would they do if real Antillapur exists.

Raghuvir Joshi (Director of Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd)

I would love to experience that. Vow, that would be thrilling. Now a day’s people are trapped in this materialistic life and landing to a place like Antilapur would be completely a different experience. It would be adventurous to deal with people at such place. The biggest hurdle would be human (man) management. To survive in such place humanity is a necessity because money would lose its power and relations, love and commitment would take the front seat. The better relations you have with people, the better life you possess.

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Rajeev Mehta (Uttam Mehta in Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd)

Now a day such things don’t exist. May be it used to exist in the olden times. It is a hypothetical thing. There is a scene in the movie where I go to purchase sweets and gave a note of rupees. The owner calls his son and hands him the note and tell him that look this is called a rupees note, make a rocket out of it and play with it. It’s just a fantasy with which we tried to create an ambience where we are trying to focus that this life is much unexpected. We can land up anywhere and any unforeseen thing can happen in our life. It’s not money that makes life a better or worse place, it’s we who do.

No, I would not like to go to such place and there is no secret to survive in such place.

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Sonia Shah and Rajeev Mehts on the set of Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd
Sonia Shah and Rajeev Mehts on the set of Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd

Sonia Shah (Kimi Mehta in Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd)

I would like to ask you in return would you like to live in such a place. Your answer would be of course not. It is not feasible in practical life. We are somewhere so much trapped in this materialistic and techno savvy life that we cannot imagine to live without all this things. At personal level, I would not like to go and live in such a place. Life would definitely become very difficult for all of us. The secret formula to survive in such a place would be to be to have lots of love for each other. One needs to have enough patience and less necessity in life.  The simpler life you lead, the more are your chances of surviving in such places.

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Samvedna Suwalka (Anaya Mehta in Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd)

I would definitely wish to go to such a place. In this era, we have developed a very narrow vision of life. Our life literally revolves around credit cards and other luxuries of life.  We are trapped somewhere amidst all these. Going to such a place would actually open up our minds and make us think that life is a lot more than those materialistic things. Monetary possess is not everything. Even my character in a film faces hurdles initially when she lands there but later on when she was challenged she survived there. I would too love to face this challenge with warmth. The secret to survive in such a place would be adjustment. We need to open up to new changes and imbibe the culture where we live; this is the sole way to endure in such a place.

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Would you dare to go to a place where there is no money?

What would you do? We are asking the same question to you. Let us know through comments below.

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