A short film ‘Kati Patang’ on birds made to Spread Awareness this Uttarayan!

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Vadodara: Thousands of birds are killed every year during our favorite festival Uttarayan. We BuddyBits.com have taken an initiative to save birds this year with Save Birds Campaign. During our campaign, we are supporting all those who are fighting for birds. City based copywriter Prakash Gowada has made a short film Kati Patang with the aim of spreading awareness to save birds on Uttarayan. We talked with him to know more about the video. First have a look at the video.

Kati Patang- A short film

What motivated you to made this video?

An incident shook me to the core, where a score of birds had died during Uttarayan in Vadodara and a group had organized a mass burial event, where the dead bodies of these birds were carried across the city to make people realize what they had done. Like any other tragedy of our country, was conveniently forgotten and everyone was back to their mundane lives, only to repeat the same mistake next year.

This was precisely the time when I wrote this poem and shared it on the Social Network:

Dekhu  jo mein aasmaa ki orr,
To baadalo ko baandhe dorr.

Yeh maanje kuch yun manje hue hain,
Ke har udaan inke shikanje mein hain.

Yeh kati patang ke sire hain,
Yaa pankh kat ke gire hain?

How did you make the film?

As it often happens, people rarely read and the poem managed to garner few likes (not a single share, mind you) and few comments of appreciation. This year, I wanted to take it a level further, by creating a video around it. I sought help of Kshitij Banker, an RJ with Radio Mirchi and got the poem dubbed in his voice.

Once done with the voiceover, I picked up my camera and went to Gendigate Vadodara, where kites and maanjaas are sold every year with much fervor and also captured few shots of maanja being made by mercilessly applying glass powder to the red concoction almost appearing as blood of birds.

I took these footage and sought help of Dipak Panchal, the editor of our production house, Spark Plug Films and we gleefully merged bird shots with kites and maanjaas without making it look blatant or what everyone tends to do with such subjects.

The idea was to steer clear away from the sorry sight of injured birds, blood and gore, which generally tends to put off people and stop the video midway. Furthermore, we deliberately avoided grim music and used an upbeat background score (Royalty-free).

Hence was created ‘Kati Patang’ – a short film which took us two hours to shoot and three hours to edit. Hope it reaches as many people as it can, as there’s hardly any time left and I could already see many kites flying out there.

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