Android App launched to Save Birds this Uttarayan

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Ahmedabad: We have been promoting ‘Save Birds‘ this Uttarayan through our campaign Save Birds. City based organization vInnovate Social Research Foundation has developed an Android Application to Save Birds this Uttarayan. To know more about the app, we talked with one of the developers of the App, Juned Munshi. Have a look at our conversation with Juned.

What does this app do?

App Snapshot
App Snapshot

Save Birds is a GPS based, network centric application. It is developed to provide a co-ordination between a concerned bird lover and a volunteer. A bird lover, here in after referred to as a User, whenever sees an injured bird, will press Help Bird Button in the Application.

Our servers keep track of the Geographic Location of every volunteer. So whenever a Help Bird, button is pressed our servers will be able to track the nearby volunteer in the radius of 4-5Km. All the volunteers in the area will be sent the Help Alert. Whenever any one volunteer picks up the request, it becomes Accept Request, which can not be further accepted by any other volunteer.

Present Telephonic Helpline System has following problems:

  1. Many concerned citizens do not have the help line nos.
  2. They call at multiple locations, so more than one volunteer reaches to the place
  3. A lot of time is wasted in communicating the location of an Injured Bird, more so if topography of region is complex.

This application removes above mentioned problems form the existing system and seamlessly integrates the flow of request from the user to the volunteer.

What’s the motive of developing this app?

The motto of vInnovate Social Research Foundation is to develop technology based innovative solutions for the society. Our organization runs on the principle that complex problems of the soiety need innovative solutions. Our entire team strive to develop such plateforms that can lead transformation of society in the 21st century.

Keeping in line with the vision of our organization, our sole aim is to Save Innocent Bird Lives which are lost during the days of Uttarayan. Save Birds is a technological platform developed to cater to this need. Some of the team members of our organization were in past associated with this Bird Saving Helplines. It was commonly observed that time taken to locate the bird ranges from 20 minutes to 1 hour. So many small sized birds are just dead merely because time taken to reach to the place was too much to survive. Telephonic communication is very difficult to locate the injured bird as compared to GPS based location identification. So our aim was to develop such a solution which can minimize the time and also to efficiently dispatch the Help Requests amongst the volunteers depending upon their own location.

(Present system is a call center based system, wherein every volunteer in the city is tracked manually. Lot of time is taken to identify the volunteer who is in the nearby region of the Injured Bird.)

Who are the developers?

  • Juned Munshi (Application/ web infrastructure, Operations)
  • Aditya bhatt (Marketing and promotion, Operations)
  • Hitul Mistry(Application and Web Infrastructure)
  • Viraj Patel (App Development, Graphics)
  • Aakash Patel (Marketing and Promotion)
  • Ankit Pansuriya (Graphics, Marketing and Promotion)
  • Chandani Joshi( Marketing, Media and Public relation)

How are you marketing the app?

Noble Message of this App is spreaded on Social Media through Facebook Page of our application. And also many informal groups on Whats App and other Chat based Applications were created.

With generous support from several media groups, we have been able to substantially generate the awareness amongst the common people.

What did you do for implementation? Who are using this app?

Implementation requires awareness in among users as well as volunteers.

For reaching to the users we are using the channels as mentioned above. For reaching to the volunteers we have tied-up with around 10 NGOs, whose volunteers totalling to about 160, have signed up with our Application.

How much time and money did you spend in developing this app?

Since One and half months a team of 10 members of organization is actively working on it to develop the platform. Around 30,000 rupees were invested in total as a development cost, resources cost, and other expenses.

Are you making money through this app?

This application is for a Non-Profit motive. The motive to save birds will be undermined if efforts are made to earn money through it. So there is no revenue channel for earning money from this application. As of now, the application is solely funded by team members.

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App Snapshots

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