[A lot like Love] Promises 7

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Promises 7

It was Arav on the other side of the door, I quickly opened the door.

“How come you are here? It is 11 at night, what excuse you made at home?” I showered him with questions.

“Wait, let me enter first.” He said and walked in.

I closed the door behind and turned towards him totally surprised waiting for his answers.

He kept down a small bag he carried, and stared at me lovingly. I could not stand his stare, that love in his eyes was melting me. I quickly walked to the kitchen to get him a glass of water and then sat opposite to him.

I was getting impatient, I asked again, “How? So Suddenly?”

“I wanted to meet, it was important for us; I was missing you, missing my old Naina. I told mom I was staying with a friend for some work.” he said staring at me.

I looked away ignoring what he said, “Would you like to eat something?” I asked trying to change the topic.

“Naina stop behaving like this please. Baby, tell me what is wrong? Don’t be so formal with me, I can’t bear that please. It’s already been few minutes and you haven’t even looked at me properly, remember when we met last time, we were surrounded by so many people but yet you were dying to hug me so what is wrong now?” He asked. I was holding myself from not hugging him, I was stopping myself from even looking at him, I didn’t want to fell in love with all over again. “Nothing baby, I am hungry; can we talk after dinner please?” I said trying to cover up.

“Ok” he said and looked away, I stood up and passed him, and he held my hand and said, “You know you called my ‘baby’ after 78 days.

I was taken aback, he was counting days? “Sorry” I said and loosened my hand from his grip and went to the kitchen.

I came out two plates and a cup of coffee.

“No coffee for me?” he asked.

“Aru you hate coffee,” I said randomly.

“So you remember? I wanted to just check it, and thank you, I was dying to hear every sweet word you called me with” he smiled but then he made a face and said angrily,” from when did we started to have food from different plates?”

I looked at him, my heart was churning inside, I was doing every possible thing to push him away yet he was ignoring it and still holding on. I had tears in my eyes, he stood up came near, wiped my tears and planted a kiss on my eyes. I just couldn’t control more, I hugged him tightly, and he held me back tighter. I started to cry, my sobs got louder. He held me firmly, and kissed me on my head, “Don’t cry, I can’t see you like this.” Was all he said? After few minutes I composed myself and looked at him, stream of tears was flowing from his eyes too; I wiped his tears and kissed him on his cheeks. “I don’t want to lose you.” I whispered.

“You will never lose me, we will be together always.” he assured me. “Let’s eat first.” He said and we feed each other like always. I felt our sweet dreams were still not broken.

As we finished food, I asked him to change and get comfortable and I went in to wash away the dishes, I was about to turn off the lights then suddenly remembered about Smriti’s surprise, I opened the fridge and was delighted to see an amazing looking chocolate truffle. I took it to the bedroom and Arav was so happy to see it, it made us recall a funny incident that occurred when we met for the first time. Me and him could not brought any gifts for each other as our plan was so sudden and coincidently we both brought a chocolate truffle from the food-joint itself and gifted each other. We laughed heartedly as we found it out. We both laughed again remembering that incident, and shared it. I mentally made a note to thank Smriti with a gift too.

After few minutes, I lay down next to him in his arms, and talked about all my family had been through in recent days. He kept on listening to me with all his concentration, I felt so relieved, so calm in his arms. I could not think off getting away from him but I had to share about my promise to my dad. There was silence between us, I was thinking about his reaction and was trying to gather courage to speak out and suddenly he kissed my forehead and said, “I love you so much, never ever leave me or I will die. I have never thought I would say it to anyone, never felt it for anyone, but with you it’s different. I know we were not talking properly or many days, and I accept it was my fault I could not give my love the time and attention she deserves but trust me Naina, in last 10 days that you hadn’t talked to me, I was going mad, I was feeling life was hell without your presence. I just need you, nothing else matters now, all my dreams start and end on you, on us now.” Saying so he held me in his arms and I lost all my courage to speak. Arav was not at all expressive, I use to complain to him all the time but what he said at that moment made me feel the luckiest girl on earth to have him as a lover, I just wanted to melt away in his arms, hide from the world and be with him just me, him and us.

Next day as I woke up from a peaceful sleep, I felt so good to see him lying beside me. He was looking so innocent like a child, in his sleep. I could have done anything possible to keep him stress free like he was at that moment. I got up and freshened up, talked to mammaa and saw Smriti’s messages too that she reached safely. I finished up all the house chores and went to bathe. As I came out he was still asleep, I went to him, planted a kiss over his forehead and woke him up. He smiled sheepishly in his sleep, he woke up and I went to kitchen to prepare some breakfast. It felt like a dream to me, this was all I wanted from life.

After getting free from all the morning chaos we sat down to watch a movie together on the couch. He don’t like too romantic ones but yet I chose and played “a walk to remember” in my laptop. I already loved the movie since long back but watching it with him, I loved even more. The whole day was going just so right, it truly felt like we never had any fights or arguments. As it was evening, he asked me to dress up to go for an outing. I kept on pestering him to tell me where were we going but he didn’t answered me, he kept on saying it was a secret!

I got ready and walked out, he was on call, he disconnected immediately. We walked out and took Smriti’s car. He drove for about 45 minutes and we reached a very tidy but a small temple. I looked surprisingly at him because he doesn’t visits temples. I asked him why we came there and he just kept his finger on my lips gesturing me to keep quiet. We then went inside the temple together. It felt so great to be there, I got a certain kind of peace being there. We both bow down in front of the God first then sat down on the boundary of the temple.

“Listen why did we come here?” I asked looking at him.

He looked back at me and whispered, “You love temples na?”

“Yes but you don’t right?” I asked.

“But I Love you and love everything like and coming here I had some own reason, close your eyes.” he said in soft tone.

“Aru, don’t play around like this, tell me what is it?” I was so curious.

“NO just close your eyes now.” he ordered. I followed it and quickly close my eyes.

I felt something over my neck, I touched it and it was a pendant “What is it?” I asked him, “Hey I said close your eyes will you?” he shouted, I closed my eyes again.

Then he took my hands in his and placed a ring in my finger I open my eyes in surprise.

“What is all this?” I asked again.

“This is my love to you. Now you are mine completely, I have my stamps over you. That chain and pendant and this ring, we are not just only engaged now we are unofficially married too ok Naina?” He said cutely tilting his head.

I felt on top of the world that day, wanted to shout and scream in happiness and dance around, I wanted to hug him right there but there were few people, I controlled myself. I kissed his ring and the pendant too, “it’s so beautiful” I exclaimed looking at it.

“Not more than my lady love.” he replied.

I looked at him and blushed, “Why all this but? Aru I know you were not so romantic guy, and neither do you like showing -off your love so why all this?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled, “One can’t keep girls happy I tell you..!” and shook his head, I laughed at his gesture then he replied, “You know what? I am not showing off or neither am I being romantic, the days we didn’t talked made me realize I want you in my future as my life partner so it’s just to make you remind you are mine, just mine. And these are gifts of my love, when I am away miss me seeing these.” he pointed towards them.

“Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho!”

To be Continued..

Looks like Naina forgot about the promise she made to her dad! What will happen next? Will she and Arav be still together? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com for the next chapter of the story Promises.

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