[A lot like Love] Promises 10

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Promises 10

Finally I gave up my ego and called him, his cell was busy; it had never happened in last few years though. I kept on calling and later at fourth call he picked up and answered rather too chirpily,

“Hey! What’s up?”

I felt a bit awkward, he was so angry in the morning and now he is behaving as if nothing happened.

“You are still angry?” I asked.

“Nope! I just had a conversation with a friend, we are going out, I am excited I will meet him after so many days.” he responded.

“Which friend?” I asked irritably.

“My childhood friend, you don’t know him! I am getting late, you go and have some rest, bye.” he said and before I could reply to it the call was cut.

Slowly this became a routine, whenever I use to get free and call him, he would rather be busy at work or with family or friends. I totally hated it because I have been with him past almost 3 years and we have been in distance relationship too but he never behaved like this before. On the other hand I got to know Bhaiya finally went to meet mum-dad and things between them were almost solved, I felt so happy and relieved.

I made few friends at office and Milind was an amazing boss, he never treated us like his subordinates, but friends. Atmosphere of work her was much friendly then back at Gurgaon. I liked it but at the same time I could felt the gap widening between me and Arav. I use to miss him a lot and kiss his ring almost every night before sleeping; I wished he too might me missing me the same. A month passed more quickly than I thought and soon came our relationship anniversary. It was 15th January and our anniversary was the very next day. I wanted to surprise Arav but as he lived with family I could not send him anything at home. I just wanted to see him and what could be better than Skype, thinking that I made an account for both of us over Skype. Then after coming back from office I purchased a cake for him, for us. I reached back at 5.30 in the evening taking a half day leave that day. I called him,

“Hey Aru, where are you baby?”

He: “O, Naina turning romantic haan? Why you came back so early?”

Me: “Listen, I have made an account for you on Skype, your id is ‘arav’ and password ‘aravnaina’ , I want you to be free at 12 tonight, and we will talk whole night ok?”

He: “Why all this? And baby I am extremely sorry I can’t call you over skype, from work I am going straight to Rohit’s house, we have a get-together over there.”

I felt terrible but I didn’t wanted to fight on a special day,

Me: “Aru, I don’t know anything, its 6 now, go and get back home before 12 that’s it.”

He:”No yar, I will be leaving by 8. Many friends will be coming and tomorrow is Saturday, it will take longer. How can I come back by 12, sweetheart?”

Me: “I know you would call, I will wait for you. At least you can do this for me, for our love, cant u? Love you, take care. I will wait.”

He didn’t reply and I disconnected. I was sure he would call, I knew him, and he had done this before too, I was just teasing me. I did all the preparations and then I decided to surprise him a little more. I wore his favorite dress and put on some light make up. At about 11.45pm I was all set up with webcam on, cake, candles, and a huge card I made for him. I was waiting eagerly for him to turn online. It was 12 already he didn’t came, I waited for some more time but even after waiting for him for next 1 hour, he didn’t came. I was very upset and angry, I stood up turn off the laptop and began to call him, and there was no answer from him. I kept on calling over and again and finally after the 5-6 calls someone picked up, I shouted at the top of my voice,

“Where the hell are you Arav?”

There was no response for a while, “hello? You there?” I asked.

Then came a girl’s sleepy voice, “hmmmm hello, he is sleeping call back tomorrow.” I felt someone stabbed my heart. It was Surabhi for sure, “hello is this you Surabhi? What are you doing with him damnit..!” I shouted.

“Umm yeah you it right. Nothing we were here for a party, he got too drunk and instead of his house I took him with me and… and.. umm .. sorry naina, I stole your Arav! Just go away from our lives and please let us sleep. He looks so cute in his peaceful sleep; don’t disturb him!” Hearing that I just threw away my cell, it instantly broke into 2 pieces. I remembered how innocent he looks while sleeping, but only I had the right over that innocence, how dare that bloody..! Shit…! Arav can’t do this. What the hell!!

I felt as if my brain would explode. I felt so suffocated in my room; I went out, took the stairs and went straight to the terrace. I looked towards the sky and cried bitterly. Few minutes later, somebody kept a hand over my shoulder, I turned around it was Milind.

“What happened? I heard you crying, I was there in the balcony, what’s wrong Naina?” he asked.

I just could not say anything and hugged him. He initially felt shocked, but then later, he held me firmly in his arms. He didn’t ask anything further, just held me firmly. Few minutes later, his arms reached my waist and as I opened my eyes, I saw his lips were so near to mine. He was waiting for me to approve it, or respond but I did not know what I wanted to do, to runaway or to surrender in his arms. I surrendered and was about to kiss him but Arav’s face flashed in front of my eyes; I loosened my grip from him and just ran away. He followed me to my room, I could not ask him to stay out, I ran inside the washroom and cried there for a while, after wiping away my tears I splashed lot of water over my face then I came out. Milind was sitting over the chair, I came and sat next to him. “Would you like to tell it to me? Speak it out you may feel better.” I looked at him then looked away, “it’s a long story” I replied.

He stood up and sat over the bed, folding his legs comfortably, “we have time, start.” he said further.

I knew he wasn’t going to give up easily, I started from the beginning and explained him everything. I cried many times, I smiled too at remembering silly sweet things, and I finally told him what just happened few minutes back and that made me so angry again, I wanted to kill Surabhi right there but before that I wanted to look into Arav’s eyes and get answer to all my questions. Milind sat there staring at my face, his expressions were still and calm. “You want to go out?” he asked.

I just lost my cool, my life was ending for God sake and he was reacting so normally, “no sir, thanks, I think you should leave.” I responded too rudely.

He came to me and said, “You don’t deserve all this Naina, you know you have better things in life, cry as much you want but now stand up and rise. You have so much potential, just leave all these tensions and I can assure you will be the best in what you do.”

I looked at him in utter surprise, was this guy insane? Couldn’t he realize what I was going thru? I decided to keep silent. He then continued,

“I know Naina you may find me crazy and I know I am talking weirdly but it is the way how life goes on. I lost my everything in a bomb-blast a year ago and I just broke down. I use to roam around mindlessly, I use to visit that place everyday where my fiancée went for some work, a blast occurred and God took her away from me. One day I found a little girl there she was smiling at me, I went towards her and then she came running to me and just asked me to take her in my arms, I did then she told me she lost her whole family in that blast. I asked her why was she still smiling and she replied it is because she has immense faith on God and he will do the best for her. That made me think once again about life, she lost whole family and she was still smiling, I lost my love but still had my mother who loves me a lot so I just decided to live life with a smile no matter whatever comes. And you know what, now that little girl lives with us, back in my village with mamma; she has now become my reason to live.” I looked at him totally shocked, the guy who was so helping and happy-go-lucky, had faced so much, I had more respect for him now.

To be Continued..

What next? Which shocks and surprises are waiting for Naina now? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com for the next chapter of the story Promises.

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[A lot like Love] Promises 10

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