[A lot like Love] Promises 11

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Promises 11

I held his hands in both my palms to soothe him but to my surprise he kissed them.

“I miss my love a lot but no matter how much I cry it will not bring her back. Naina, all this will just pass, don’t worry ok? And don’t ever cry now, I love your smile; your smile reminds me of my angel’s smile, it’s so innocent and pure. I know you love Arav but if any day you need me, you will always find me waiting here.” I smiled back at him. He left and I slept exhausted of everything. Next day after office, Milind and I went out to market and bought a new phone and SIM too. I gave mamma my new number but not to Arav or any other friend. I was happy with friends at office. I and Milind have become close friends over the time.

We use to enjoy each other’s company a lot on weekends, Milind would take me up out no matter how many times I would make excuses, he won’t listen and we would end up visiting a calm peaceful lakeside, an adventure park, mall or anything. We were growing closer to each other; I was so comfortable in his presence in my life. But to me, he wasn’t a substitute, he was a really close and good friend, someone, I most needed at that time. But I knew for him, it wasn’t just friendship, he had made it clear by his actions and words many times on different occasions. On our late night conversations after dinner or just sitting beside each other over terrace, Milind use to get emotional and would sometimes hold my hand, but never did I let him cross that line, he badly wanted to hug me, to kiss me, it was so clear from his eyes but I use to deny always and he use to understand, “Take your time, I can wait” was all he use to say.

Undoubtedly I use to miss Arav terribly but whenever I use to think about that night I felt more anger for him. Days in Bangalore were heading towards the end and Milind was getting so restless, he wanted to meet my family, “I will talk to them Naina, you don’t have to do anything, I will accept and respect their decision, I promise.”

“Noooo Milind just no..! How many times do you want to hear that? I respect you, adore you even I trust you a lot, but I know I don’t love you and you know it too right?” I said out of frustration one day. Then I realized I had hurt him badly, I said it rather too rudely, I was about to apologize but he left silently. From that day onwards he never asked me about it, he chose to walk away. It was killing me, but it was my fault, I chose to stay away from him, he was an amazing person and I knew I was hurting him but I just couldn’t lie to him. No matter how much angry I was from Arav, I still loved him madly, I wanted to slap him, to shout on him but I also wanted to hold him and hide in his arms, cry in his arms for the days we were not in touch, I had been missing him so bad, he was a portion of my heart. For me love just meant Arav, since I left him, I forgot how to love.

Things at home were getting better though. Mamma once talked to Jessi and she liked her. She told me on phone once. Mumma did not know about me and Arav’s break up, I haven’t told her but she was my mom after all, she understood things were not same between us. “You know Naina, your papa has searched a guy for you finally. Now he is just waiting for you to return and meet him and we are planning to get you engaged by February next year.” She informed me over phone one day. She kept waiting for me to protest, to tell her I love Arav, I want to marry him, like I used to before but this time I didn’t said anything, I just said, “Ok Ma, as you wish.” And then I disconnected after exchanging greetings.

I didn’t answer to her but inside I felt like jumping off a bridge and escape all this. Why was all this happening to me? I loved Arav, Milind loved me and papa has searched ’3rd’ guy for me. I felt so trapped, my heart wanted to still marry Arav and spend my life with him, my brains were telling me to let Milind meet my parents and I logically knew he would be the best life partner also he knew everything about my past and was still ready to accept me. And eventually I knew my promise was pushing me towards that third unknown guy. What should I chose? Should I just leave everything on destiny? But before deciding upon anything, I wanted to meet Arav once and get answers to all the questions that have been haunting me, why did he chose to betray me!

Six months passed way too quickly than I had thought. Finally time came to go back and I had to bid goodbye to that amazingly happy and sober Bangalore life and may be to all my confusions.
So many friends came to bid me farewell at the airport, Milind was there too, he was avoiding eye contact. Then finally when the flight was announced, everyone hugged me and gave me their best wishes. Finally Milind came towards me and shook my hand, “take care and keep that smile, you have my number, call me whenever you need me ok?” he said and gave me a quick hug. I nodded and turned away from all of them waving hands towards them but Milind did not responded back.

Was that an end to my problems or a beginning to new ones! I couldn’t find an answer.

To be Continued..

Promises has come to the end. What will happen next? Whom will Naina choose? Arav, Milind or the third guy? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com for the last episode of Promises.

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[A lot like Love] Promises 11

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